The origin of Baseball dates back to the 18th century, and to date, it remains one of the most followed sport, mostly played in the United States of America, Canada, and Japan. The main objective in Baseball is for a team to score more runs than the opponent. The sport is played between two teams consisting of 9 players each, and the game lasts for 9 innings. The team with the most points after the completion of 9 innings is declared the winner.
While Baseball has historically been popular in the west, the game has slowly gained traction in India over the last few years. A big reason behind this has been the introduction of fantasy baseball. While fantasy cricket has captured the nation's heartbeat, fantasy baseball too has shown remarkable growth in the country.
And when it comes to fantasy sports, MPL is your one-stop destination. Trusted by over 9 crore Indians, MPL is regarded as the country's No.1 fantasy sports platform and for good measure.
The most exciting part about playing fantasy baseball on MPL is that you get a chance to win exciting cash prizes and other similar rewards every single day of the week. What are you waiting for? Download the MPL fantasy gaming app and start playing fantasy baseball today.

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What is a Fantasy Baseball Game?

Fantasy Baseball runs on the same concept as some of the other fantasy sports where the participant serves as the owner and manager of his/her virtual baseball team. The objective is to build a fantasy team from an upcoming real-life baseball match and rack up points by selecting players who you think might do well on the given day. You will be pitted against fellow competitors, and whichever fantasy team has the most points at the end of the game will be declared the winner.
There are few ground rules you need to be familiar with while creating your fantasy baseball team. To play fantasy baseball, head over to the MPL fantasy sports platform, where you will find the schedule of all the upcoming Baseball league matches going on around the world.
Once you have selected the match for which you want to create your fantasy team, players from both sides will be shown on your screen. Your fantasy team should have 9 players with a maximum of 6 players from one team. Every player comes with pre-decided points, which vary from match to match. You have to create a fantasy team within 100 credit points, then select a captain & vice captain and register.
Your team accumulates points based on how the players you have selected are faring in the actual match. The aim is to select a well-balanced side so that your team achieves a position on the leaderboard.
Fantasy baseball requires a keen knowledge of the game alongside knowing the recent statistics of the players you are selecting, historical relevance, size of the ballpark, and the overhead conditions. It is a game of pure skill, and to win, the combination of your fantasy baseball team needs to be on point each time.

Rules & Gameplay of Baseball

Baseball is played between two teams with 9 players, each on a diamond-shaped field known as a Ballpark. Here are some essential rules and gameplay of the sport that every fantasy baseball player should know.
A Baseball team comprises pitchers, catchers, outfielders, and infielders.
Baseball has two sides of 9 players each, and the game lasts for 9 innings. The team that scores the most runs by the end of the ninth inning wins the match. However, in the case of a tie, the match is extended into an extra inning till a winner is found.
The game starts with the pitcher hurling the ball towards the batter, overhand. The batter accumulates runs by hitting the ball into the baseball field and running around the four bases. Once the batter hits the ball, he must try and reach the first base at the very least. They can run to as many bases before being tagged out. A home run is when the batter smashes the ball outside of the playing area.
A batter is dismissed via:
(a) Strike Out, which is when the batter fails to make any connection with the ball three times, provided the ball is within the strike zone.
(b) Force Out, when the batter cannot make it to the base timely.
(c) Fly Out, when the ball is caught directly from a batter's shot.
(d) Tag Out, when one of the defensive players touches the runner with the ball or the glove with the ball in it.
If four pitches miss the strike zone and the batter leaves it, he can directly walk to first base.
A catcher is placed directly behind the batter to catch the ball if not hit.
A batting order, once picked, cannot be changed under any circumstance. Substitutes are allowed, but they can bat only in the spot of the player they are replacing.

How to Download MPL Fantasy Baseball App?

MPL is a free app and is available for both Android and iOS users. If you are an iOS user, you can directly download and install the MPL fantasy gaming app from the Apple App Store.

For Android users, here are the steps to be followed.

The MPL app is not available on Google Play Store. To download the app, head over to the MPL website, and enter your mobile number. You will get a link by which you can download the MPL app. Don't worry; the app is 100% secure and safe to download.
Install the app and complete the necessary formalities to register.
Once in, locate the Fantasy section on the MPL home screen and navigate to Fantasy Baseball.
You will find all the upcoming matches in the world of Baseball here.
Immerse yourself into the world of Fantasy baseball and stand a chance to win huge prizes every day.

What Are Some Popular Fantasy Baseball Leagues on MPL?

Baseball is usually played in the league format around the world, and on the MPL app, you can build a team for every fantasy baseball league out there. Be it the American League, the league in Korea, China, Taiwan, or the Caribbean, we have you covered.
Here are some of the most popular baseball leagues that you will find on MPL.
Major Baseball League (USA)
Japanese Baseball League
Korean Baseball League
Chinese professional baseball league
Caribbean League
Not just these, on the MPL app, you will find several other baseball leagues for which you can create your fantasy teams and win big.

How to Play Fantasy Baseball?

The best bit about daily fantasy baseball is that you do not get too invested with regard to both time and money. You can play at your own will and still stand a chance to win lakhs of rupees every day. MPL gives an opportunity to create fantasy teams from a plethora of baseball matches that are being played around the world.
Download the MPL fantasy gaming app and learn how to play fantasy baseball by following the steps below:
Once you download and install the MPL app on your devices, click on the Fantasy tab on the bottom of the home screen.
Locate the Baseball tab and click on it to find the schedule of all the upcoming baseball matches. Select any match you want to play.
You will be redirected to the contest page. You will find a range of contests here, such as Grand Contest, Beginner's contest, winner takes all, and so on. Each contest has a specific entry fee, while the eventual prize money also varies from one contest to another. In case you are a newbie and wish to work on your fantasy baseball skills, MPL also offers you a free practice contest
After joining a contest of your choice, you can start building your team. After careful analysis, pick the 9 players you feel can win you maximum points on the day. Next, choose a captain and a vice captain and register your fantasy squad.
And done! Follow the match on MPL and check how the players you picked are performing. If your fantasy baseball team does well, you stand a chance to win real cash.

How to create a Fantasy Baseball Team on MPL?

With a user friendly interface and navigation designed for people of all ages, creating your fantasy teams on the MPL app is a smooth process. However, while it might seem easy, creating a fantasy baseball team is much more than randomly picking players. You need to get your homework done on each player, analyze their recent form, and keep the venue in mind before finalizing your fantasy squad.
There are a number of fantasy baseball apps in Indian, and each has its own rules when it comes to creating an online side. On MPL, each player is worth a certain number of credits. Pick carefully as you are only assigned 100 credits within which your fantasy squad should be ready.
You need to pick a total of 9 players with a maximum of 6 players from one side. Now comes the critical point. Your fantasy baseball team should compulsorily have:
Outfielders (Minimum 2 - Maximum 5)
Infielders (Minimum 2 - Maximum 5)
Pitcher (1)
Catcher (1)
Once you are confident with the players chosen, nominate a captain and a vice captain. Keep in mind that your fantasy baseball team captain will provide you twice the points, while the vice captain gets you 1.5 times the points. With this, your fantasy team is successfully created.

What is the Fantasy Baseball Point System?

The players you have picked in your fantasy baseball team score points based on their performance in the live match. MPL has introduced a new fantasy points system for Baseball, which is robust, easy to comprehend, and grasp. It is extremely important that you understand the fantasy points system before creating your teams, as they are crucial to your winning.
In fantasy baseball, the batter scores 4 points when he reaches first base, 6 points when he reaches second base, 10 points when he reaches third base, and 12 points for hitting a home run. There are various other points with respect to a batter as well. A pitcher gets 2 points for every strike out and 1 point per out.
There are no starting points awarded to the players, but you should always check the starting lineup before finalizing your fantasy side. Fantasy points are applicable for all events during the extra innings. The winners will be announced only for matches where a result is possible. Generally, a match has a result when both sides have completed a minimum of 5 innings.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Baseball on MPL?

The MPL app is truly a sports lovers' delight. With more than 60 games on its platform and over 9 crore users, MPL is India's No.1 gaming platform. Over the last few years, MPL has proven to be the one-stop place for all fantasy sports. Here are some of the benefits of playing fantasy baseball on the MPL app.
Keep yourself invested at all times: Every sport, no matter how exciting, can get a bit drab at times, especially when the contest is one-sided. But if you have a fantasy team in place, there is no question about things getting boring. Despite the actual game not being as interesting, you can still follow how your fantasy team and the players are faring and keep your excitement alive.
Instant withdrawals: MPL is the only fantasy app that does not have a cap on the amount of money you can withdraw, and the withdrawals are instant. As soon as the match finishes and the results are declared, your winnings will be deposited into your respective accounts.
An app for the user: One of the biggest benefits of playing fantasy baseball on MPL is the excellent user interface and the limited navigation required for you to create your fantasy teams. On MPL, the steps to build your fantasy teams are limited and clear.
A secure app with zero lags: The MPL app is built on a robust framework, and there is no unnecessary lag when you are trawling through the interface. The app is 100% legal and secure, and there is a customer service team in place 24x7 for any grievances.


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