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Archery Game Online

Introduction to Playing Archery games online
Archery, or in layman terms, the use of bows and arrows dates back to prehistoric times when people used it for hunting or in wars. Over the last few decades, the use of bow and arrow has largely been restricted to hunting.More recently, Archery games have evolved as a major sporting event making their way to the World Games and the Olympics.
Like its outdoors version, online Archery has also become a rage in recent times. Online Archery on the MPL app isn't too dissimilar to its offline counterpart. The user has to shoot the moving bullseye targets and collect points. The target is a circular board that has stripes divided into 10 different rings. The highest score that the archer can achieve with one shot is 10, with 1 being the lowest.
Download the MPL app and start playing Archery Clash to get a real-life environment and experience playing one of the most popular games in the world. And the best part - you can play battles and tournaments, win real cash and rewards daily, all from the comfort of your homes.

What is an Archery game?

There are different categories and varieties in archery. The archer uses a stringed bow to propel the arrow towards a target. The aim of the archer is to hit the center of the target to collect maximum points. The target, as we mentioned, is a circular board kept at a distance. Shooting the center of the board, also known as bullseye, gives the archer 10 points, and the points reduce as you go down, with 1 point being the lowest. Arrows missing the target altogether do not score at all.
The wind also plays a crucial role in archery games and can affect the direction in which the arrows are shot. The archer with the most points at the end of all rounds is declared the winner.

How to download the MPL archery game app?

The MPL app is free and supported on all Android and iOS devices.
To play Archery, download the MPL app from https://www.mpl.live/ by entering your mobile number for Android devices or directly from the Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device.
Once downloaded, install the app.
Search for Archery and tap on install to download the game on your device.
Get ready with others to explore and play Archery on the MPL app.

How to play archery games on MPL?

Archery is a highly competitive, adrenaline-driven game which involves a lot of concentration, precision, and skills. MPL has transformed the same spirit into its online version. The game physics of Archery on MPL is top-notch, and coupled with the smooth graphics and glitch-free user experience, the game is hard to miss.
In addition, the controls are pretty simple to comprehend, which makes playing Archery on MPL a delight for users of all ages. You need to keep your eye on the bullseye and accumulate points.
Once the game starts, focus all your attention on the concentric circles. Then hold and drag, aiming at the target.
Keep in mind that the targets are not stable and tend to move in various directions. So, it would be best if you keep your focus at all times. Once you have your eye set on the bullseye, release to shoot at the target.
The wind plays a huge role and will affect the direction of arrows. You need to be wary of which way the wind is flowing and make your shot likewise.
Your points are recorded based on which number the arrow hits. If the arrows miss the target completely, you do not get any points.
Note: There is a fixed time limit in which you can complete your shot, failing which you will be timed out.
The archery game on MPL has five rounds, which means there are a total of 50 points up for grabs. Whichever player records the most points at the end of the five rounds is declared the winner.

How are points calculated

The target with ten concentric circles has two outermost rings: white, three, and four are black in color, five and six blue, seven and eight are red, while nine and ten – the innermost rings – are gold.
As depicted in the image above, the numbers also denote the number of points that the archer scores with each shot.

Tips for playing Online archery on MPL

MPL is one app that caters to newbies and experienced archers. If you are a beginner, head to the free battles and practice for free to get the hang of the app. If you are an experienced archer, there are plenty of battles and tournaments you can take part in and win real cash.
Here are a few tips for playing Archery clash on MPL:
Focus on the bullseye at all times: The Archery games on MPL require a fair bit of concentration and focus when shooting at the moving targets. Ensure your eyes are firmly fixed on the center of the target, as one slight mistake can cost you the game.
You have more time than you think: While it might seem the timer is running down very quickly, do not let that affect you. You have enough time to aim, mark your position, and take the shot.
Practice as much as you can: Do not go for the cash games right away. Take your time to get comfortable with the app by playing the free practice games and then delving into the battles.

Why Play Archery games on MPL?

Online Archery has seen its stocks go up over the last few years in India. However, playing Archery on MPL has its own perks.
Win real cash and rewards by playing Archery on MPL every single day.
Multiplayer battles and tournaments for users where they participate and win big.
Exciting offers, discounts, and rewards
The transactions are all safe and legal and made through a secure channel
24x7 customer support and instant withdrawals
It's a complete win-win situation any way you look. Download the MPL app and get involved in the on-field action of Archery!


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