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WCC2: Why it is the Most Engaging Online Cricket Game Ever!

Is cricket one of your most preferred games? If you want to play the cricket game online, then World Cricket Championship 2 is the ultimate answer! Read further to know the reasons.

Playing World Cricket Championship is every cricket lover’s dream. In our country, cricket is one of the most popular sports. While many people prefer to actively play cricket rather than just remaining spectators, most of us now have hectic work days and no time to gather with friends and play cricket game on the ground or in our building compound.

But now you can play the best cricket games right on our smartphones! That is the main reason cricket games have always been in the top 10 trending online games as well as in the list of the most downloaded gaming apps on the play store. If you want to play cricket game online, then WCC2 game is the best and most engaging online cricket game – on the basis of the number of positive reviews that the game has received from cricket lovers all over the world.

Features of WCC2 Game that Make it One of the Most Engaging Games:

  • You can play the game online as well as in offline mode.
  • It has a 1 vs 1 (one to one) multiplayer mode where you can choose local rivals as well as online rivals, which makes it even more interesting.
  • You can play 150 different batting shots, including the famous Helicopter shot, Dil-scoop, and the Upper-cut shots.
  • Where batting has so many styles, bowling is also nowhere left behind as this game includes 28 different bowling actions.
  • To make the game feel even more natural, it also covers natural challenges like Rain Interruption and the very famous D/L method (Duckworth Lewis Method).
  • You will find all the latest cricketing innovations like Hot-Spot for LBW and Ultra-Edge for edge to give you a realistic experience.
  • The game has electrifying fielding with stunning diving catches and quick throws to surprise the opponent team.
  • It also has realistic ball physics, which responds to the pitch (Dead, Dusty, Green).
  • It covers all cricketing formats as well as special international events like the World Cup, WorldT20, and more, which makes you glued to the game till you get the cup.
  • You can edit the playing 11 team, player’s names, and their roles.
  • You can also enjoy ultra slow motion action replays with multiple camera angles.
  • Emotions of the various fielders change according to the circumstances of the match to give a natural feel to the game.
  • The game has professional English and Hindi commentary with dynamic ground sounds to make your match interesting.
  • In addition, instances of misfielding, stunning wicket-keeper catches, quick stumpings, and tight 3rd umpire decisions all add up to create a realistic cricketing experience.

WCC2: A Social Engager

WCC2 game not only keeps you engaged with its unique features of playing the game, but it also keeps you socially engaged and connected due to its following features:

  • This World cricket championship game includes a Gangs of Cricket mode where the users can form gangs and compete in challenges. This feature has taken the usual ground challenge, which was a common type of challenge a few years ago, where people used to create teams and challenge each other in a virtual world, and recreated it in a very innovative manner.
  • There is also the ‘Challenge a Friend’ mode that enables users to challenge a friend to an online match. This has always been a unique feature of this game.
  • With these features, you can now connect with all your friends for a lively game of classic cricket! You can now play cricket even if you don’t have time to gather everyone at one place as this online cricket game can also be played anytime, anywhere.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can avoid leaving the house and still play this awesome game of cricket while maintaining social distancing.

Final Thoughts

Equipped with amazing 3D graphics and real-life game situations,  WCC2 is the world’s number 1 online cricket game.The above-mentioned unique features of this world cricket championship game are most likely to keep you engaged for a long while. Whenever you are bored or want to relax after a long day of work, you can instantly play this cricket game online with your friends or other live online players from around the world. Download the MPL app now and start playing the game!


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