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Online Poker Tells to Watch Out for During Your Next Poker Game

Online poker tells are vital for regular poker card game players. Through this article, learn the craft of judgement to upgrade your poker game.

Poker games are filled with intrigue, and the more we dive into the core mechanics of this game, the more interesting things turn out to be. Often, for those looking inwards from the outside, poker appears to be a game of randomness. Perhaps, this is why most novice poker players are taken aback by how complicated these formats tend to be and how difficult it is to master the many nuances of poker games. Those who play poker on a regular basis are very well aware of the mind games involved at the board. However, the digital format has subdued mental poker toughness through its heavy reliance on strategies and game plans. However, those familiar with live poker can testify how much of a game-changer identifying poker tells can be.

Due to the involvement of cards and several champion players at the board, personality plays a huge role in deciding who has the upper-hand in poker games. Body language is integral when it comes to LIVE poker. From the way you appear with the cards, the way you walk around, and how you talk – all of it tells a lot about the kind of player you are. Experienced poker players are always on the hunt for tells to identify the way you play and target you accordingly. However, this is also possible with online play. From bluffing with weak hands and pretending to be lagging behind with strong cards, all of it can be deciphered through online poker tells, and that is what we are about to look at now.

Time Taken to Call

In online poker games, if your opponent calls your bet, they are either trapping, floating, drawing, or uncertain of their advantage. Therefore, when you do face a call, you need to quickly assess which case you are dealing with, and the speed at which your opponent calls the flop could be a big give-away. Trappers tend to pause before going for the call to show weakness. Floaters take about a second to formulate their move. The ones on the draw or those who are uncertain of their position are likely to usually call immediately to convince you that they’d call regardless of the flop.

Betting Too Quick

If the pre-flop raiser quickly bets in the flop, then that qualifies for being a continuation bet. To defend against this tactic, you can go for a floaty approach or do a check-raise bluff. However, this could even mean that your opponent is in a strong position if they are bluffing and is likely to take a fraction of a second to think their plan through. Regardless, you can expect them to hold strong hands even if not premium ones because premium hand-holders usually pause to demonstrate weakness.

Avatar of the Player

Those who play online poker card games frequently know that little things can also tell you about the kind of opponent you are up against. Poker platforms online provide many customization options for those who wish to be presented in a certain manner. If the avatar of the player is that of their family members, chances are that they are recreational players and won’t do anything crazy. If their ID happens to contain their date of birth, then know that older players are known to play tighter.

Final Thoughts

Online poker tells are an example of how little things matter a lot in poker games. If you are able to keep a vigilant eye and scout the poker strategies your opponent is looking to use against you, you are bound to keep yourself a step ahead in the game at all times. Remember, while the tactics you employ against other poker players in the game is important, it is equally beneficial to keep an eye on how your opposition acts. Identifying poker tells and planning your moves accordingly provides for a significant psychological advantage in the game of cards, which is essential to win the game. We hope that this article helps you to better assess your opponents. Download the MPL app now and try out these strategies to turn the game in your favour. 


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