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About the Fruit Slice Game

Fruit Slice is a skill-based fruit game available on the MPL app. The goal of the Fruit Slice game is to cut/slice as many fruits in a circular rotating array of fruits until the player misses to hit any single fruit for 3 times. The scores are updated every time a fruit is sliced using the circular blade that the user launches.
Grind all fruits in style to make a tasty mixed fruit juice with Fruit Slice. An amazing game on MPL where you can cut fruits, score high and earn real cash. Unlike other fruit slice games which have a sword, the Fruit Slice game on MPL has a Shuriken that needs to be shot towards a bunch of rotating fruits. This may seem easy, but the Fruit Slice game is all about a coordination of vision and reaction.
Being one of the most played games in MPL app, the game is also available in 1 vs 1 battle mode. No one will ever fill your pockets with cash for slicing fruits but MPL does.

Feature of Fruit Slice game

Players can attempt to hit/slice multiple fruits with a single launch of blade if the player can study the speed of the circular array of fruits and predict when to launch the blade.

How to Play Fruit slice Game Online With MPL

What do you need to do?

Use your quick reaction skills by slicing the fruits that rotate in bunches on your screen. Earn 10 points for each fruit you slice. With combos, you get even more points.
You can join bigger tournaments to earn even more cash. Play as many times as you want until the tournament ends. Only the highest score submitted by each player will be counted for the leaderboard. Once the tournament ends, players will be rewarded cash based on final rankings.

Fruit Slice Online Game Play

Enter the game & you will see colourful fruits rotating at the centre of the screen.
Tap the Shuriken or anywhere on the screen to shoot towards the fruits and grind them to earn points.
Cut multiple fruits at a time to earn combo points.
If your Shuriken doesn’t hit any fruit, you lose a life.

Points System

1 Fruit = 10 Points
2 Fruit combo = 20 Points
3 Fruit Combo = 30 Points

Steps to play


Tap to shoot the Shuriken


Slice fruits in one shot for more points


Lose a life for every missed shot.

The Game will End If

All your 3 lives are over. The key to surviving this game and winning maximum cash is to use your lives with care and minimise the risk factor, and chop as many fruits as you can!

Types of Fruit Slice Game Tournaments

The Game supports both tournament and battle formats. The players can either compete with each other by scoring the most they can till the tournament ends, or by playing live and enduring for a longer time than the opponents. The game supports playing against up to 4 players at the same time.

The Maximum Amount Players can Win

On most days, players win more than ₹10,000 playing Fruit Slice on MPL. It is possible for skilled players to even win more than ₹15,000 to ₹20,000 per day.


Can I change the launching position of the slicing blade?

Does the difficulty level increase with higher entries?

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