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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Online Carrom Games

Currently, Carrom online board game has taken over the gaming community with a swift. The players have been hooked on to their phones trying to win more games in the Carrom online board game. It might seem like an easy game but takes a lot more to master it. There are a number of rules and regulations that need to be kept in mind before starting a Carrom game. 

MPL’s online Carrom game manages to keep a huge number of players from all over the globe out of boredom without any doubt. The game not only covers up the criteria of being entertaining and fun but also gives you chances to win exciting rewards. Carrom online is a game that is played by a player from all over the globe. Currently, players are trying to improve their games to win real cash and rewards for their performance. 

Yes, now you can spend hours on MPL app and play online Carrom to win exciting prizes and rewards. Well, it is certainly a great way to invest your time into something productive. But winning at this game certainly requires some skills and knowledge about the game. All the top scores can be monitored by looking at the live leaderboards of the respective game. Currently, this online Carrom game has taken over the mobile gaming industry with a storm. Mastering this popular online board game might not be a piece of cake. So to help improve your game, even more, we have managed to list some common mistakes to avoid while playing online carrom games. 

Look Out for Fouls

Carrom is not as easy as it seems and has a number of rules to follow. If not followed, the players are usually charged with a penalty by taking away one of their coins and placing it on the centre. It will also end their turn right there. If the player pockets the striker or even strikes under the striking line, a foul is committed. Some other examples of fouls could be pocketing the final cover piece before the queen and even hitting the pieces that are placed on the diagonal line or the striking line.

Keep Scoring Points

To get the maximum amount of points, the players are required to pocket all the assigned pieces, either all-black pieces or all-white pieces. Usually, the players opt for the queen followed by the last assigned coin for cover in some known professional tournaments and carrom events. If it is a free match, you will be assigned a period of time and the one with the most number of points scores. should score higher than your opponent by the time there is no coin left on the board. According to carrom game rules for freestyle gameplay, a black coin will give you 10 points, while a white coin will give you 20 points and with the queen, you get 50 points.

Play Strategically

Carrom is totally a direction-specific strike-and-pocket game that will keep the players involved to win the game. To master this game, the players will be required to opt for the correct choice of coins to put. With that, they will also need to keep in mind about the Queen. More games and constant practice is the key to master this online board game and train your mind to use the skills and tactics to master this game. It also needs a lot of strategies and quick reflexes for the players to come up in order to defeat their opponents. Thus, try and keep striking and pocketing the Carrom men and the Queen, and be grateful for all the benefits for playing Carrom online board game. 


So above are some pointers that need to keep in mind before starting an online Carrom game. Try and avoid all these mistakes and see an immediate change in your gameplay.  It is not that easy to master this board game. But the best way to dominate your opponent is by putting as many coins as fast as possible. This can only be achieved by tremendous and hardcore practice. Thus, keep practising by playing online games with real players on the MPL app. The app also offers the players a huge variety of 60 other exciting games right on their phones. Just open your MPL app and play to get an opportunity to win prizes. So without any further delay, let’s try out your skills at online games and make the most out of your precious time. 


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