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What is Virat Kohli’s net worth today? Know everything

According to reports from various sources, Virat Kohli net worth is estimated to be around $127 million. In Indian currency, it comes down to nearly Rs. 950 crores.

Virat Kohli is easily the most popular Indian cricketer and is arguably the most famous cricketer in the world. He has been a consistent performer for the Men in Blue ever since he burst onto the scene as a young prodigy in 2008. Kohli’s performances with the bat have cemented his place among the modern-day greats in the sport of cricket and he is also considered to be one of the finest batsmen of all time. Virat Kohli has also captained the Indian team with distinction for plenty of years and is the most successful Test captain that the country has seen.

Because of his achievements in the sport as well as his affable and energetic personality along with his obsession with fitness, Kohli has been able to carve a unique niche for himself as a brand. He has an enormous fanbase in India and Asia and also has plenty of admirers in other countries. Because of his popularity, he has been able to bag fat contracts from companies as endorsement deals which has only increased his net worth manifold. He is also one of the highest-paid cricketers in India.

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Let’s discuss more about Virat Kohli net worth below:

Virat Kohli net worth: Growth over the years

Year Net worth 2022 $ 127 million 2021 $ 110 million 2020 $ 95 million 2019 $ 82 million 2018 $ 65 million

As is visible from the above graph, Virat Kohli’s net worth has grown almost double compared to 2018. His net worth was $ 65 million in 2018. In 2022, it is nearly $ 127 million or Rs. 950 crores.

Ever since making his debut for Team India in 2008, Virat Kohli has gone on to leave his mark on the sport. He has also been a fundamental part of Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL ever since the inaugural season in 2008. Kohli earns most of his money from the BCCI and the IPL contract, along with brand endorsements and sponsorship deals.

Virat Kohli net worth: Salary

Virat Kohli earns a major chunk of his salary from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for the services he offers to the Indian national team. Every player that has a central contract with the BCCI occupies one of the four grades that the board hands out on the basis of the player’s importance as well as representation across formats.

Grade Salary A+ $ 1 million (Rs 7 crore) A $ 0.68 million (Rs 5 crore) B $ 0.41 million (Rs 3 crore) C $ 0.14 million (Rs 1 crore)

Virat Kohli has a grade A+ contract with the BCCI and has an annual salary of nearly Rs. 7 crores. He is only one of three players along with Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah to have an A+ contract with the BCCI.

Besides the retainership amount, Kohli also earns on the basis of every cricket match where he represents Team India. Each appearance in a Test match earns him Rs. 15 lakhs, while every ODI match and T20I match add Rs. 6 lakhs and Rs. 3 lakhs to his total salary.

Virat Kohli salary in the IPL is also a substantial sum that contributes a lot to his brand value. Kohli is the highest-paid player in the history of the Indian Premier League.

Interestingly, the former Team India captain has never been part of an IPL auction. Royal Challengers Bangalore had secured the services of Virat Kohli from the Under 19 players’ draft for just under Rs 12 lakhs during the inaugural edition of the IPL in 2008. Kohli had just won the U19 World Cup for India as a captain but Delhi, where Kohli is originally from, decided to bid for Pradeep Sangwan instead. This paved the way for his move to Bangalore.

Virat Kohli made his debut against Kolkata Knight Riders in the very first match in IPL history. His IPL salary of Rs 12 lakhs remained the same for the next three years until he received a massive bump in pay grade in 2011 when he started earning Rs 8.2 crores. Virat Kohli was the only player retained by RCB in 2011 and he drew the same salary every year between 2011 and 2014.

Virat Kohli was made a full-time RCB captain in 2013 and he earned another promotion in his paycheck in 2015. He started earning Rs 12.5 crore every year until 2017. Ahead of the IPL 2018 mega auction, Royal Challengers Bangalore decided to retain him for a whopping Rs 18 crore – a figure that has never been matched in the history of the Indian Premier League!

The RCB skipper continued to earn that record amount until 2021 when he decided to step down from the captaincy of RCB ahead of the second leg of IPL 2021. Although it was followed by a pay cut, Kohli was still RCB’s first retention choice for IPL 2022 and he got a contract worth Rs 15 crore.

2022 (Retain)Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 150,000,000
2021 (Retain)Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 170,000,000
2020 (Retain)Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 170,000,000
2019 (Retain)Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 170,000,000
2018Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 170,000,000
2017Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 125,000,000
2016Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 125,000,000
2015Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 125,000,000
2014Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 125,000,000
2013Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 82,800,000
2012Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 82,800,000
2011Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 82,800,000
2010Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 1,200,000
2009Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 1,200,000
2008Royal Challengers Bangalore₹ 1,200,000
Total₹ 1,582,000,000

Virat Kohli’s endorsements

Virat Kohli is one of the most marketable superstars in India and as a result, he gets plenty of interest from most of the biggest brands in the country. Kohli is known to make

Kohli is also an extremely marketable athlete and commands a lot of money from endorsements. He makes upwards of Rs 17 crores from brand deals and charges nearly Rs 2 crores per day for shooting commitments, compared to the Rs 1.5 crores that World Cup-winning captain MS Dhoni charges.

He has endorsement deals with the likes of Manyavar, Phillips, Pepsi, Audi, Hero, Valvoline, Cinthol Deo, Boost, Fastrack, Puma, Godrej, Head & Shoulders, and Nestle India. Virat Kohli is also a brand ambassador of MPL.

Kohli sports the MRF sticker on his bat and also promotes their MRF ZLX range of tires. Apparently, he earns nearly Rs. 12.5 crore annually for using the MRF sticker on his cricket bat. MRF had also secured a three-year contract with the superstar back in 2015 which was renewed again in 2017 for an eye-watering sum of Rs. 100 crores for a period of eight years.

At the time of writing, Virat Kohli’s social media following makes him the most popular person in Asia, at least on digital media. He has 195 million followers on Instagram. He is the most popular cricketer on that platform and has the biggest follower base among sportsmen only behind football greats Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

He also has over 46 million followers on Twitter and is the most popular Indian account on that platform behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the PMO office. His humongous social media presence also adds a lot to his enormous brand value. According to various reports, it adds a mind-boggling sum of nearly Rs. 328 crores to Virat Kohli net worth!

Virat Kohli’s investments

Virat Kohli’s brands One8 and Wrogn are extremely popular among the Indian urban youth. One8 is an athleisure brand tied to Puma and it also has a chain of popular restaurants and clubs across India. It began with the goal of delivering quality sports apparel, footwear, and accessories. However, the company has expanded itself and has expanded its domains to fragrances and cafes at various locations in the country. One8 cafe or resto-bar, also known as One8 commune, is owned by Kohli.

Fashion brand Wrogn is a luxury clothing company that makes fashionable apparel with funky and cool vibes. In 2015, Virat Kohli invested Rs 90 crores to own a chain of gyms called Chisel Fitness. He is also a co-owner of Indian Super League side FC Goa along with Jaydev Mody and Akshay Tandon. Additionally, he owns and operates the PGA Tour and the International Premier Tennis League. He has also invested nearly Rs. 19.30 crores in a fashion startup called Universal Sportsbiz.

Virat Kohli has a bungalow in Delhi where he grew up as a kid. However, he spends most of his time with his wife Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma in Mumbai, where they have an apartment in Bandra. It was bought for an amount of a whopping 9 crores in 2012.

Virat Kohli is also a known motorhead and his love for cars needs little introduction. He owns cars of various popular brands like Audi, Toyota, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen. Few of these cars, Renault Duster, Audi 8, and Toyota Fortuner, were gifted to him through various sponsors.


What is Virat Kohli’s income per day in rupees?

According to a Forbes report, Virat Kohli is said to earn Rs. 196 crores in a year. That brings his earnings to Rs. 55 lakhs per day.

What is Virat Kohli’s net worth in millions?

Virat Kohli’s total net worth is around $127 Million.

How much is Virat Kohli worth in 2022?

Virat Kohli is worth Rs. 950 crores in 2022. His net worth has grown nearly two-fold in the last five years.

What is the salary of Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli earns an annual salary of Rs. 7 crores from the Grade A+ contract he has with BCCI. He makes Rs. 15 lakhs from every Test match, while ODI and T20I matches add Rs. 6 lakhs and Rs. 3 lakhs respectively to his total salary. Kohli also has an IPL contract worth Rs. 15 crore with Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2022.


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