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How to Play Rummy Game Variants Online – Pool, Points & Deals Rummy?

Are you willing to try out different types of rummy games? Want to know how to play rummy as you venture into this world of online card games? Know more below.

The growing popularity of the online rummy card game is attracting many people to try out this game online. Are you one of those beginners to the rummy game? Do not worry – this game is very easy to understand, though you will have to work hard to master this skills-based game. But, it is likely to give you a lot of thrill, entertainment, and learning as you venture into playing different types of rummy games. Yes, when it comes to rummy, we are not talking about a single game as this wonderful game has many variants to keep you engaged for long.

The most popular rummy game variants include points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy. Once you learn how to play rummy, it won’t take much time to adjust to the requirements of any of the above rummy variants. The winner for all of these variants is the player who can form the melds (pure sequence, impure sequence, and another valid sequence or set) first and ‘declare’. However, there are differences between them in terms of points allocation, scoring, and so on. How should you go about playing these variants as a beginner? Let us find out below.

How to Play Points Rummy?

Points rummy game is a simple variant of the 13-cards Indian rummy. So, how to play a rummy game with points? Well, here you are supposed to score the least points if you wish to emerge as the winner. In fact, once you form the valid melds and become the first player on the table to declare, you are the winner and you get no points. You win cash equivalent to the total points that are assigned to the opponents who lose. 

Some Key Rules:

  • You can play points rummy between two to six players using two decks of cards, where each of them can consist of one joker.
  • At the start, 13 cards are dealt to you and all players on the table after proper shuffling of the cards.
  • As the game begins, you need to take turns to pick a card from the closed deck or the open deck and discard a card.
  • You can drop out of this game when it is your turn without you picking up a card.
  • The winner gets 0 points, while all other players (active till the winner declares) get points as per the value of cards left (with which no sequences or sets are formed). The maximum points a player gets is capped at 80. While 10 points are allotted for cards J,Q,K,and A, 0 points get allotted for joker card, and the actual numerical value for other cards (7 points for card 7, 8 points for card 8, and so on).

How to Play Pool Rummy?

In this variant of the 13-card Indian rummy, you pay a fixed fee along with all the players who join you at the online table. This collection of fixed fees forms the prize pool. For every deal, the winner gets no points and the remaining players are assigned points as per the cards left in their hand. Your aim should be to score as less as possible as you get eliminated from the game once your score reaches a maximum limit. There are two formats possible:

  • 101 pool rummy – here you get eliminated once your score reaches 101 points
  • 201 pool rummy – here you get eliminated when your score touches 201 points

In the pool rummy game, the allotment of points is done along the similar lines as explained above for points rummy variant.

How to Play Deals Rummy?

The deals rummy game is quite similar to the pool rummy with regards to accumulation of prize pool and overall gameplay. The difference being three fold as under:

  • Each player is seated at the beginning with a fixed score.
  • At the end of every deal, the winner gets chips against the score (points) of the opponents who lose.
  • You play with the score for a fixed number of deals.

At the end of the fixed number of deals, the player with the maximum score is the winner.

Final Thoughts  

Here, we have just seen how to play rummy for the various types of rummy games that are popular on the MPL app. You just have to focus on building your rummy skills and try out one of the three rummy variants – points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy. If you are keen on playing a fast paced game, you could opt for the points rummy variant. If you have enough time on hand, you could opt for either of the other two variants.


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