Ligue 1: Know History, Winners List and Top Scorers

Ligue 1: Know History, Winners List and Top Scorers

The Ligue 1 is the top-tier football league or the primary football competition in France administered by Ligue de Football Professionnel. As many as 20 teams take part in the competition every year with the league following a promotion and relegation system like other top European leagues – Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and others.

Every team plays a total of 38 matches in Ligue 1, with each facing the other twice in a home and away fixture. Over the years, Ligue 1 has seen some of the best football players gracing it like Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, free-kick specialist Juninho, French talisman Franck Ribery, Samir Nasri and many more, to make it one of the most followed leagues in Europe.

The recent injection of money by the owners of PSG has further seen a spike in viewership with players like Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, Angel Di Maria and many more playing in Ligue 1.

Starting back in 1932, Ligue 1 has seen a total of 74 football clubs playing in the league so far. However, only five football clubs – Olympique Marseille, Metz Montpellier, Nice and Rennes – who were founding members of the league in 1932 are currently in the top-tier.

Though not the most successful Ligue 1 side yet, Paris Saint-Germain are the only football club in the league to never been relegated to Ligue 2 since their promotion to the top flight back in 1974-75 season.

Ligue 1: Winners List from Every Season

YearLigue 1, France
2020-21Lille OSC
2019-20season cancelled
2018-19Paris Saint-Germain
2017-18Paris Saint-Germain
2016-17AS Monaco
2015-16Paris Saint-Germain
2014-15Paris Saint-Germain
2013-14Paris Saint-Germain
2012-13Paris Saint-Germain
2010-11Lille OSC
2009-10Olympique de Marseille
2008-9FC Girondins de Bordeaux
2007-8Olympique Lyonnais
2006-7Olympique Lyonnais
2005-06Olympique Lyonnais
2004-05Olympique Lyonnais
2003-04Olympique Lyonnais
2002-03Olympique Lyonnais
2001-02Olympique Lyonnais
2000-01FC Nantes
1999-00AS Monaco FC
1998-99FC Girondins de Bordeaux
1997-98RC Lens
1996-97AS Monaco FC
1995-96AJ Auxerre
1994-95FC Nantes
1993-94Paris Saint-Germain FC
1992-93No Champion *
1991-92Olympique de Marseille
1990-91Olympique de Marseille
1989-90Olympique de Marseille
1988-89Olympique de Marseille
1987-88AS Monaco FC
1986-87FC Girondins de Bordeaux
1985-86Paris Saint-Germain FC
1984-85FC Girondins de Bordeaux
1983-84FC Girondins de Bordeaux
1982-83FC Nantes
1981-82AS Monaco FC
1980-81AS Saint-Etienne
1979-80FC Nantes
1978-79RC Strasbourg
1977-78AS Monaco FC
1976-77FC Nantes
1975-76AS Saint-Etienne
1974-75AS Saint-Etienne
1973-74AS Saint-Etienne
1972-73FC Nantes
1971-72Olympique de Marseille
1970-71Olympique de Marseille
1969-70AS Saint-Etienne
1968-69AS Saint-Etienne
1967-68AS Saint-Etienne
1966-67AS Saint-Etienne
1965-66FC Nantes
1964-65FC Nantes
1963-64AS Saint-Etienne
1962-63AS Monaco FC
1961-62Stade de Reims
1960-61AS Monaco FC
1959-60Stade de Reims
1958-59OGC Nice
1957-58Stade de Reims
1956-57AS Saint-Etienne
1955-56OGC Nice
1954-55Stade de Reims
1953-54Lille OSC
1952-53Stade de Reims
1951-52OGC Nice
1950-51OGC Nice
1949-50Girondins de Bordeaux
1948-49Stade de Reims
1947-48Olympique de Marseille
1946-47CO Roubaix-Tourcoing
1945-46Lille OSC
1944-45No football league
1943-44No football league
1942-43No football league
1941-42No football league
1940-41No football league
1939-40No football league
1938-39FC Sete
1937-38FC Sochaux-Montbeliard
1936-37Olympique de Marseille
1935-36Racing Club de Paris
1934-35FC Sochaux-Montbeliard
1933-34FC Sete
1932-33Olympique Lillois

The most successful Ligue 1 is St Etienne with 10 Ligue 1 titles to their name, followed by Olympique Lyonnais (seven titles). Football club Lyon also boasts the record of being in Ligue 1 for 71 seasons, the most among all the clubs to ever play in the prestigious league.

Unsurprisingly, the star-studded Paris-Saint Germain has tallied the most points in a single Ligue 1 season with 96. They had an astounding goal difference of 83 with that 2015-16 season win.  In 1948-49 Ligue 1 season with 34 games played, Lille OSC has the best goal difference of 62+

PSG also hold the record for most wins in a single season in 2015-16 and 2016-17 Ligue 1 seasons, in both of which they had registered 30 wins.

However, it is old Ligue giants St Etienne who have the most number of home victories (19) in a single season. PSG have the most away wins (15) in a single season. AS Monaco have the longest winning streak (15) in Ligue 1 that ranged from February 25, 2017, to August 17, 2017. 

The longest unbeaten run, however, sits with Nantes after they went without losing a single game from May 15, 1976, to April 7, 1981.

Ligue 1: All-time top scorers

1Delio Onnis1972–1986Monaco, Reims, Tours, Toulon299449
2Bernard Lacombe1969–1987Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Bordeaux255497
3Hervé Revelli1965–1978Saint-Étienne, Nice216389
4Roger Courtois1932–1956Sochaux, Troyes210288
5Thadée Cisowski1947–1961Metz, RC Paris, Valenciennes206286
6Roger Piantoni1950–1966FC Nancy, Reims, Nice203394
7Joseph Ujlaki1947–1964Stade Français, Sète, Nîmes, Nice, RC Paris190438
8Fleury Di Nallo1960–1975Lyon, Red Star187425
9Carlos Bianchi;Gunnar Andersson1973–1980;1950-1960Reims, Paris Saint-Germain Strasbourg;
Marseille, Bordeaux

Former AS Monaco, Reims, Tours and Toulon striker Delio Onnis has scored the most goals in Ligue. He played 449 games in the French league with 299 goals to his name. He is followed by Bernard Lacombe, who has 255 goals in 497 matches.

However, it was Yugoslavian striker Josip Skoblar who has scored the most goals in a single season with a whopping 44 goals to his name while playing for Marseille in the 1970-71 Ligue 1 season. The most goals scored in a single season by a Ligue 1 team was 118 by RC Paris during the 1959-60 season.

In recent times, however, it has been PSG starlet Kylian Mbappe who has been the leading goal scorer in Ligue 1. The French wunderkind has won the Golden Boot in the last three seasons despite having the likes of Neymar, Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi in the team.

Ligue 1: Title-winning managers

RankManagerNumber of TitlesClub(s) managedYears
1Albert Batteux8Reims (5), Saint-Étienne (3)1953, 1955, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1968, 1969, 1970
2Lucien Leduc4Monaco (3), Marseille (1)1961, 1963, 1971, 1978
2Robert Herbin4Saint-Étienne (4)1974, 1975, 1976, 1981
2Laurent Blanc4Bordeaux (1), Paris Saint-Germain (3)2009, 2014, 2015, 2016
5Jean Snella3Saint-Étienne (3)1957, 1964, 1967
5José Arribas3Nantes (3)1965, 1966, 1973
5Aimé Jacquet3Bordeaux (3)1984, 1985, 1987
5Gérard Houllier3Paris Saint-Germain (1), Lyon (2)1986, 2006, 2007
5Paul Le Guen3Lyon (3)2003, 2004, 2005
10Conrad Ross2Sochaux (2)1935, 1938
10Numa Andoire2Nice (2)1951, 1952
10Jean Vincent2Nantes (2)1977, 1980
10Gérard Gili2Marseille (2)1989, 1990
10Raymond Goethals2Marseille (2)1991, 1992
10Jean-Claude Suaudeau2Nantes (2)1983, 1995
10Thomas Tuchel2Paris Saint-Germain (2)2019, 2020

The most successful manager in Ligue 1 has been Albert Batteux with eight titles to his name between 1953 to 1970. His most successful stint came with Reims with whom he won five titles. He also won thrice with St Etienne. Lucien Leduc, Robert Herbin and Laurent Blanc have all won four Ligue 1 titles each.

Ligue 1 clubs in UEFA Champions League

Despite having some of the top football talents from across the world, PSG are yet to win the coveted UEFA Champions League. In Lionel Messi and Neymar, the Ligue 1 club has two of the world’s highest-paid football players, but the closest they have come to winning the title was the final. However, now after having the regular, full experience of the elite league, PSG are eyeing the title this season with their star-studded squad.

The only Ligue 1 club, however, to become UEFA Champions League winners are Marseille, when they lifted the title in 1993. 

Ligue 1 2021-22 Fixtures and Schedule

Gameweek 1

Monaco1:1FC Nantes
Olympique Lyon1:1Stade Brestois
Troyes1:2Paris SG
Stade Rennais1:1Lens
G. Bordeaux0:2Clermont Foot
OGC Nice0:0Stade Reims
Saint-Étienne1:1FC Lorient
R. Strasbourg0:2SCO Angers
FC Metz3:3LOSC Lille

Gameweek 2

FC Lorient1:0Monaco
LOSC Lille0:4OGC Nice
Paris SG4:2R. Strasbourg
SCO Angers3:0Olympique Lyon
Stade Brestois1:1Stade Rennais
Clermont Foot2:0Troyes
FC Nantes2:0FC Metz
Stade Reims3:3Montpellier
Marseille2:2G. Bordeaux

Gameweek 3

Stade Brestois2:4Paris SG
Saint-Étienne1:1LOSC Lille
Olympique Lyon3:3Clermont Foot
G. Bordeaux1:1SCO Angers
FC Metz1:1Stade Reims
Montpellier3:1FC Lorient
R. Strasbourg1:1Troyes
Stade Rennais1:0FC Nantes
OGC Nice1:1Marseille

Gameweek 4

FC Nantes0:1Olympique Lyon
OGC Nice4:0G. Bordeaux
SCO Angers2:0Stade Rennais
Clermont Foot2:2FC Metz
Lens2:2FC Lorient
R. Strasbourg3:1Stade Brestois
LOSC Lille2:1Montpellier
Stade Reims0:2Paris SG

Gameweek 5

FC Lorient2:1LOSC Lille
Paris SG4:0Clermont Foot
G. Bordeaux2:3Lens
Stade Brestois1:1SCO Angers
FC Metz0:2Troyes
Stade Rennais0:2Stade Reims
FC Nantes0:2OGC Nice
Olympique Lyon3:1R. Strasbourg

Gameweek 6

R. Strasbourg3:0FC Metz
Lens1:0LOSC Lille
Saint-Étienne1:2G. Bordeaux
OGC Nice2:2Monaco
SCO Angers1:4FC Nantes
Clermont Foot1:1Stade Brestois
Stade Reims0:0FC Lorient
Marseille2:0Stade Rennais
Paris SG2:1Olympique Lyon

Gameweek 7

LOSC Lille2:1Stade Reims
Montpellier3:3G. Bordeaux
FC Nantes3:1Stade Brestois
Stade Rennais6:0Clermont Foot
SCO Angers0:0Marseille
Lens0:1R. Strasbourg
FC Lorient1:0OGC Nice
Olympique Lyon3:1Troyes
FC Metz1:2Paris SG

Gameweek 8

Saint-Étienne0:3OGC Nice
R. Strasbourg1:2LOSC Lille
Olympique Lyon1:1FC Lorient
Paris SG2:0Montpellier
G. Bordeaux1:1Stade Rennais
Stade Brestois1:2FC Metz
Stade Reims3:1FC Nantes
Troyes1:1SCO Angers
Clermont Foot1:3Monaco

Gameweek 9

Lens2:0Stade Reims
Montpellier1:1R. Strasbourg
OGC Nice2:1Stade Brestois
Stade Rennais2:0Paris SG
SCO Angers3:2FC Metz
FC Lorient1:1Clermont Foot
Monaco3:0G. Bordeaux
FC Nantes2:0Troyes
LOSC Lille2:0Marseille
Saint-Étienne1:1Olympique Lyon

Gameweek 10

Paris SG2:1SCO Angers
Clermont Foot1:0LOSC Lille
Olympique Lyon2:0Monaco
Troyes1:0OGC Nice
FC Metz0:3Stade Rennais
R. Strasbourg5:1Saint-Étienne
G. Bordeaux1:1FC Nantes
Stade Brestois1:1Stade Reims
Marseille4:1FC Lorient

Gameweek 11

Saint-Étienne2:2SCO Angers
FC Nantes2:1Clermont Foot
LOSC Lille1:1Stade Brestois
OGC Nice3:2Olympique Lyon
Lens4:1FC Metz
FC Lorient1:1G. Bordeaux
Stade Reims1:2Troyes
Stade Rennais1:0R. Strasbourg
Marseille0:0Paris SG

Gameweek 12

Paris SG2:1LOSC Lille
FC Metz1:1Saint-Étienne
Olympique Lyon2:1Lens
SCO Angers1:2OGC Nice
G. Bordeaux3:2Stade Reims
Montpellier2:0FC Nantes
R. Strasbourg4:0FC Lorient
Troyes2:2Stade Rennais
Stade Brestois2:0Monaco
Clermont Foot0:1Marseille

Gameweek 13

LOSC Lille1:1SCO Angers
G. Bordeaux2:3Paris SG
Marseille0:0FC Metz
FC Lorient1:2Stade Brestois
FC Nantes2:2R. Strasbourg
Stade Reims0:0Monaco
Saint-Étienne3:2Clermont Foot
OGC Nice0:1Montpellier
Stade Rennais4:1Olympique Lyon

Gameweek 14

Monaco2:2LOSC Lille
Paris SG3:1FC Nantes
Stade Rennais2:0Montpellier
Stade Brestois4:0Lens
SCO Angers1:0FC Lorient
FC Metz3:3G. Bordeaux
R. Strasbourg1:1Stade Reims
Clermont Foot1:2OGC Nice
Olympique Lyon2:1Marseille

Gameweek 15

Lens2:2SCO Angers
LOSC Lille1:1FC Nantes
OGC Nice0:1FC Metz
Saint-Étienne1:3Paris SG
G. Bordeaux1:2Stade Brestois
FC Lorient0:2Stade Rennais
Monaco1:1R. Strasbourg
Stade Reims1:0Clermont Foot
Montpellier0:1Olympique Lyon

Gameweek 16

SCO Angers1:3Monaco
Stade Brestois1:0Saint-Étienne
FC Metz1:3Montpellier
R. Strasbourg5:2G. Bordeaux
Troyes2:0FC Lorient
Clermont Foot2:2Lens
Olympique Lyon1:2Stade Reims
FC Nantes0:1Marseille
Paris SG0:0OGC Nice
Stade Rennais1:2LOSC Lille

Gameweek 17

Marseille1:2Stade Brestois
LOSC Lille2:1Troyes
Lens1:1Paris SG
Saint-Étienne0:5Stade Rennais
FC Lorient0:1FC Nantes
Monaco4:0FC Metz
Montpellier1:0Clermont Foot
Stade Reims1:2SCO Angers
OGC Nice0:3R. Strasbourg
G. Bordeaux2:2Olympique Lyon

Gameweek 18

G. Bordeaux2:3LOSC Lille
FC Lorient1:1Paris SG
Olympique Lyon1:1FC Metz
Marseille1:1Stade Reims
Monaco2:1Stade Rennais
Montpellier4:1SCO Angers
OGC Nice2:1Lens
Saint-Étienne0:1FC Nantes
Troyes1:1Stade Brestois
Clermont Foot0:2R. Strasbourg

Gameweek 19

G. Bordeaux2:3LOSC Lille
FC Lorient1:1Paris SG
Olympique Lyon1:1FC Metz
Marseille1:1Stade Reims
Monaco2:1Stade Rennais
Montpellier4:1SCO Angers
OGC Nice2:1Lens
Saint-Étienne0:1FC Nantes
Troyes1:1Stade Brestois
Clermont Foot0:2R. Strasbourg

Gameweek 20

G. Bordeaux0:1Marseille
Lens1:0Stade Rennais
Stade Brestois0:3OGC Nice
Clermont Foot0:0Stade Reims
FC Metz0:2R. Strasbourg
FC Nantes0:0Monaco
Olympique Lyon1:1Paris SG
LOSC Lille3:1FC Lorient
SCO Angers0:1Saint-Étienne

Gameweek 21

OGC Nice2:1FC Nantes
Paris SG2:0Stade Brestois
Stade Rennais6:0G. Bordeaux
FC Lorient0:0SCO Angers
Monaco4:0Clermont Foot
Stade Reims0:1FC Metz
R Strasbourg3:1Montpellier
Troyes0:1Olympique Lyon
Marseille1:1LOSC Lille

Gameweek 22

Olympique Lyon1:0Saint-Étienne
Stade Brestois2:0LOSC Lille
FC Metz0:2OGC Nice
SCO Angers2:1Troyes
G. Bordeaux4:3R. Strasbourg
(Clermont Foot2:1Stade Rennais
FC Nantes4:2FC Lorient
Paris SG4:0Stade Reims

Gameweek 23

Marseille5:2SCO Angers
Monaco2:0Olympique Lyon
FC Lorient2:0Lens
OGC Nice0:1Clermont Foot
Stade Reims5:0G. Bordeaux
R. Strasbourg1:0FC Nantes
Troyes0:0FC Metz
Stade Rennais2:0Stade Brestois
LOSC Lille1:5Paris SG

Gameweek 24

Paris SGvsStade Rennais
MontpelliervsLOSC Lille
Olympique LyonvsOGC Nice
MonacovsFC Lorient
SCO AngersvsR. Strasbourg
Stade BrestoisvsTroyes
Clermont FootvsSaint-Étienne
FC NantesvsStade Reims
LensvsG. Bordeaux
FC MetzvsMarseille

Gameweek 25

LOSC LillevsFC Metz
LensvsOlympique Lyon
FC NantesvsParis SG
OGC NicevsSCO Angers
FC LorientvsMontpellier
Stade ReimsvsStade Brestois
Stade RennaisvsTroyes
Saint-ÉtiennevsR. Strasbourg
G. BordeauxvsMonaco
MarseillevsClermont Foot

Gameweek 26

MontpelliervsStade Rennais
MonacovsStade Reims
Paris SGvsSaint-Étienne
R. StrasbourgvsOGC Nice
SCO AngersvsLens
Stade BrestoisvsFC Lorient
Clermont FootvsG. Bordeaux
FC MetzvsFC Nantes
Olympique LyonvsLOSC Lille

Gameweek 27

G. BordeauxvsTroyes
LensvsStade Brestois
LOSC LillevsClermont Foot
FC LorientvsOlympique Lyon
FC NantesvsMontpellier
OGC NicevsParis SG
Stade ReimsvsR. Strasbourg
Stade RennaisvsSCO Angers
Saint-ÉtiennevsFC Metz

Gameweek 28

SCO AngersvsStade Reims
Stade BrestoisvsMarseille
Clermont FootvsFC Lorient
LOSC LillevsSaint-Étienne
Olympique LyonvsStade Rennais
FC MetzvsLens
MontpelliervsOGC Nice
Paris SGvsG. Bordeaux
R. StrasbourgvsMonaco
TroyesvsFC Nantes

Gameweek 29

SCO AngersvsStade Brestois
G. BordeauxvsMontpellier
LensvsClermont Foot
FC LorientvsR. Strasbourg
MarseillevsOGC Nice
MonacovsParis SG
FC NantesvsLOSC Lille
Stade ReimsvsOlympique Lyon
Stade RennaisvsFC Metz

Gameweek 30

Clermont FootvsFC Nantes
LOSC LillevsG. Bordeaux
Olympique LyonvsSCO Angers
FC MetzvsMonaco
MontpelliervsStade Brestois
OGC NicevsStade Rennais
Paris SGvsFC Lorient
R. StrasbourgvsLens
TroyesvsStade Reims

Gameweek 31

SCO AngersvsLOSC Lille
G. BordeauxvsFC Metz
Stade BrestoisvsFC Nantes
Clermont FootvsParis SG
LensvsOGC Nice
FC LorientvsSaint-Étienne
Stade ReimsvsStade Rennais
R. StrasbourgvsOlympique Lyon

Gameweek 32

LOSC LillevsLens
Olympique LyonvsG. Bordeaux
FC MetzvsClermont Foot
MontpelliervsStade Reims
FC NantesvsSCO Angers
OGC NicevsFC Lorient
Paris SGvsMarseille
Stade RennaisvsMonaco
Saint-ÉtiennevsStade Brestois
TroyesvsR. Strasbourg

Gameweek 33

SCO AngersvsParis SG
G. BordeauxvsSaint-Étienne
Stade BrestoisvsOlympique Lyon
FC LorientvsFC Metz
MarseillevsFC Nantes
MonacovsOGC Nice
Stade ReimsvsLOSC Lille
R. StrasbourgvsStade Rennais
TroyesvsClermont Foot

Gameweek 34

Clermont FootvsSCO Angers
LOSC LillevsR. Strasbourg
Olympique LyonvsMontpellier
FC MetzvsStade Brestois
FC NantesvsG. Bordeaux
OGC NicevsTroyes
Paris SGvsLens
Stade ReimsvsMarseille
Stade RennaisvsFC Lorient

Gameweek 35

G. BordeauxvsOGC Nice
Stade BrestoisvsClermont Foot
LensvsFC Nantes
FC LorientvsStade Reims
MarseillevsOlympique Lyon
MonacovsSCO Angers
MontpelliervsFC Metz
Stade RennaisvsSaint-Étienne
R. StrasbourgvsParis SG
TroyesvsLOSC Lille

Gameweek 36

SCO AngersvsG. Bordeaux
Stade BrestoisvsR. Strasbourg
Clermont FootvsMontpellier
LOSC LillevsMonaco
FC LorientvsMarseille
FC MetzvsOlympique Lyon
FC NantesvsStade Rennais
OGC NicevsSaint-Étienne
Paris SGvsTroyes
Stade ReimsvsLens

Gameweek 37

G. BordeauxvsFC Lorient
Olympique LyonvsFC Nantes
FC MetzvsSCO Angers
MonacovsStade Brestois
MontpelliervsParis SG
OGC NicevsLOSC Lille
Stade RennaisvsMarseille
Saint-ÉtiennevsStade Reims
R. StrasbourgvsClermont Foot

Gameweek 38

SCO AngersvsMontpellier
Stade BrestoisvsG. Bordeaux
Clermont FootvsOlympique Lyon
LOSC LillevsStade Rennais
FC LorientvsTroyes
MarseillevsR. Strasbourg
FC NantesvsSaint-Étienne
Paris SGvsFC Metz
Stade ReimsvsOGC Nice