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Top Carrom Rules Every Novice Carrom Player Should Know

The most exciting carrom game is now available to play online. Know the carrom rules to play the game, follow them, master the skills and enhance your chances of winning the game.

Carrom is a game of ability and precision. If you are a novice to the game, the concept of flicking the striker might seem easy. But if you keep playing, you will realize the game is more challenging. Carrom online has been the top choice for people as the game is easy to learn and a real joy to play with friends and family. The magical carrom game offers a great deal of joy, delight, and thrill to players. 

These days many carrom games are available online and you no longer have to bother about taking care of the carrom board that used to occupy space at your home. But to secure wins consistently in this game, following a specific set of carrom rules becomes necessary. These rules make it easier for the players to have fair play and increase their chance of scoring a win. Carrom is a game of fun, and there are a few sets of rules drafted that you have to remember and follow. Let us go through the following rules that a player should abide by while playing carrom online.

Top Carrom Rules to Know Before You Start Playing this Game Online

You can download the MPL app and start your online carrom journey anytime and from anywhere. All you need is a smart device, a stable internet connection and understanding of the rules. For starters, remember that you have a total of 18 coins (9 black and 9 white), one queen coin (pink or red coloured) and a striker. You use the striker to put the assigned coins to either of the four pockets present on the carrom board. Please note that the game gets played in either of the following two ways online on the app:

  • Professional Gameplay
  • Freestyle Gameplay

Let us understand the objectives and rules to play carrom for any of these variants.

1.Rules for Professional Gameplay Carrom

Here, the objective is to put all your carrom coins (white or black whichever is assigned to you) in the pockets, except for one which will have to be pocketed after you pocket the queen coin. This coin serves as the cover for the queen coin. If you are assigned white coins, you can emerge as the winner once you pocket all the nine white coins, along with the queen coin (followed by one of the nine white coins). If you fail to pocket the white coin immediately after you have pocketed the queen coin, you will have to place the queen coin again on the board.

You can play this game one-on-one between two players or even participate in tournaments and play a series of matches in a ‘best of’ format. You can play against absolute strangers who are active on the online carrom app from any part of the world, or you can invite any of your friends/family members to play the game against you. This is quite similar to how you play the carrom game offline, except that you need to adjust to the skills required to succeed in the online format.

2.Rules for Freestyle Gameplay Carrom

Here, the objective is to keep playing and pocket the coins on the board. Different coins are allocated with points like 10 points for every black coin, 20 points for every white coin, and 50 points for the queen. If you have the highest score on the basis of coins you have pocketed till the board contains no coins, you can emerge as the winner of that match.

3.Basic Carrom Game Rules Applicable for Both Online Versions

At the start of the game, one of the two players can take the shot with the striker. For taking the shot, you can drag the striker from left to right along the striker line. Once you have finalized your aim (as to where you intend to strike), you need to drag your finger down while aiming at the coin and finally release the finger to take the shot.

You are said to commit a foul in online carrom game when:

  • The striker slides into the pocket
  • You pocket the last coin before covering the queen (in case of professional gameplay)
  • You accidentally manage to hit the coins which either touch the diagonal line or the striker line
  • You take strike from under your striker line

In any such foul scenarios, you generally receive a penalty of losing one of your earlier pocketed carrom coins. You have to place one coin/carrom man back on the board.

Final Thoughts

You need to develop a solid understanding of the rules first if you intend to play and enjoy this carrom game online. The above set of carrom rules will enable you to start developing the required skills that can help you to win more. Keep playing online carrom on MPL app to master your skills. 


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