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WCC2 Online Cricket: Advanced strategies to Enhance Chances of Winning

WCC2 mobile game is actively evolving and expanding its roots globally. The game throws real-life challenges and creates real cricket scenarios to enjoy the actual feel of playing cricket. 

WCC2 online cricket game is famous like the offline cricket game and has already gained its position in the list of  online best cricket games. The game has crossed over 100 million downloads already and around 2 million users are actively participating in the WCC2 game regularly. No wonder, it has become World’s No.1 cricket game.

People love and admire cricket in India, it is like a source of enjoyment. The World Cricket Championship has a mind-boggling fan-base, every cricket lover secretly wishes to participate in this game. Here we have shared the advanced strategies to master the WCC2 mobile game that will give you an upper hand in this game and will help you to win like a pro.

On Point Fielding Formation

  • Cricket games are a wholesome pack of batting, bowling, and fielding, all three are connected and good fielding skills will be a great plus point for your team. Effective fielding formation is very important for cricket. When a batsman tries to hit a good score, it is the time when fielding comes into action and stops him to score more.
  • You should try to stop the opposing team from scoring and setting higher targets for your team or if you have already set the high targets then it’s your turn to stop the opponents to beat your target. For this to happen you need an effective and efficient fielding formation.
  • Fielding is divided into three zones, and you have to constantly improve your team’s fielding formation. The outer zone of ground consists of the area near the boundary line; then comes the middle zone and at last the inner zone that is very close to the pitch. Players should be arranged on the field according to the batsman’s efficiency and inclination on the striker’s end to cease as many runs possible.

Effective Batting Skills

  • Batting is the main essence of cricket, so you should have excellent batting skills to lead the game in your favor. To master the batting skills in online cricket you should start practicing batting on the screen and swing your bat like a pro to hit good shots.
  • There are two kinds of shot combinations in cricket and it is essential to know where to use which kind of shot for effective batting. Keep in mind the negatives and positives of each batting shot and imply it in your game to take the lead.
  • The two kinds of shots are lofted shots and ground drive shots. Lofted shots are also known as power shots where the batsman hits a powerful hit and can hit six when your loft shot has landed perfectly. However to hit a lofted shot with perfect timing is quite difficult, consistent practice will help you to master lofted shots.
  • Another shot is a ground drive shot and if you are a new player then you should consider playing a ground drive shot rather than a lofted shot in uncertain situations. In a ground drive shot, you can hit the ball within the gaps of the field mostly “4” and score runs by running between the wickets. New players can easily get familiarized with the ground drive shots.

Accuracy While Bowling:

  • Bowling is another important aspect of cricket and so if you do not perform well in this department, then the probability of losing a match will increase. It is equally important to excel in bowling to get the upper hand in the game of cricket. There are mainly three types of bowlers: spin, fast, and medium-paced bowlers. 
  • Among all three, fast-paced bowlers are likely more efficient and safer choices. You should aim directly at the stumps or yorkers because if a slight bounce occurs from the fast pace bowler’s side, batman will get the chance to hit a six and it will increase their score.

Final Thoughts

WCC2 is an excellent game for cricket lovers who want to experience real-time gaming. You have to be exceptionally good over your opponent to get the lead in the game and win like a pro. WCC2 game is ruling in the online cricket game industry and has a promising future ahead. Download the MPL app now and start playing real cricket in the online world!


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