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Online Cricket Game – Why WCC2 is the Best of the Lot?

Bored with playing the same online cricket games that do not meet your expectations? Switch to the WCC2 cricket game and relish the brand new experience of playing the World Cricket Championship.

When we talk about the best online cricket game, WCC2 always stands at the prime position over other online cricket games because of its unique and unmatchable features. It is as famous as real-world cricket today with its 140 million user base and 2 million regular users.

WCC2 also won the people’s choice award in gaming at PM Modi’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge and secured 74% votes of popular votes in the category. This version of online cricket game gave a next level rise to Nextwave Multimedia in becoming India’s chief app developers in the country.

WCC2 game is the World’s No. 1 cricket game that is listed in Google Play Store’s Editor’s Choice section and has monthly active users. WCC2 has been crossing all milestones since its launch in 2015. Various online cricket games have been launched before and after WCC2, but the WCC2 game has surpassed all the online cricket games and become the foremost choice of cricket lovers because of its unbeatable features and gaming experience. Let’s look towards different aspects of the WCC2 game and the reasons why a cricket enthusiast should switch to the WCC2 game from other online cricket games.

Fascinating Graphics

WCC franchise has gone the extra mile to develop great graphics and provide outstanding gaming experience to the players. In WCC2 games, you will experience 3D graphics in the palm of your hands. 

Amusing In-Game Features

WCC2 consists of different features like

  • Commentary in both Hindi and English languages.
  • Automatic crowd noises and applause during the game, when someone hits a great shot.
  • Players’ facial expression changes with the situation and 29 unique bowling actions.
  • Analysis of pitch condition and different pitch variations.
  • It challenges players with different weather variations to make the game more interesting.
  • It also conducts test matches.

When you play other online cricket games, you will notice various loopholes and missing features as compared to WCC2 games. Many of the other online cricket games do not support features like bowling actions, weather changes, test matches, lack of good graphics, and many more.

Real-Time Game-Play and Rewards

WCC2 yields higher rewards than other online cricket games and it also conducts interesting and intense matches. Playing WCC2 games is an unbeatable experience that provides real time game-play experience. Savor the experience of playing a WCC2 cricket game like a real cricket game with 500 different animations. This is the reason why WCC2 stands supreme over others and quality cricket players choose WCC2 over other online cricket games.

Customization of Players

WCC2 allows customization of players, you can change the name and looks of your players. Other online cricket games do not allow you to customize your player which can be upsetting to many cricket lovers. 

Global Reach

WCC2 is undoubtedly one of the leading and most diversified platforms for cricket lovers. No one can deny the unbeatable features that WCC2 poses. It has over 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams, with various match formats with 42 different stadiums. WCC2 is not only famous in India but it also has a wide reach in different countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, UAE, and the United States of America. These countries have a strong and loyal fan base of WCC2 games, they enjoy the authentic, realistic, and influencing WCC2 features and enjoy the experience.

There are uncountable reasons why the WCC2 game is more innovative and updated than other online cricket games. There are many unique features and a smooth gaming experience that WCC2 provides which other online cricket games fail to serve.

Final Thoughts:

WCC2 is loved by true cricket lovers and millions of cricket fans are already playing with WCC2 games. WCC2 is a promising game and serves its users more than their expectations. If you are still playing other online cricket games that do not satisfy you then you can probably switch to the WCC2 game to experience the world-class World Championship Cricket. Download the MPL app now and start playing WCC2!


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