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About Fruit Dart Game

Fruit Dart is a fun online dart game available on the MPL app. The objective of the game is to throw knives and slice the fruits popping up on the screen. The player has to touch anywhere on the screen to release the darts. With every fruit sliced, the player scores points, and the score is updated instantly. If the player hits two or more fruits with the same knife, the player is rewarded with extra points.
This exciting game is a combination of thrill and entertainment as you have to avoid hitting the occasional bombs and slice maximum fruits within a time limit. You can also collect the power-ups that come up along with the fruits. Fruit Dart is a game that involves the coordination of vision and reflexes. If you want to score higher points, you have to be quick but careful not to hit the bomb.
You can play this popular game on MPL in a 1v1 battle mode or challenge yourself by playing tournaments and win real cash prizes. Just remember, if you shoot the dart at a bomb, it’s Game Over!

Steps To Play Fruit Dart

Can’t wait to play Fruit Dart online? Once you have understood the Fruit Dart rules, you can play this amazing game on MPL with these easy steps:


Tap anywhere on the screen to release the knife and slice fruits.


Slice multiple fruits with one knife for bonus points.


Hit the power-ups to increase your score.


Missing fruits won’t end your game; hitting bombs will. Avoid hitting bombs, or you will lose the game.


Slice as many fruits as possible with the 3-minute timer.

How To Play Fruit Dart On MPL?

Fruit Dart is available in both 1v1 battle mode and tournaments format on MPL. You can select any of the formats to play the Fruit Dart game and win exciting cash prizes.

1v1 Battle

Open Fruit Dart game on the MPL app, and you can select the preferred battle from a wide range of options. All the battles involve two players, hence the name - 1v1 Battles. Firstly, you have to pay the entry fee required to join a battle. Once you have entered the battle, you are matched with an opponent, and the game begins. Start slicing the fruits until the timer ticks off or until you or the opponent hit the bomb and lose the game. The player with a higher score in the battle takes the winning amount (if the timer goes off and no player hits the bomb).


You can also enter different tournaments hosted on the MPL app for Fruit Dart. Select your preferred tournament from the various options. Once the fee to enter the contest is deducted, you can start playing the Fruit Dart game. You can play numerous times till the tournament is live and try your best to get a higher score. After the tournament is over, the winners are decided as per their scores and the final ranking.

Use Power-ups

Whether you are playing a 1v1 battle or a tournament, don’t forget to use the power-ups to gain higher bonus points. MPL Fruit Dart offers five power-ups:
2x Speed
Small Knife
Long Knife

Fruit Dart Rules And Game Play

The Fruit Dart rules are quite similar to the Fruit Chop game with subtle differences. The gameplay involves hitting the fruits with a knife by tapping anywhere on the screen. Your aim is to score points higher than your opponent to increase your chances of winning the game. If you miss the fruits, you won’t lose a life. The timer for each game is set to 3 minutes, within which you can score points. The game also features occasional bombs and power-ups.


Slice fruits with the darts.
Aim for fruit combos to gain bonus points.
Use power-ups to increase the score.
Avoid bombs at any cost.


Slice maximum fruits within 3 minutes.
Play until the time ends or the opponent loses.
Hitting bombs ends the game.
The player with maximum points wins (if that player doesn’t hit the bomb).
Each fruit is worth 5 points.
Fruit Combo shot is worth 12 points for slicing 2 fruits, 20 points for 3 fruits, and 30 points for 4 fruits.
The power-ups last for a few seconds when hit with a knife.
You lose the first power-up if you hit another one instantly.

How To Download MPL Fruit Dart

ou can enjoy this fantastic game from anywhere at any time, without any skills or practice. The fruit dart app is available for iOS and Android users through MPL. You can simply download the MPL app from the Play Store or App Store and find the fruit dart game on the app. Alternatively, you can also receive a download link on your mobile number. Here are the steps to follow to receive the link via SMS:
Visit on your mobile device.
Enter your mobile number in the box
Click on Get SMS with Download Link
Tap on the link in the SMS, and the link will open in your browser.
Tap on Download MPL app
Install the app and start playing MPL Fruit Dart

Why Play Fruit Dart On MPL?

Fruit Dart is one of the most addictive arcade games on the MPL app, besides Fruit Slice. The game doesn’t require many skills or tactics. The game is pretty straightforward yet offers a thrilling experience.
Apart from the usual slicing fruits and staying away from the bombs, the game also features impressive power-ups to boost your score with bonus points. Here’s why you must try Fruit Dart on MPL:
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How to score high points in Fruit Dart?

How to win the Fruit Dart game on MPL?

How can I win cash from Fruit Dart?

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