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Best Chess Moves & Maneuvers Every Chess Player Must Know

Know the best attacking chess moves & maneuvers to win more while playing the online chess game. Read further to enhance your chances of winning!

In a chess game, using the attack as your preferred option of gameplay can help you in making your game interesting and push your opponents back quite often. You could have encountered an opponent who is difficult to attack in certain or most of the online chess games. It may be possible to address the defensive or aggressive approach of such opponents with some best-attacking chess moves and maneuvers. 

A maneuver is nothing but a simple movement of shifting a piece from one square to the other. It is not a positional concept that is obscure. Let us start with the three unique ones. They are considered to stand different from other maneuvers due to the results that they present.  Those three maneuvers help you in –

  • Improving the placement of a piece
  • Applying pressure on weakness
  • Aiding in the attack

To win the game, you will have to capture the pieces of your opponent at certain points. There are many ways using which you could do it. You can possibly win a game by making the most of the best chess strategies, tactics, opening moves, along with other skillful methods. In this article, you will get to know the best chess moves & maneuvers to handle your opponent’s game. The article will help you know many attacking strategies, and to polish your moves in the chess game.

1. Improving a Piece’s Placement

What Dr. Tarrasch’s proclaimed years back about a bad move in the chess game stands true till today. According to his words ‘If one piece stands badly, the whole game stands badly’ – you should ensure to make use of every piece to the best of its potential. Even a simple but effective move can have a tremendous impact on the game by shifting its course.

2. Applying Pressure on the Weakness of Opponents

You need to observe your opponent’s play very carefully and identify his/her weakness. But, you shouldn’t only address it but also exploit it as efficiently as you can. Such as by attacking directly, by blocking the square that is in front of their next strong move, by playing the maneuver performed at the perfect time. You will come across various kinds of opponents; someone who is not so good in defense or someone who is not good in attack. You can focus on making them do stuff which they are not good at.

3. Aiding Your Attack

In online chess games, you are likely to come across instances of you winning a specific game through some sacrificial attack (where you may have to sacrifice a piece for the bigger goal). As we talked about the sacrifice attack, there has been a very popular sacrifice attack called “Lay Down Sacrifice”. And many times, your attack need not directly be on the opponent’s king, and instead it is focused on the pieces that surround the king. Once you break the surrounding defense of the king, it could get easier for you to attack the king at a later stage. Whatever is the case, at times mobilizing every available last reserve helps you sail the boat successfully till the end. 

4. Attacking with Your Opening Moves

If you use attacking chess moves in the openings, you will be able to achieve the foremost goal of controlling the centre squares of the chessboard. The best way to capture the board’s centre is to use different pieces that are sure to create tricky situations for your opponent. You can create such situations by moving either of the knights, bishops, and central pawns during the initial part of the game itself. These could be considered as the best chess opening moves. 

You can make your opponent struggle to defend your attacks if you can have a good number of pieces controlling the important squares of the board and if each of them can attack the opponent effectively. Yet, you should be well aware of the fact that the opponent can create a significant threat to you if the four squares of the board’s centre are in his control.

5. Attacking More Pieces at Once

You can consider using a discovered attack that offers you great opportunity to attack various pieces of your opponent, simultaneously. He/she will not be able to protect all his/her pieces if there is more than one piece under the attack at a single moment. Here you have to keep in mind that you should be saving your important pieces. So, don’t let your opponent exchange your most important pieces, prevent them with all your skills. If the situation is difficult, you can address it by exchanging the least valuable pieces.

Final Thoughts

The above-discussed points are some of the best chess attack moves and maneuvers that a chess player needs to be aware of. You need to learn and master them through regular practice on an online chess game app like MPL. The whole idea is to keep your opponent on the backfoot and make him/her spend most of the time reacting to your attacks instead of planning his/her own attacking chess moves.


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