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Online Carrom Game Trends that are Shaping its Future

Carrom was a highly popular skill-based game in the offline world and the same implies for the online world as well. Read further to know the latest trends that are shaping the future of this online game.

Carrom has been a part of our heritage for a long time, it is still relevant in today’s day and age. The popularity of carrom is such that online carrom has been on the rise since its release. We know the history of carrom, it was popularized by royalties and later the common folks. It is an enjoyable indoor game due to the simple gameplay which makes it less stressful and more entertaining. The game has reached such heights that you can make a career out of it and play it professionally, it is also respected and recognized in different countries around the world.

Now the question arises how will this game continue to be relevant in our modern era. Today everything is digitalized and no one wants to make an effort of setting up the equipment and inviting people over for a carrom game anymore. It sounds difficult but carrom is still prevailing amongst the most loved indoor games. The future of this game has been preserved by online carrom platforms and they haven’t seen a setback since their release. Let’s take a look at what will further enhance the future of online carrom. So, here are five major contributing trends.


Since the beginning of 2020, the majority of countries have been under lockdown. The outbreak of COVID-19 is a fatal blow for the health of people, our economy and many other facets of our society. People are stuck at home with loads of free time, most of them are bored and looking for a way to entertain themselves. So even though times are tough, there is a ray of hope for people constantly trying out new things. Amidst the lockdown, the number of people who play online carrom has increased. This is because they have the time to finally explore new things and since the internet is their only getaway, they have stumbled upon carrom online.

Online Communities

There are many online platforms where people who share the same interest come together and discuss that particular subject. Sometimes we rarely meet people interested in the same things as us, and since we do not have the proper support or guidance from people we eventually lose our interest. The internet has allowed us to connect with like-minded people and share our experiences.

Carrom is a popular game, so there are many communities solely dedicated to an online board game such as carrom. Here, people come together and share resources, news, carrom game tips, tricks and more useful content that is of much value for a carrom enthusiast. So their interest grows by having access to such blogs, forums, serves and communities.


Youtube is a diverse platform. There are many people who make channels on YouTube which are solely dedicated to tutorials based on playing online carrom. This helps rookies to observe and learn which improves their gameplay.

New Education Policy

This might sound odd but hear us out. Recently, the new education policy was released by the government and it put a lot of emphasis on things that were beyond textbooks. So extracurriculars were given the same importance and this is eye-opening for many parents. This is beneficial for students who are passionate about things that go beyond studying.

So people can pursue carrom professionally and have the acceptance of their parents. They can practise by playing carrom online because the physics is accurate and it won’t be seen as a waste of time. 

Technological Advancement

No one could have predicted how efficient smartphones would be 20 years ago. We can now play carrom on online platforms which is already an achievement. There is no telling on how technological advancements can take our gaming experience to the next level. The interface of online carrom is accurate, so we can only expect it to get better with time.

Final Thoughts

The future of carrom online seems to be bright. It resolves many problems of the traditional game. Many more people will soon prefer to play carrom online over traditional carrom because it is so convenient. If you still do not get what the buzz is about this carrom game, then hop onto the MPL app and check out for yourself. 


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