Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League

Indian T20 Fantasy Premier league

Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League

About Indian T20 fantasy cricket league

The 14th edition of the Indian fantasy T20 Premier league is almost upon us and is expected to be bigger and better this time around. The tournament was held in the United Arab Emirates last season but is back in India this year. Inarguably the biggest domestic T20 league, the who’s who of the cricket world are seen in action each season. It is going to be no different in 2021. The T20 league gets underway from April 9, 2021, and will run through till May 30, 2021. The tournament will be held across six cities – Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kolkata. There will be a total of 60 matches played, which includes 56 league games, two qualifiers, one Eliminator, and one Final. As always, participants can build their fantasy cricket team on MPL and win rewards daily.

Play Indian T20 fantasy cricket leagues & win big

As another edition of the Indian T20 league gets underway, MPL gives you a chance to build your fantasy team and win every single day of the week. Have you ever dreamt of owning your own team, being the manager and driver of a side studded with superstars? At MPL, cricket fans have a chance to build their fantasy dream team of real players, join various fantasy leagues and win rewards galore.

What to expect from the Indian T20 cricket fantasy league?

Every year, the Indian T20 premier league ups its quality in terms of the cricket on offer as well as the coverage. Similarly, the fantasy gaming experience on MPL has also gone up a notch and continues to do so every passing day. With a new points system in place that includes many more bonus points for economy rate, strike rate, and catches, playing the Indian T20 fantasy league on the MPL app will be a delight. The more points your fantasy team accumulates, the more your chances of winning increase.

The Indian T20 fantasy league will run for close to 60 days, and with a variety of contests every day, you can call your friends, build your fantasy team, join different leagues and win big. You can select multiple fantasy teams too, depending on the contest type, to boost your chances of winning.

How to participate in the Indian T20 fantasy cricket league?

There is no doubt cricket is a national obsession in India. People follow the sport with as much passion and vigour as no other. Each cricketer’s performance is scrutinised for days’ end, with his scores and numbers discussed in depth. The Indian T20 fantasy league is one such contest where participants come in millions to showcase their cricket knowledge and skills. The competition is high, so you have to be at the top of your game while picking your fantasy league players.

To participate in the Indian T20 fantasy league, go to the fantasy tab on the bottom of the landing page of MPL and then go to fantasy cricket. You will find all the upcoming matches here. Pick whichever match you want to take part in and start building your fantasy teams. Your objective is to build a fantasy team that will feature players from all facets. A total of 100 credits will be allocated, and you can select a maximum of 7 players from one team. Your fantasy cricket team must consist of 1-4 wicket keepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all rounders, and 3-6 bowlers.

You can join several contests and forge a combination of multiple teams. Download MPL Fantasy Cricket App and start building your fantasy team for the Indian T20 league.

Indian T20 Premier League 2021 Team List

Indian T20 Premier League 2021 Team List:


The current defending champions and the most successful team in the tournament, Mumbai, have been a force to reckon with. They have won the league a record five times, in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020. Rohit Sharma has been the captain of Mumbai each time they have been crowned champions, and with him at the helm once again, the franchise will be keen on adding another trophy to its already studded cabinet.


Before Mumbai went on a winning spree, Chennai was the most successful team in the T20 league. Chennai has won the Indian T20 league thrice – in 2010, 2011 and 2018. With MS Dhoni leading the way, Chennai qualified for the playoffs every season they were a part of up until 2020 (Chennai was banned for two years in 2016 & 2017) 


Kolkata is third in terms of the most successful franchise in the Indian T20 Premier League. They won the coveted title twice – in 2012 and 2014, both times under the leadership of Gautam Gambhir. There has been a slight blip in their form over the last few years, but they are still very much a force to reckon with.


The team from Hyderabad came into existence only in 2012 but had quickly found its bearings in the tournament. They won the Indian T20 premier league in 2016 and, with David Warner as captain, have been one of the most consistent teams in the tournament.


The team from Rajasthan have been the perennial underdogs since the start of the Indian T20 League. They won the inaugural edition of the tournament in 2008 but have not once made it to the final even once since. Can they up their performance a notch in the upcoming season?


With the kind of fire-power Bangalore have had over the years, it is indeed a surprise that they do not have a single Indian t20 trophy to their name yet. In all these years, Bangalore, led by Virat Kohli, looks like a side that will certainly lift the title. Will it happen in 2021? Only time will tell.


The Delhi team too have never really lived up to their potential. They have had some of the biggest names in world cricket, but Delhi has qualified for the final only once in all these years. It remains to be seen whether that changes in due course or not.


One of the weakest teams in the competition, Punjab have shown promise, but it has usually been short-lived. The team has finished in the bottom half of the points table every season, barring 2008 and 2014 and are usually considered the weakest of all sides.

There have been many names picked up during this year’s Indian T20 league auctions, and you should be well versed as to which players have gone to which team this season.

Schedule for Indian T20 League Fantasy Matches

The Indian T20 Fantasy League got underway on April 9 and was scheduled to be played in six cities across India. However, 29 matches into the league, the tournament got postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic and will now resume on September 19 in the UAE. The final will be staged at Dubai International Stadium, in Dubai on October 15.

Here’s the full schedule

Match NumberMatchDateTime (IST)Venue
1Mumbai vs Bangalore9 April, 20217:30 PMChennai
2Chennai vs Delhi10 April, 20217:30 PMMumbai
3Hyderabad vs Kolkata11 April, 20217:30 PMChennai
4Rajasthan vs Punjab12 April, 20217:30 PMMumbai
5Kolkata vs Mumbai13 April, 20217:30 PMChennai
6Hyderabad vs Bangalore14 April, 20217:30 PMChennai
7Rajasthan vs Delhi15 April, 20217:30 PMMumbai
8Punjab vs Chennai16 April, 20217:30 PMMumbai
9Mumbai vs Hyderabad17 April, 20217:30 PMChennai
10Bangalore vs Kolkata18 April, 20213:30 PMChennai
11Delhi vs Punjab18 April, 20217:30 PMMumbai
12Chennai vs Rajasthan19 April, 20217:30 PMMumbai
13Delhi vs Mumbai20 April, 20217:30 PMChennai
14Punjab vs Hyderabad21 April, 20213:30 PMChennai
15Kolkata vs Chennai21 April, 20217:30 PMMumbai
16Bangalore vs Rajasthan22 April, 20217:30 PMMumbai
17Punjab vs Mumbai23 April, 20217:30 PMChennai
18Rajasthan vs Kolkata24 April, 20217:30 PMMumbai
19Chennai vs Bangalore25 April, 20213:30 PMMumbai
20Hyderabad vs Delhi25 April, 20217:30 PMChennai
21Punjab vs Kolkata26 April, 20217:30 PMAhmedabad
22Delhi vs Bangalore27 April, 20217:30 PMAhmedabad
23Chennai vs Hyderabad28 April, 20217:30 PMDelhi
24Mumbai vs Rajasthan29 April, 20213:30 PMDelhi
25Delhi vs Kolkata29 April, 20217:30 PMAhmedabad
26Punjab vs Bangalore30 April, 20217:30 PMAhmedabad
27Mumbai vs Chennai1 May, 20217:30 PMDelhi
28Rajasthan vs Hyderabad2 May, 20213:30 PMDelhi
29Punjab vs Delhi2 May, 20217:30 PMAhmedabad
30Chennai vs Mumbai19 Sep, 20217:30 PMDubai
31Kolkata vs Bangalore20 Sep, 20217:30 PMAbu Dhabi
32Punjab vs Rajasthan 21 Sep, 20217:30 PMDubai
33Delhi vs Hyderabad22 Sep, 20217:30 PMDubai
34Mumbai vs Kolkata23 Sep, 20217:30 PMAbu Dhabi
35Bangalore vs Chennai24 Sep, 20217:30 PMSharjah
36Delhi vs Rajasthan 25 Sep, 20213:30 PMAbu Dhabi
37Hyderabad vs Punjab25 Sep, 20217:30 PMSharjah
38Chennai vs Kolkata26 Sep, 20213:30 PMAbu Dhabi
39Bangalore vs Mumbai26 Sep, 20217:30 PMDubai
40Hyderabad vs Rajasthan27 Sep, 20217:30 PMDubai
41Kolkata vs Delhi28 Sep, 20213:30 PMSharjah
42Mumbai vs Punjab28 Sep, 20217:30 PMAbu Dhabi
43Rajasthan vs Bangalore29 Sep, 20217:30 PMDubai
44Hyderabad vs Chennai30 Sep, 20217:30 PMSharjah
45Kokata vs Punjab01 Oct, 20217:30 PMDubai
46Mumbai vs Delhi02 Oct, 20213:30 PMSharjah
47Rajasthan vs Chennai02 Oct, 20217:30 PMAbu Dhabi
48Bangalore vs Punjab03 Oct, 20213:30 PMSharjah
49Kokata vs Hyderabad03 Oct, 20217:30 PMDubai
50Delhi vs Chennai04 Oct, 20217:30 PMDubai
51Rajasthan vs Mumbai05 Oct, 20217:30 PMSharjah
52Bangalore vs Hyderabad06 Oct, 20217:30 PMAbu Dhabi
53Chennai vs Punjab07 Oct, 20213:30 PMDubai
54Kolkata vs Rajasthan07 Oct, 20217:30 PMSharjah
55Hyderabad vs Mumbai08 Oct, 20213:30 PMAbu Dhabi
56Bangalore vs Delhi08 Oct, 20217:30 PMDubai
Qualifier 110 Oct, 20217:30 PMDubai
Eliminator11 Oct, 20217:30 PMSharjah
Qualifier 213 Oct, 20217:30 PMSharjah
Final15 Oct, 20217:30 PMDubai

Tips & Tricks to play Indian T20 fantasy cricket

Building a fantasy team is like any other task you take up in life. It requires meticulous planning, research, and time. Each player has his own set of skills, and you need to be mindful of the same. Here are a few tips and tricks to play the Indian T20 fantasy league on MPL.

  • Make the team pertaining to the Indian fantasy league: A lot of the players like Kagiso Rabada, David Warner, Steve Smith might be lethal in their home country, but it becomes a different ball-game in India. Always pick a player in your fantasy side that is expected to come good in Indian conditions. Check the performance of each player, even the domestic ones. You never know who can come good on a given day in the cricket T20 league.
  • Be mindful of the conditions: The conditions also play a massive role in deciding how a player will perform on a given day. If the overhead conditions are cloudy and it is a cold, wet day, always go for pacers in your team. In case of a hot and humid day, the pitch is likely to flatten out, and that will mean runs in abundance for batsmen. The venue where the match is being played should also be taken into account when setting up your fantasy team.
  • Research the uncapped players: Sometimes, the unknown entities are the ones that make the biggest statements. Whenever you select players, always keep one or two uncapped players in your fantasy XI as you never know who can turn out to be a trump card on the given day and turn the game on its head.
  • Choose your captain and vice captain wisely: You should be very careful while choosing the captain and vice captain as they give your 2x and 1.5 x the points, respectively. Your captain and vice captain more often than not define the outcome of your fantasy cricket team. Choose players who are likely to give you points in more than one facet of the game, such as an all rounder or wicket keeper.

Click here to read more such tips and tricks on how to create your Indian fantasy cricket teams.

Why play Indian T20 fantasy cricket on MPL?

MPL is a one-stop destination for fantasy sports fans. Don’t believe us? Ask the 6 crore plus Indians that trust the app.

  • MPL is a platform for both beginners and pro fantasy leagues’ players. There are both cash contests as well as free practice games. You might be a first-timer who hasn’t played a lot of fantasy cricket or a pro player who has been at it for a while; MPL has a place for all.
  • MPL is safe, secure, and the transactions are all made through a secure channel. You don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the app.
  • The app runs smoothly without any glitches, which makes it highly user-friendly and a treat to use. Forming teams on MPL is very simple; just a few clicks and your fantasy dream team is ready. The rules are also pretty easy to understand.

The secret to winning in fantasy is keeping yourself updated. Read our blogs to get constant updates on probable XI, best performing players, dream teams, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League?

The Indian fantasy cricket league is the online fantasy version of the T20 league, which is one of the most popular tournaments in India. Here, you create a team of 11 fantasy cricket players from the real-life matches played in the tournament and come up against other competitors. You get points based on the performance of the players you have selected. Based on the points accumulated and the contest joined, you stand a chance to win and stay ahead of others.

When will the Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League Matches Start in 2021?

The Indian T20 fantasy league will commence on April 9, 2021. The tournament will be played in six cities, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. A total of 60 matches will be played in the competition involving eight teams.

Is Playing T20 Fantasy League on MPL Safe?

Playing the T20 fantasy league on MPL is 100% safe and secure. The transactions are all done through a secure gateway, and as soon as the match is over, your fantasy cricket winnings are transferred to your respective accounts immediately. Players can play fantasy sports on MPL without any worry

Indian T20 Premier League Teams

Indian T20 Premier League Matches

Chennai vs PunjabChennai vs BangaloreChennai vs RajasthanMumbai vs Bangalore
Chennai vs DelhiChennai vs MumbaiChennai vs KolkataDelhi vs Bangalore
Mumbai vs RajasthanChennai vs HyderabadMumbai vs PunjabMumbai vs Delhi
Mumbai vs KolkataBangalore vs PunjabDelhi vs KolkataBangalore vs Rajasthan
Kolkata vs PunjabKolkata vs HyderabadKolkata vs RajasthanHyderabad vs Rajasthan
Punjab vs DelhiPunjab vs RajasthanPunjab vs HyderabadBangalore vs Kolkata
Hyderabad vs DelhiDelhi vs RajasthanBangalore vs DelhiBangalore vs Hyderabad

Best IPL Fantasy Players Statistics

Virat KohliRobin UthappaSuresh RainaShikhar Dhawan
Rohit SharmaKL RahulChris GayleMS Dhoni
AB De VilliersShreyas IyerHardik PandyaKrunal Pandya
Jasprit BumrahDavid WarnerRishabh PantRavindra Jadeja
Yuzvendra ChahalManish PandeyKane WilliamsonDavid Miller