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Online Carrom – Ideal Board Game to Bond with Friends & Family!

Online carrom board game is an opportunity for carrom players to continue exhibiting their carrom skills online. Know how you can enhance your bond with family and friends.

Due to the lockdown, there has been tremendous growth in the number of people starting to play games online. The new normal is likely to see many of us staying at home for a longer period of time as compared to earlier. You might get bored of the ‘Work, Eat, Sleep, and Repeat’ routine. And there is a limit to which you can regularly consume content related to various web series – this is where you can put your smart devices to good use.

Download a reliable online gaming app like MPL and bring more excitement to your daily routine by playing popular online games. The best part is you need not play them in isolation, but involve your family members or friends and give yourself the opportunity to bond better with them. Online carrom game is one of the games in this list. Carrom was always the game played and enjoyed in a group of friends or family when we used to play it offline.Now, its online version is also a wonderful option that makes families and friends come together and create some joyful moments breaking the boring routine. And without you having to face the hassle of taking out the carrom board, finding the coins and arranging them, and then starting to play. So, as online carrom is available for us, we could relive those fun moments that we used to enjoy when we could get together physically with our near and dear ones to play the game. Before we move ahead discussing about this online board game, let’s peep a little into its history, its structure and some basics about it:

History of Carrom

Carrom is the best board game originated in India way back in the 18th Century. Along with India, it has been liked and enjoyed most as one of the best indoor games in several other Asian as well as middle eastern countries. And with the transition to online medium, this game has gained even more popularity as people are able to play it and connect with each other from anywhere and at any time.

Structure of Carrom Board Gameplay

Carrom board is the polished square board having some symbols like circles, half-circles, lines, arrows painted on it. We use this board to play with 18 small circular wooden pieces called carrom men (coins or discs). These 18 carrom coins are in two colors – black and white. Nine are black and the other nine are white. There is one coin which is the highlight of the game as it is red or pink in color, and is considered to be the ‘Queen’. A striker is used to hit and move the carrom coins across the square board.

Basic Details about Carrom

Playing carrom needs a great level of concentration as well as precision. You might take some time when you are used to playing the offline carrom game and suddenly move to the online version. However, once you practice a few carrom matches, you will be good to go and are likely to find the online play much easier.

The carrom game is all about hitting carrom coins into holes that are present at the four corners of the board. The queen that is the most valuable carrom coin carries the highest weightage (in terms of points and also in terms of winning the match). The game becomes more thrilling when both the players are engaged in a tiff to get the queen, followed by its cover coin.

This thing maintains the magic around the board and becomes crucial in enabling you to enhance the bond with your loved ones by having a healthy competition on the carrom board online. Even the strangers become good buddies over a game of carrom. The fact isn’t changed even for the online carrom game. The carrom board game apps like MPL offer you the equal opportunity to develop bonding with your group of family and friends. You can pick out different variants like the below ones and start playing against opponents:

  • Freestyle Gameplay – Here, you keep on pocketing coins till the board is out of coins. You score 10 points for every black coin, 20 points for every white coin, and 50 points for the queen coin. You could be the winner if your score is higher than that of the opponent when the board runs out of coins.
  • Professional Gameplay – Here, you will be assigned either all black or all white coins. You need to pocket them all, and ensure that you pocket the queen coin followed by a white coin (that acts as the cover for the queen). If you fail to pocket the cover, you have to put the queen back on the board.

The carrom game aficionados are making the most of these online carrom board game apps, as through this, you can play an almost real carrom game and get the exact feel of the real board. In these online carrom board game apps, you get the flexibility to invite friends, choose partners, etc. Playing this game becomes easy and joyful when you learn some tricks to apply them.

Sharing some tips for playing the 3D game which you can share with your group to enjoy the game together:

  • Move striker smoothly with your finger on the screen.
  • To adjust the striker for a specific direction, you can slowly put your finger on the striker and move it to right or left along the striker line.
  • To adjust the force to hit the striker, drag the finger down while aiming at the carrom coin and release your finger down and then lift your finger up.

Final Thoughts

Know and understand the online carrom game in detail. Invite your friends and family members to enjoy a quick match of carrom online. Choose between professional or freestyle gameplay of online carrom after you download the MPL app.


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