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WCC2 Game – Know the Amazing Features of this Online Cricket Game!

Want to enjoy the best cricket game features? The WCC2 game is here to safeguard you with its numerous features to satisfy your wish to play the World Cricket Championship.

World Championship Cricket is highly famous here in India. Every cricket lover wants to participate in this legit game, but the truth is everyone does not get the chance to savor the experience of the World Cricket Championship. 

Many online cricket games are emerging in India and cricket fans are indulging in these games, but most of the cricket fans are not satisfied with these games because of lack of interesting features and the essence of real cricket is missing in many of these games. 

If you are a true cricket fan and want the best online cricket game with upgraded features that can satisfy the legitimate experience of playing real cricket, then WCC2 is your answer. The WCC2 online cricket game is played by true cricket fans. Its supreme features and fascinating experience of playing cricket will satisfy your desire to the core and it will not disappoint you on any ground. Let’s look into WCC2’s top features.

WCC2 comes with engaging and mind-blowing features like:

  • WCC2 features 42 different stadiums — You will get to play in popular stadiums from across the world. It consists of multiple camera angles and ultra slow-motion action replays for captivating and clear visibility of the game.
  • You have various options to choose from 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams, you can select your favorite team to continue with the game.
  • WCC2 users can play popular tournaments and various formats of the game at the same platform at their fingertips. You can play 11 different tournaments like champions trophy, Asia cup, World cut, and many more. Users have access to three different formats of cricket such as T20 cricket, ODI, and Tests.
  • WCC2 is exclusively available in 18 different languages which are commendable. This feature also expands the reach of the WCC2 online cricket game and users will be able to choose players from various countries and also can play in different languages.
  • The WCC2 game supports different multiplayer modes like batting multiplayer mode, offline multiplayer mode, and online multiplayer mode. These modes enhance the experience of playing games. Online multiplayer has various modes that are 1v1 and 1vN mode.
  • WCC2 game also features few engaging social modes such as 
  1. Challenge a Friend where you can challenge your friends or family to play the game with you as an opponent in the online cricket game.
  2. Gangs of Cricket: where users challenge as a team. You can form a team and challenge other teams in the cricket game.
  3. World Tour: in this users can choose from the 10 popular cricket teams and play against the other teams in 10 different locations around the world.
  • WCC2 is specialized with 3D graphics with fascinating animation which gives the WCC2 game a realistic outlook. Users enjoy playing 3D graphics games at their fingertips and it also enhances the experience of playing online cricket games.
  • Make sure that all your 13 cards should be arranged in a proper way of sequences and sets.

Upgraded WCC2 In-Game Features

WCC2 is the sequel of the World Cricket Championship with upgraded and captivating in-game features to take the WCC2 online cricket game to the next level to improve the user experience. Here are the unique features that the WCC2 game inherits.

  • It features a different variety of shots that players can play. Some of the most popular shots are Helicopter shot, Upper-cut, and Dil-scoop. These shots are loved by many cricket fans and hold the chief position in the game.
  • WCC2 consists of 29 unique bowling actions with 150 different captivating batting animations, umpire and toss animations, new fielding, and 110+ batting shots.
  • Features like mind-blowing wicket keeper catch, misfielding, quick stumpings, and 3rd umpire decisions make the game more enrapturing and intense which provides a realistic experience to players.
  • WCC2 involves the latest cricket features like Hot-Spot for LBW and Ultra-Edge for an edge. It also makes the game more challenging by throwing natural challenges like random rain interruption and the popular D/L method (Duckworth Lewis Method).
  • The game involves great levels of commentary both in English and Hindi languages. The emotions of the various players change with different circumstances which makes the game even more realistic.
  • In the game, the ball reacts differently with various surfaces means it is necessary to know on which field you are playing. Dusty, dead, or green surfaces impact the ball like in real life. 

Final Thoughts:

WCC2 emerged as a next-generation online cricket game with mind-blowing and unmatchable features. WCC2 is the best online game that is currently leading in the list of top online games of both Play store and Apple store for 4 consecutive years and still winning the hearts of cricket lovers. WCC2 is the premier game that will stand on the expectation of true cricket lovers with its intriguing and engaging features. Here’s a quick WCC2 game guide to help you know more about this cricket game. Start experiencing these features on the MPL app now!


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