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How To Up Your Game When Playing Online Ludo?

Ludo is considered to be one of the most popular and easiest board games to play. The ongoing pandemic has managed to bring back the players to the classic board games. Because of the pandemic, online gaming has been the only option to play such board games with your friends. Thus some of these board games are on the rise currently. Ludo is one such online game that has taken over India and there are a number of reasons why. The amount of people who play this game certainly shows why it’s so popular. As easy and fun it seems, the game also has a number of tactics and strategies to use. Players come up with these tactics after hours of practice. 

In order to help you out, we have managed to gather some of these tips and tricks that will help you improve your online Ludo game. Play an unlimited number of online Ludo game on the MPL app and win more games. The application also gives the players to choose the number of players they want to play against. Currently, two-mode including 2 players and 4 player mode has been added to the game. So without any further delay, let’s take a deep dive into some tips and tricks that will help you up your game when playing online ludo?

Remove All Your Coins

It is utterly important to have your multiple pieces in the moving position on the board. Try and remove all your coins whenever you hit a 6 or 1 in MPL Ludo online game. This will help you to move freely with a cover from your coins behind. This is a very popular tactic used by professional players. Perfect this technique and improve your chances to win rewards and cash prizes on MPL’s online Ludo game. You will get to know the difference in your game once you start applying this technique to your game.

Try and Move to The Safe Spaces

Each Ludo board has a number of safe spaces where the opponent’s coins are not able to attract your coin. Thus try and move strategically landing exactly on those safe spots on the map. This is a great technique used by experienced players.  These spaces can be used to take cover and attack immediately. Play aggressive and smart at the same time in order to win the Ludo game easily. Always try and dominate the opponent with your coin positioning. Apply this tactic to see an immediate change in your game and win more Ludo games.

Practice With Real Players

Practice has always proven to be the most effective tactic to excel at a game. Thus, try and play as many games you can to improve your skills and win more online Ludo games on MPL. The app managed to connect you to a real player from all over the globe which certainly is better than playing a bot.

Play Online Tournament

After playing a number of matches in the battle mode, you must try and improve your game even more and play eleven more competitive games. Thus trying out your hands at some of the most intense tournaments that are arranged by MPL for their online Ludo game. These tournaments bring in some of the most competitive players from all over India. The winner of these tournaments gets a number of exciting prizes and real cash rewards. After you have mastered the game completely, it is recommended to try out these tournaments and special battle moods.

Play Safe

It is important to move your piece ahead to a safe spot as it has been surrounded by opponent coins. Do not move that particular piece until all the cols around have gone ahead. Do not take risks and lose all the progress you made. Instead, wait and let the opponent’s coin move ahead. You should also try your best to get it as far away as you can by continuously playing the same pieces till it’s away from their reach. Try and you value your developed pieces as much as you can and get them to the safe spots while play ludo.

Final Thoughts

Follow all the above-mentioned tips and tactics and see the change in your game immediately. The players can log on to the MPL app at any time they want and play Ludo and win rewards according to the leaderboard. They can even try out the other 60 games that are available on the MPL app. Almost each and every one of those games gives the players opportunities to win rewards and real cash according to their performance. With online Ludo game, MPL has managed to bring the simple fun of playing a board game which is a great source of entertainment right to your phone. 


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