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Online Ludo Game: Best Tactical Ways to Use the Tokens

Online Ludo has taken the gaming community by storm. People have started playing ludo now more than ever. This is partly due to the lockdown and because playing the ludo game online is the best way to stay entertained. The easy and fun gameplay of online ludo is admirable. But people do underestimate the value of playing ludo strategically to some extent.

If you feel that online ludo is entirely based on luck, you couldn’t be more wrong. You are more likely to win the game if you strategize and play tactically. Even though rolling the dice makes it feel like a game of probability and algorithm, using all your tokens strategically can significantly improve your winning chances. Here’s a guide that you must follow if you are willing to learn about the tactical side of the online ludo game.

Bring Out all Tokens

An underrated tip for online ludo game players is bringing out all their tokens. When the game begins, and you get an opportunity to bring out all your tokens one by one, ensure that you grab that opportunity right away. Having all your tokens out on the board puts you at an advantage because you have more options to move your pieces and avoid risk. 

So suppose if you just bring out one piece, and the dice doesn’t favor you in the next move, there is a high risk of losing that piece as well. You wouldn’t want to be in this position. However, when all your tokens are active, you have a much better chance of outsmarting your opponents when you play ludo.

Value the Developed Tokens

Developed tokens are the ones that are in the third and fourth quadrant of the board. You must keep these tokens as your priority when you play ludo online. The developed pieces maximize your chances of winning. So make sure they are protected and paid attention to at all times.

Also, remember that your opponents will specifically target these tokens to draw you back in the game. So they are also the most vulnerable tokens on the board. If they are already in a safe position, make sure you move them only when no opponent tokens are around or when you get a large number on the dice.

Set Traps For Players

This strategy is risky, but it is simply meant for fun. If you want to play ludo online to challenge your opponent for fun, you will enjoy using the game even more. However, this is not recommended if you are planning to win the game and have stakes involved.

As per this strategy, you only focus on knocking down your opponent’s token. Irrespective of the risk involved, you must send your opponent’s piece back to the starting point. However, the right strategy for this is to go for a kill if you are in the first or second quadrant and calculate the risk if you are in the third and fourth quadrant, closer to your finishing point. This is particularly fun when you are playing with friends, family, and your loved ones.

Chase Your Opponents

Now, if you are serious about the online ludo game, then here’s a pro tip as you play the next game on the MPL app. While you are getting your tokens closer to the destination, keep an eye on all the opponents’ pieces. If they make it to the end before you do, then that’s no fun. So make sure you chase your opponent’s token.

Target their most developed tokens and don’t let them get ahead. The frustration of losing valuable tokens might even lead to them making rash decisions and messing up their gameplay. So if their tokens are ahead of you, go all in and chase them because there can only be one winner!

Do Not Take Chances

While you are chasing your opponent, never use your developed tokens for this purpose. You want to preserve and protect them with all your life. They are your golden ticket to victory; using them to chase is playing against the odds. So keep them safe and sound whenever possible.

However, you can use your underdeveloped pieces for this task. You wouldn’t want to let the opponent escape. Most of their developed pieces will cross your starting point at some point; that is when you begin the chase.

Final Thoughts 

Now, that is how you come out victorious after every round of online ludo. These ludo game tips are simple to follow, and you will get used to them once you start playing the ludo online game regularly. You should also learn the five tips to become invincible at Ludo. Practice on the MPL app if you want the best ludo experience. Don’t wait around; start playing ludo now!

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