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Why is Responsible Gaming Essential For Online Rummy?

Online games came as a boon for game lovers, bringing all the classic games played on physical boards or live tables to our fingertips. Whether you like card games, action games, fantasy sports, arcade games, you name it, and the game can be found online. However, online gaming can quickly turn into a bane if not played responsibly. Playing online games is purely meant for leisure and entertainment purposes. But, when players begin to get addicted and find it difficult to manage the frequency of playing games, it’s time for an intervention. 

The 13 Cards Indian Rummy game is a classic card game that has been popularly played in India for centuries. The game never fails to show up whenever there is an occasion, festival, or gathering in India. Today, rummy is widely played online as it allows people to expand their horizons and compete against more experienced players for cash. While playing against unknown opponents adds to the thrill of the game, responsible gaming is essential for an online rummy cash game. 

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What is Responsible Gaming?

Before we get into why responsible gaming is essential for online rummy cash game, let’s understand what responsible gaming is. As the name implies, responsible gaming refers to playing a game for fun without causing harm to self or other members of the community. It encompasses several policies and regulations for gaming operators to ensure they offer the highest quality standards and a safe user experience that protects players from potential negative consequences of online gaming. To ensure everyone plays rummy responsibly, there are a few regulations that rummy platforms have implemented. These restrictions protect the players, and in no way do they interfere with the right to play rummy.

The Online Rummy Federation (TORF) is the self-regulatory body that regulates rummy operators across the nation to promote healthy and sustainable entertainment for rummy players. TORF has taken several steps to self-regulate and ensure players play responsibly. The key areas that promote the safety of players, fairness of the game, and responsible gaming include:

  • KYC verification
  • Age verification
  • Player Protection requirements
  • Advertising guidelines
  • Mandatory responsible gaming features such as buying limits, self-exclusion, etc 
  • No Bots on the platform
  • SSL level encryption

How rummy platforms promote responsible gaming?

To safeguard rummy players and facilitate fair play while ensuring rummy games are entertaining and fun for players, rummy platforms implement the below measures:

Age Limits

Only players above the age of 18 years are allowed to play online rummy cash games. Platforms that implement this measure ban a player from playing further if the player has provided wrong details pertaining to their age.

Limiting Deposits

Players often tend to make multiple deposits in the heat of the moment, whether they are winning or losing continuously. Reputed platforms impose limits on the maximum amount a player can deposit in the rummy game within a stipulated period to prevent such actions. Putting a cap on the deposits ensures players don’t chase losses during the game. 

Territory Restrictions

As per the legality of rummy in India and rules and regulations set by the government, playing online rummy cash games is prohibited in the following Indian States: Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Sikkim. Players from these states can play the free rummy games on platforms that offer free practice games.

Security Reforms

Reputed online rummy platforms incorporate SSL encryption technology to protect players from fraudulent online transactions. The SSL encryption offers secure payment gateways and enables seamless transactions for players.

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Why is it important to play responsibly?

Rummy is an entertaining card game that most people enjoy playing in their free time. However, some players tend to get carried away and get addicted to it. Here are three prime reasons why responsible gaming is essential for online rummy cash games.

  • Essence of Time – Generally, rummy players lose track of time while playing rummy games. The players should know the importance of time and money and create a healthy balance. Responsible gaming helps players maintain that balance through healthy gaming and without losing interest in other important things.
  • Avoiding Chasing Losses – Some players find it difficult to accept losing in a game and tend to chase their losses to win the lost amount in the next game. Responsible gaming encourages players to avoid chasing losses and helps players better gaming skills.
  • Avoiding Credits – Sometimes, some players get into a habit of borrowing money or selling their personal belongings to play rummy cash games. Over time, these credits become a significant burden on the player. Responsible gaming measures limit the gameplay and deposits from players, and the games advise players to take a break if they are continually facing losses.

How MPL facilitates Responsible Gaming for Online Rummy Cash Games?

MPL has implemented several measures to promote responsible gaming on its platform. The algorithm that the MPL platform uses identifies players that display irrational or addictive behavior and prevents them from losing huge sums of money. MPL Rummy games feature a daily and monthly maximum deposit limit with an option to reduce that limit further. Rummy players can also choose a duration to take a break from the game, and MPL will not permit the player to play rummy for the chosen duration. Rummy players can also fill a self-assessment questionnaire to learn about their gaming behavior and adopt corrective measures. All the responsible gaming features offered by MPL can be accessed under the responsible gaming settings in the wallet. Here are some of the tools MPL provides to help players monitor their gaming behavior:

  • Game Lock – Players can put a temporary lock on certain games to control their gaming time.
  • Deposit Limits – Deposit limits enforce a limit on deposits by players.
  • Reality Check – A pop-up reminds players to take a break from the game or stop playing at certain time intervals.
  • Permanent Account Closure – Players have the option to close their account and cut off contact from the gaming platform.
  • Self Assessment Test – An external support guide that helps players assess their gaming behavior and adopt responsible play.
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