Play Fantasy Football & Win Big

Register your Fantasy Football Teams and Win in CRORES!

Play Fantasy Football & Win Big

Register your Fantasy Football Teams and Win in CRORES!

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About Fantasy Football

Ever thought of building your dream team with your favourite football players? MPL gives you a platform to build your football dynasty by picking up players from Premier League, La Liga, Europa League, UEFA Champions League & more. Fantasy football is a competition held amongst online participants, who select their own teams from the players in the league & score points depending on the real-time performance of their players. So now you can watch your favourite players in action on the field which turns into fantasy points for your team.



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Why Play Fantasy Football with MPL

  • Get real cash of Rs. 50 for every referral you make
  • Play with fantasy football players & win real cash
  • Transfer your earnings instantly to your bank account
  • Experience hassle-free secured transactions
  • Participate in bigger contests to earn even more
  • A seamless user-interface with over 30+ games just for you
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How to Play Fantasy Football With MPL

Match Selection & Registration

The very first thing that you need to do in MPL Fantasy Football is select the match you want to register for. After the assortment, head over to create your own team.

Player Selection

Wisely choose amongst Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders & Forwards as you get 100 credits to select these players. Later go on to pick the captain & vice-captain for your fantasy football team.

Entering a Contest

Soon after you create & save your team, you can enter the contest of your choice. Each contest displays its respective entry fee & prize money.

Team Selection Rules

Every fantasy game has different rules for team selection. Depending on the type of role a player plays in the game, precise selection of these players becomes quite important. This section shows the rules that you need to adhere, while selecting players for your fantasy football team. Each player carries credit points which gets deducted from your available credit (100 credits) when you select them.

In Fantasy Football, the team you sort must necessarily be formed with 11 players. Below are team selection rules that should be followed while selecting team players.

  • Goalkeeper – 1
  • Defenders – 3 To 5
  • Midfielders – 3 To 5
  • Forwards – 1 To 3

Point System in Fantasy Football

In Fantasy Football, your score totally relies on the real-time on field performance of your players. This means, if your player doesn’t perform well, then you are likely to score lesser points than other participants whose players are performing better.

Your Team Points are Calculated Based on the Following Rules

Playing Time:

Player played more than 55 Minutes: +2

Player Played less than 55 Minutes: +1


For every Goal Scored-

Forward Player: +8

Forward Player: +8

Goalkeeper/Defender: +10


Clean Sheet (Midfielder): +1

Clean Sheet (GK/Defender): +5

For every 3 shots saved (GK): +2

For every penalty saved (GK): +9

For every 3 successful tackles made: +1

Cards & Other Penalties:

  • The Captain In Your Fantasy Football Team Will Receive 2 Times The Points For His Performance
  • The Vice-Captain In Your Team Will Receive 1.5 Times The Points For His Performance
  • A Clean Sheet Is Awarded For Not Conceding A Goal Whilst On The Field & Playing At Least 55 Minutes
  • If A Player Is Substituted Before A Goal Is Conceded, The Player Will Still Get A Clean Sheet Bonus
  • A Red Card Player Will Continue To Be Penalized For Goals Conceded By His Team (For The Goals Conceded After He Leaves The Field)
  • Point Deductions For A Red Card Include Any Points Deducted For Yellow Card

How to Win Fantasy Football

  • Your Player Selection Is The Key Element Of Fantasy Football
  • Choose Your Captain & Vice-Captain Wisely
  • Before Player Selection, Make Sure To Take Into Consideration The Current Form Of The Player
  • Make Good Use Of The Credits To Distribute Them Wisely Amongst The Field Positions

Leagues in MPL Fantasy Football

  • English Premier League
  • La Liga – Spanish League
  • Bundesliga – German League
  • Ligue 1 – French League
  • MLS
  • Russian League
  • Europa League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Serie A – Italian League
  • Indian Super League (ISL) (Coming Soon)

Hosting MPL Fantasy Football

Double your craziness towards Fantasy Football by hosting your own football contest. This not only amplifies your excitement but also gives you the opportunity to earn more. The more contest you Host the more you earn.

  • Now You Can Earn 20% Of Entry Fee For Hosting MPL Fantasy Football Contest
  • Play Fantasy Football With Your Friends By Inviting Them To Your Hosted Contest

Download the MPL app now & start playing fantasy football. It's fun, easy & you can earn a hefty amount. Link your online payment modes (Tez, Paytm, Bhim UPI) & transfer your winnings instantly to your respective bank accounts.



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