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Online Ludo Game – Top 5 Predictions for the Future of this Game!

Ludo has ruled the gaming world in the lockdown period. People have thoroughly enjoyed the game and they loved playing it online. But what about Ludo’s future after the end of lockdown? Keep yourself updated with this quick read.

Online ludo has been on the rise since March 2020. In fact, there is a movie released by the name ‘Ludo’. If you are one of those people who enjoyed playing online ludo game, then you should definitely check out the movie. Ludo’s popularity has been increasing day by day.The future of online ludo game will be a sight to see. All games which were played by millions of people before are given legendary status by their fans. So we know that ludo will always have respect in people’s hearts. According to us, these are the five predictions on online ludo games based on what we have observed.

Ludo Streaming

Streaming games became popular in the early 2010s when YouTubers would record their gameplay or stream it on Youtube. People have made entire careers out of this and earned millions of dollars. So it would be wise to not underestimate the power of streaming and uploading gameplays on youtube.

It is quite possible that a YouTuber picks up an online ludo game and starts streaming. In this scenario, people usually watch these videos for the gimmicks and personality of the person. They are attracted to the way a person reacts to the twists and turns of the game. This has popularized many games earlier and it continues to do so. So the chances of ludo being streamed are quite high because it is popular and currently a hot topic.

Inspired Games

Once a game format becomes popular, it is replicated by others to make profits. For example, battle royale games and trial deathmatch is a format used by multiple first-person shooter games. It cannot be considered as a rip off because this is how the online gaming industry works and keeps growing. Even ludo was inspired by an old Indian game.

Taking into account the popularity of all the ludo games online, gaming companies might recreate or revamp ludo to make profits from it. They might even make an entirely new game inspired by the concept of ludo. If the game is interesting enough, word of mouth will spread and people will be engaged in a new version or type of ludo.

Mentioned in History

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the world being under lockdown is a rare event and it will be remembered for a long, long time. Since months, people have been stuck at home, in quarantine. Everything happening around us is something that the upcoming generation will look back at with astonishment. People in India did play ludo online to such an extent that it became the most played game. This fact will be a part of our children’s history books. Maybe they would also want to play ludo after learning this to find out why this game was so popular amongst masses in such tragic times.

Tweaking the Game

These days people are big on graphics and display. Visual appeal is important to people. That’s the reason we have OLED, AMOLED and 4k displays. People love if their games are realistic and beautiful. The video game industry is constantly upgrading their graphics in either video games or the devices they are played on.

The creators are smart enough to recognize this bias, so the graphics of the game will likely be changed. If not the graphics, then at least the design and pattern will be attractive. A more wholesome and engaging experience will be provided in online ludo games.

Adding More Elements

The change should be constant to keep people engaged. No matter how good a game is, it tends to become repetitive at times. Creative people keep experimenting with their work so it doesn’t become meandering for their audience to consume. Online ludo games are undoubtedly interesting and entertaining.

At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that people are on the constant lookout for something new. The moment they find something better, the old thing is abandoned. Makers of the game definitely do not want to meet the same fate. So to keep the players hooked, online ludo will have some additional unique elements that will revamp the game and keep it fresh.

Final Thoughts

This is our take on what could be the future of online ludo games. The game was already exciting and the future predictions are likely to make this game even more exciting. If reading this has piqued your interest and you want to have a look at what this is all about, then play ludo on the MPL app.


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