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Why Perfect Break Is Crucial In Winning 8 Ball Pool Game?

A lot of times, players end up paying more attention to other aspects of 8 Ball Pool instead of learning the art of the perfect break. Don’t be misunderstood. Learning how to pot the balls accurately, and using a clever strategy to arrest your opponents’ progress are quite important. But one of the most important and often ignored parts of the online 8 Ball Pool game is learning the art of the perfect 8 Ball Break.

There are two important reasons why a strong and perfect break in 8 Ball Pool is crucial, whether it is online or offline.

1. An Even Spread Of Opportunities

A strong, and impactful break can help the players’ create a plethora of opportunities for themselves. In contrast, a weak and limp break that barely manages to hit the pool balls will lead to a complicated game. When you make the best possible break with a lot of power, the stripes and the solids end up being spread around. They travel all across the table, and that can enable you to create opportunities for yourself.

When you go for a powerful and perfect 8 Ball break, all the object balls get scattered. If you manage to pot an object ball or two, that is a bonus. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate and decide whether to select Solids or Stripes. If you select the ones that are in easy positions, you can quickly outscore your opponent and win!

2. Boost Your Confidence

If you begin the game in the best possible manner, your opponent is already at a disadvantage. It helps boost your confidence, thereby putting your opponents’ mind at a crossroads.

When you exude confidence, it can lead to your opponent being thrown off their game. This could end up causing them to make mistakes. The game of online 8 Ball Pool, like most games, is about capitalizing on the errors of your opponent. As you can see, making the perfect break in 8 Ball Pool is quite important to give you an edge, mentally.

3. A Chance To Gain A Head Start

When you attempt, and execute the perfect break in 8 Ball Pool it gives you an excellent head start against your opponent. You can end up potting one, or more than one object balls during the break. This gives you the chance to repeat your turn, giving you the first choice of between Solids and Stripes.

Let’s say your break ended up potting more Solids. Now there are just five Solid object balls on the table, and 6 Stripe object balls. This gives you an easy choice to go with Solids since you will have fewer object balls to pot.

As an alternate situation, let’s consider that the Solid object balls are in more difficult positions on the table. In such an event, you can opt to choose Stripe object balls instead. However, in order to have the opportunity to choose, you must execute and score in the perfect 8 Ball Pool break.

Making the perfect 8 Ball Pool break is not so difficult if you know which ball to strike. Here are a few options you can use when you are playing online 8 Ball Pool the next time.

  • Headstrong – Striking the first object ball on top of the rack. This type of break is usually the most preferred by players because it doesn’t require much technique, just force. It can sometimes achieve the desired result. However with this shot, you should strike the cue-ball at the bottom to pull it back towards you.
  • Sideways – This type of break can be executed by placing the cue ball on the extreme right side of the table. It should almost be touching the cushion. From that spot, strike the right side of the rack of object balls. Aim for the second-last object ball in the rack, and strike it with as much power as you can.
  • The Left – As the name suggests, you must aim for the left hand side of the rack. Place the cue ball on the left side of the table, and aim the second object ball from top. Add a spin to the cue ball by striking it on the top-left side to better execute this type of break.

Those are our choice of three great types of breaks in an 8 Ball Pool game. Apply the newly learned techniques and methods to your online 8 Ball Pool game by downloading the MPL Pro App. Play the most fluid and exciting online 8 Ball Pool game with new players every day! 


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