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Bike Racing Game Online

Who doesn't enjoy fast, adrenaline-pumping real bike racing games, which provide a chance to let loose after a hard day at work? Bike racing on MPL is your quintessential motorcycle multi-player racing game. It involves you pushing on the gas and racing in bike tracks in a bid to reach the finishing line before your opponent.
And alongside the thrill and fun, by playing Bike Racing on MPL, you also stand a chance to win real cash and other similar rewards every day. Download the MPL app, install the Bike Racing game on your phone and win big.
What is bike racing game?
Bike Racing is a multiplayer-player racing game with free and cash versions available on the MPL gaming app. You are required to race through a track on your bike, with your main objective being to reach the finishing line before your opponent.
The racing track is an extremely curvy road with sharp edges. While you should know when exactly to accelerate and apply the brakes, you also need to be mindful of the traffic coming your way and dodge the cars parked on the sides using the controls.
There is also a map at the top left of your screen, which helps you track your ride and shows your opponent's exact position. Keep an eye on the map and while maintaining a balanced approach of acceleration and deceleration race towards the finishing line.
The challenges are certainly there, but you can also win huge cash and real money each time your drive.

How to download the MPL Bike Racing app?

The Bike Racing game is available for download for both iOS and Android users. If you are an iOS user, you can download the MPL app directly from the App Store and register. After registering, locate the Bike Racing game, install the game resources and start playing.
For android users, visit the MPL website and download the MPL app using the following steps:
Enter your mobile number to receive an SMS with a download link.
Click on the link and download the MPL Pro app. The MPL app is 100% safe to download and install.
Register and search for Bike Racing.
Install the game resources.
Immerse yourself in the world of real bike racing and win huge prizes.

How to play Bike Racing Online?

To play Bike Racing online, you need to first select a battle to play. There are both free and cash battles available on MPL. As we mentioned before, your aim is to race through the track and reach the finishing line before your opponent.
Once the game starts, you need to accelerate your bike through the tracks using the controls present on the screen.
The large pedal on the bottom right corner of your screen is for acceleration. Hold the pedal at all times to accelerate your bike.
The smaller left pedal is for braking. The racing track has several curves and bends. Use the braking options whenever you need to slow down your motorcycle. The brake pedal has another use. When your bike crashes at any junction, you can move your bike in the reverse direction by using the braking pedal.
The left and right arrows on the bottom left of the screen move your bike in the left or right direction depending on the curves on the racing track.
There is a small camera close to the centre of the screen. By clicking on the same, you can change the camera angles. There are four camera angles, each possessing its own distinct individuality.
There is a mini map of the race tracks on the top left-hand corner of your screen. You can check all the bends on the track here and see your opponent's progress.
Whichever player reaches the finishing line first is declared the winner. If you finish first, depending on the battle you have taken part in, the winnings will be deposited in the wallet immediately. By playing Bike Racing on MPL, you can win a lot of cash prizes and rewards.

Tips to play Online Bike Racing on MPL

To win in Bike Racing, you have to be one step ahead of your opponent at all times. Here are a few tips that might help you while playing the real bike racing game on MPL
Speed always thrills but know when to stop. While the Bike Racing game on MPL is all about fast bikes, there are many bends along the track. Keep a fair knowledge of when to apply the brakes and when to go full throttle on the racing track.
The mini map at the top left of the screen acts as a guide, and you should always keep one eye on it. Not only can you see where your opponent is currently positioned on the grid, but all the curves and bends on the racing track can also be viewed there.
Use the different camera angles to your advantage. It will give you a better idea of where you stand on the racing grid.
There are times when you might lose control of your bike and crash. Be careful not to panic and go all out at the acceleration pedal in such a scenario. Get up, use the brake pedal to reverse your bike and follow the mini map to follow the right route.

Why Play Bike Racing game on MPL?

With Bike Racing, MPL provides you with a definitive motorcycle racing experience that has excellent game physics. Here are some of the reasons why you should play the bike racing game on MPL.
A realistic bike racing experience with easy-to-use controls.
The race tracks are challenging yet fun with no unnecessary distractions.
You can play with friends, family or random opponents, anytime, anywhere.
Free practice battles.
Instant withdrawals once the game is completed.
100% legal and safe with a dedicated customer support team.


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