What are Fantasy Games?

To put it in simple terms, fantasy games enable users to play their favourite sports in a virtual form. A fantasy game user must use one's knowledge and skill to pick real-life players and create fantasy teams to play games like Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Kabaddi. Fantasy games allot 100 credit points to each user that they use to buy players, with each available for particular credits that vary from match to match.

Points are allotted to fantasy teams based on the chosen players' performances in real-life games and more points mean higher winnings. Depending on their expertise, fantasy game users take part in various mega contests and leagues where one gets a chance to win bigger winnings like cash rewards, Paytm cash and other similar prizes.

How To Download & Install Fantasy Sports App?

The MPL fantasy app is absolutely free and supported on both Android and iOS devices. Here are the steps to download and play the best fantasy sports app on your phone.

On Android 5.1 and above

  • Go to your browser and set in the URL
  • Click on the 'Download the MPL App' banner.
  • Once the app is downloaded on your device, click Install followed by Open. This will install the app on your Android device.
  • Register yourself by entering your phone number and follow the subsequent steps.
  • Once done, you will be taken to the landing page of MPL. Go to the Fantasy tab and immerse yourself in the world of fantasy gaming. Participate in various matches, join contests, and get a chance to earn real money.

On iOS

The MPL app is available for free download on the Apple App Store. iOS users can click here to download the app on their devices.

Once downloaded, install the MPL app on your device and click on the Open button on completion of the installation process. You will be taken to the landing page of MPL, which has all the Fantasy games options.


Types Of Fantasy Games On MPL:

Fantasy Cricket


In a cricket crazy nation like India, the sport is a constant need for the masses who follow it and keep track of live matches and scores even while travelling. Whether it be on their phones, radios or standing outside TV shops, cricket is endless entertainment in this country, with people indulging in the sport's on-the-edge excitement and fun to destress themselves. Hence, the popularity of fantasy cricket among all other fantasy games remains unquestionable.

Have you ever played Fantasy Cricket before on MPL? If you haven't, download the app now and start winning.

There are numerous reasons to defend our love for cricket. Whether it be the flashy spirit, the cheerleaders, the music, or the thrill of the shorter formats, cricket is a festival for us. And when you play fantasy cricket on MPL - the best fantasy cricket app - it just adds to that excitement. Playing fantasy cricket means you have to act as a team selector because now you have something at stake too. You need to analyse the players, their performances and even predict the toss outcome, among other things.

If you have friends who boast of their cricket knowledge and claim to know more than others, here's your chance to silence them with your fantasy cricket skills. You must choose players with in-depth research, keeping into account their fitness update and current form. While playing fantasy cricket, monitoring the playing conditions helps you to predict the outcome of a match with numbers that you can guess. Become a cricket pundit now with the MPL Fantasy cricket app.

Cricket fans know that staying up to date with news and strategies is a huge advantage to get started with fantasy cricket. However, it becomes difficult to stay current with every new regulation introduced, new rules amended, breaking team news, or the emergence of new players. Hence, we bring to you MPL Blog, where you will get all news in one place. From the potential highest run-scorers to the most in-form all-rounders whom you could cherry-pick in your online fantasy cricket team, the MPL blog provides everything. Not only that but the scores update, the ongoing cricket leagues, players' performances, you can find all the news and updates in the MPL fantasy gaming app.

Simply put, to play fantasy sports and ace in it, sports lovers must read and research about their favourite sport. Sporting knowledge is paramount for playing fantasy games as one must know about all the upcoming matches and forms of players. While playing fantasy cricket, you must know the performance stats of the new and lesser known players as well, as you have to create a fantasy team within a fixed budget.

You can win exciting cash prizes by entering cash contests on MPL Daily Fantasy cricket. Calling all cricket lovers and fans! Download the MPL Fantasy cricket app now, take part in and win money.

  • Go to your browser and set in the URL
  • Click on the 'Download the MPL App' banner.
  • Once the app is downloaded on your device, click Install followed by Open. This will install the app on your Android device.
  • Register yourself by entering your phone number and follow the subsequent steps.

Fantasy Football


Football leagues across the world have already started and so is the Fantasy Football league season. Despite cricket being the most popular sport in India, there are millions of fans who watch football matches live or even stream highlights and are busy drafting sides for their virtual teams for fantasy football on MPL. There has been a massive growth in football's popularity, with the game not considered a niche hobby now, as it was a decade ago. It is one of the best fantasy games today.

MPL has a place for everyone, be it a starter or a veteran. If you're just trying your hands at fantasy football on MPL and looking to sharpen your fantasy skills and management tactics to gain an edge over your opponents, our blog for match predictions, playing XI, and all other news around players will be the best place for you.

There are many different fantasy games on the MPL fantasy sports platform, but playing fantasy sports is simple as they all revolve around the same set of basic rules. To play fantasy sports, one has to create a team of 11 players, earn and collect points based on those player performances, and win tons of big cash prizes by contesting in the fantasy league. 

To have the edge over your opponents in any fantasy sport, you must regularly read the news and stay updated. We've noticed that high-performing football fantasy players tend to read a lot of news, while the losers don't bother to stay updated. Winning more fantasy points depends highly on having an idea of the starting lineups, suspensions, injuries, transfers, and other such factors. We, at MPL, try to provide you with all the relevant information across all upcoming matches.

Realising the money potential of the game, a lot of users have started playing on the new fantasy app MPL. And since Fantasy Football requires a lot of data analysis and taking calculated risks, a good fantasy football player is also a good strategist.


Fantasy Basketball


Every Basketball fan dreams of managing a team at least once in their life. Whether it be one's belief in picking the right trades and prospects for your team or wanting to test one's basketball IQ by building the best team, everyone wants to build a basketball dream team that will never lose. And MPL Basketball Fantasy games give you this exact opportunity to own teams and win real cash.

In MPL Basketball Fantasy games, you step into the manager's shoes and build a team, competing in cash contests with other players throughout the country. Many people like to play MPL Fantasy Basketball for fun, while others play for big cash winnings.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a novice for a first-time challenge, the MPL fantasy app has games for everyone. Moreover, our blogs constantly help you learn strategies for taking down the most formidable players.

Few Tricks to get you started

Acing fantasy basketball relies heavily on sports knowledge. While most sports fans are expected to assemble a star-studded basketball fantasy team in the first attempt, it doesn't guarantee success.

Whether it be Lebron, Harden, or even Jokic, stars are always in demand in online gaming. However, their individual and team performances make it inevitable for them to have a low selection rate in the virtual game. And this is where specific knowledge comes into play. Having sound knowledge of every team's core strengths and weaknesses and using the fringe and lesser-known players, like Bradley Beal or Zach LaVine, wisely is the key to outperform the all-star fantasy basketball teams.

Hence, keeping track of player information such as their movements, injury reports, overall stats is of utmost importance when you create a fantasy team. A player's performance is not just affected by injuries but by all the drama and setbacks throughout the season. Have the edge over your opponents by keeping up with these updates and adopting different strategies throughout the season.

Other Fantasy games

Not only cricket, football and basketball, but the MPL app also brings to you fantasy sports like Kabaddi. Be it the Pro Kabaddi League and other domestic kabaddi leagues for fantasy Kabaddi or other international tournaments, MPL has all your bases covered.

How To Play Fantasy Games On MPL App?

What makes MPL the best app among other fantasy sports apps is its clear and crisp user interface, which smoothly guides a user from downloading the app to registering one's fantasy dream team. As mentioned earlier, get the app download link mentioned above to get it on your device. Once you have done that, you will be directed to the landing page, where you will find the Fantasy tab at the bottom of the screen. Enter and you will see four different tabs of Fantasy Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Kabaddi.

You can select any game that you want to build your fantasy team for. Under each selection, you will find the list of upcoming matches. Choose any game that you want to play and follow these five simple steps:


  • Select a match: You will be presented with a list of the upcoming match from the current or upcoming series. Select any match that you want to play and proceed further.
  • Join a contest: On the next screen, you are presented with different contests and mega contests. Based on how well equipped you are with your fantasy skills, you can select any contest. Some of the leagues on MPL are Grand contests, Head-to-head contests, Contest of Champions, Winners takes all, and so on. There are also practice contests for novice fantasy players, where one can practice for free and get used to the app before playing in the fantasy league where competition is more.
  • Select Players: Once you have decided which contest to play, you will be redirected to a page where you need to select real-life players for your team. Use your knowledge and skill to create your MPL Fantasy team using a total budget of 100 credits. The credit score allocated to each player can be seen on the right-hand side of his name.
  • Choose your captain and vice-captain (star player in the case of Fantasy Basketball): Once you have selected the players, you need to pick the captain and vice-captain wisely for your fantasy team. This is a crucial step as your captain and vice-captain receive 2x and 1.5x the points won, respectively. Do thorough research before making this selection, as ultimately, these two players make or break the fate of your fantasy team.
  • Save and Register Team: Once done, you need to save and register your team. All your teams can be viewed under the "My Matches" tab. You can make as many changes as you like to your MPL fantasy sides until the registration deadline for that particular game. You can also change your captain or vice-captain before the deadline. Click the "Edit Team" button to change any player in your line-up. Make sure you know which player you have selected is playing the game, and keep your session updated at all times.

 You can follow the match under the live tab, and once the game is done, check the final leaderboard. If you are in the winning zone, you can withdraw your winnings from your wallet.

Benefits Of Playing Fantasy Sports On MPL

MPL does not just offer you the best fantasy gaming experience; it offers you the best experience of online gaming as a whole. With a user interface that is slick and one of the finest in the industry, building your fantasy teams on MPL is always a delight.

Here are some more benefits of playing Fantasy games on the MPL app.

Not just about cricket: There is little doubt that cricket unites people in India like no other sport. In a similar vein, fantasy cricket has taken off over the last few years, but on MPL, we have made sure other sports too get equal weightage. Apart from fantasy cricket, which is obviously the crowd favourite, MPL also has other fantasy games, such as Football, Basketball,  and Kabaddi. If you're a sports lover, MPL is the place to be!

Best-in industry graphics and features: MPL has one of the smoothest graphics, and the ever-evolving technology means that your experience in the game centre is next to none. You can create your fantasy side within a few clicks, while everything you need to know about how to build your teams and how to play fantasy sports is right on the app. The world of fantasy gaming is an ever-evolving one, and MPL is right at the forefront of it at all times.

Detailed pre-match analysis and match projections: Confused about which players to pick in your fantasy side? Worry not; we have you covered here. In our Blog section, you will find detailed pre-match prediction articles where we showcase upcoming matches, ground conditions, which players you should pick in your and the injury updates as well. You need not go anywhere else to find details about the choice of players. You can see the minutest of details in the Blog section.

Plenty of prizes on offer: Through proper research and knowledge, a player can actually win cash daily in a safe and secure manner. The winnings are credited almost instantly to your accounts, making it quicker and better than other fantasy sports platforms.


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