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How to Hit Bull’s Eye at Every Turn in Online Archery?

Whether it’s the online archery game or a game of dart you’re playing with friends, there’s nothing better than watching the arrow sail through the distance between you and the bull’s eye and hit the target. More often than not, we all miss hitting the bull’s eye as it’s easier said than done. It is as if there’s a magnetic shield that’s diverting your arrows from hitting the target. 

Hitting the bull’s eye at every turn in online archery is reasonably achievable. Apart from regular practice, working on some common mistakes that may be keeping you from hitting the target and implementing several strategies to shoot the arrow can do wonders in your game. Take a look at how you can improve your game and hit the bull’s eye repeatedly when playing the online archery game on MPL.

Drag the arrow to aim at the target

In the online archery game on MPL, the target is constantly moving, making it all the more difficult to hit the bull’s eye. Before you release the arrow, you can hold and drag it to aim at the bull’s eye on the moving board. Try getting the + sign at the center of the target and release immediately. Releasing the arrow at the right time is of utmost importance here. Timing is essential not only because you have limited time to release the arrow but also because you want to complete the rounds with a better score before your opponent does. 

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Analyze the wind direction

Another critical game element that poses a challenge and keeps you from hitting the bull’s eye is the wind. When the game begins, you are given the wind direction before every shot. It simply means that the direction of the arrow is likely to be affected due to the wind. The wind direction comes up on the screen every time you are about to release the arrow. While the wind may pose a challenge for some, you can use the wind to your advantage and hit the target. For instance, if the wind direction is in the top-right order, release the arrow slightly lower to the target as the wind will push it upwards. Therefore, you need to analyze the wind direction before releasing the arrow to prevent it from the impact of the wind and ensure that it hits the target.

Practice regularly

Of course, it is easier said than done, and just speaking about analyzing the wind direction and setting the aim to hit the target will not get you there instantly. This is where practice comes into play. Perfecting your aim and not letting the wind affect your shot comes with good practice. Before you get into the cash contests, you may want to practice and perfect your aim. You can keep switching to the practice games on the app to play against a real opponent without putting much at risk. 

Stay Focused

While you are playing the online archery game, you may encounter a few distractions that will keep you from hitting the bull’s eye. For instance, you can view the round your opponent is playing, which may distract you, and you would get worried that the opponent may finish the game before you, and the game will end without you completing all the rounds. Moreover, you can view your opponents’ score after every turn played, which could also cause distraction. Therefore, if you want to hit the bull’s eye, you should avoid looking at the opponent’s score and entirely focus on your game. However, ensure that you don’t take a lot of time to perfect your aim and releasing the arrow.

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In the end, what matters is making a higher score than your opponent to win the online archery game. Hitting the bull’s eye at every turn will increase your score and make you win the game. However, with the added pressure of the timer running out and your opponent hitting, finishing the game quickly can make it difficult to focus. Moreover, if you take longer to play your perfect shots and your opponent plays fast to increase the score and finish the game before you score higher, it can turn the tables around. Therefore, while hitting the bull’s eye in every shot will give you more points, you should also consider the other factors to win the game. 

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