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Monster Truck Game Online – MPL

About Monster Truck Racing Game

Every off-road lover has madness over monster trucks. But earlier, it only used to demonstrate car annihilation which served as an entertainment medium to the people. Today, these monster trucks have made its way to motocross, tractor pulling and mud bogging events across the world. Since it would be a bit difficult to fulfil your desire of driving a truck or a monster truck on public roads, MPL brings to you a fun-filled Monster Truck game to play online and earn real cash.

How to Play Monster Truck

How to Play Monster Truck Game Online With MPL

What you need to do?

Playing Monster Truck with MPL is very simple. Show up your driving and stunt skills by flipping the truck clock-wise and anti-clockwise when airborne. With every flip you perform, you get bonus points that get added to the total distance travelled. Beware while landing, as you get more bonus points for perfect landing. When the game is finished, your distance travelled, total flips and total perfect landings sum up to form a High-Score.

Monster Truck Gameplay

  • Enter the game and you will see your favourite monster truck ready to hit the road
  • This online monster truck game starts in the landscape mode and you would see two signs on the bottom corners which can be used to flip the truck clock-wise and anti-clockwise when in air
  • Each time you complete a flip, you get bonus points which gets added to your total score
  • How to last longer in the game?

Boost: Pick up the Nitrous Cylinders in blue colours to speed up your truck

Medi-Kits: Pick the Medi-Kits that falls in the way to repair any damages

Game will End If

  • The time is up
  • You wreck the truck due to false landings
  • The fuel runs down

Why Play Monster Truck Game with MPL

  • Get real cash of Rs. 50 for every referral you make
  • Battle with online Monster truck players and earn real cash
  • Transfer your earnings instantly to your bank account
  • Experience hassle-free secured transactions
  • Use free tokens to play free Monster truck game with online opponents and win more tokens that adds to your wallet
  • Want to earn cash even more? Participate in bigger tournaments and take away bigger amounts
  • A seamless user-interface with over 30+ games just for you
  • Participate in Featured Events to Win Smartphones, Cameras, Bikes & more
  • Experience our In-app chat feature to get in touch with your friends and followers instantly

Download the game now to experience the thrill of monster truck driving and score as high as you can to beat other online opponents. Link your online payment modes (Tez, Paytm, Bhim UPI) and transfer your winnings instantly to your respective bank accounts.



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