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Tricks to win ludo

Ludo is a traditional game that has entertained multiple generations. If you love playing board games, you must've realised that Ludo is fun as it can be quite an unpredictable game. At a glance, Ludo might seem one of the easiest board games. Taking four pieces from the start point to the finish, how hard could that be? But just like any game, there are much more intricacies in the Ludo board game, knowing which will help a player get better at the game. From strategically placing your pieces to moving them according to the pace of the game, several Ludo tips can be helpful for players. Nowadays, playing Ludo online is the norm. Play online ludo games like Ludo Win and Ludo Dice only on MPL.

Online Ludo Tips And Tricks

Here are some Ludo Tricks to keep in mind:

  • Open all pieces at the earliest
  • Keep moving all the pieces
  • Know when to cut your opponent's tokens
  • Plan your escape route beforehand
  • Block your opponent's token
  • Playing it safe closer to home
  • Don't wait until the last to move your pieces into the end zone
  • Deciding Your Gameplay
  • Use your turn as an advantage
  • Never underestimate your opponent
  • Dice value division
  • Adopt an attacking strategy
  • Remember the position of your token
  • Always prefer going home rather than cutting
  • Hone your skills

Open all pieces at the earliest

One of the essential tricks in a ludo game is to get all pieces/all your coins out of the starting point as early as possible. New players tend to focus on moving one piece at a time, and if that piece reaches the finishing point, they are left with no option but to wait for 6s to get their game back on track.

Keep moving all pieces

An extension of the previous Ludo tip, a player's focus should not be on moving only one piece at a time as it leaves fewer options while moving the pieces. It is advised to spread your pieces across the board. This gives the player multiple opportunities to play during a turn and helps avoid unnecessary risks.

Know when to cut your opponent's tokens

Having your piece occupies the same space on the square as the opponent's piece will send the latter back into the starting zone. This means the opponent will need to score another 6 or 1 to get the piece out of the starting point. This can be done anywhere on the board except the safe zone and the respective coloured finishing areas.

While cutting an opponent's pieces is an important Ludo tactic, it should be used after carefully examining the rest of the pieces on the board.

Plan your escape route beforehand

This is one of the most essential tips to win ludo online games. Even if you choose to kill a player in the first or the second quadrant, this should be done after carefully plotting an escape plan. An escape means that your piece should be at least seven spaces away from your opponent's pieces. Your opponent can still kill your piece if they score a 6 and make it to your space on the second turn. But the probability of this happening is relatively low.

Block your opponent's token

Amongst the ludo tips and tricks, it is important to place your pieces so that it becomes hard for your opponent to navigate through the board. The eight available safe zones can be used to strategically place your pieces in various combinations, which increases the probability of your opponent's pieces being cut. Slowing down your opponent is as important as being the fastest to move all four into the finish area.

Another winning strategy for a ludo match is distracting your opponent and getting your token home. When any of your tokens are nearing the house, they will aim to kill it. To save your pieces from the opponent's attack, you have to block theirs and keep your tokens safe. Use the 7-rule strategy- stay seven steps ahead of your opponent.

Playing it safe closer to home

Capturing the opponent’s pieces is exciting. However, it only helps to clear the path for your pieces but doesn’t guarantee a win. To win in Ludo online, you must be the first to move all your pieces to the end zone. This becomes difficult if players are reckless with their pieces close to the home area.

You can minimize the risks associated with your pieces near the home area by keeping them in the safe zone. When the piece is at the second last safe zone (the final enemy territory), it is advisable to move it when you score a 6, as it will almost negate the risk of being cut. Following the same strategy, moving the piece at the last safe zone(board's star-shaped zones) at 4 or higher will take it straight into your coloured territory.

Don't wait until the last to move your pieces into the end zone

In Ludo, the game is not over when you reach the home area. While your piece will be safe, it still needs to enter the end zone. Moving it into the end zone is better when one of the pieces enters the home area. Too many pieces hovering in the home area could leave you hunting for specific numbers. This could potentially allow the opponent to sneak away with a win. These basic strategies can help any player bag some wins while playing Ludo on MPL. It is important to understand how to play Ludo as it will not only help you win the game but also let you enjoy it to the fullest.

Deciding Your Gameplay

One of the tips and tricks that you have to keep in mind is whether you want to play an aggressive or a passive game. To win a ludo game, you have to decide whether you wish to adopt attacking gameplay. If you want to play a little safe, you can go about focusing only on your game. If you want to go all out and capture and attack your opponent's token, choose an attacking. After all, ludo is a strategy game; to win it; you have to select your mode.

Use your turn as an advantage

You can deliberately choose to miss a turn and devise a strategy to use in the next turn. It has the potential to either make you a winner or a loser in the game. It will waste some time for your opponent as well. Take the liberty of missing a turn early on in the game because then the timer on Ludo Win will run out, and you won't be able to make a move.

Never underestimate your opponent

When you play an online Ludo game on your mobile phone, your opponent is an enemy. On the MPL app, you will find a rival similar to your skill level in almost every game. In a limited time, you have to score the maximum points. This will happen only if you play ruthlessly and cut the other tokens. But also, keep in mind that you might lose all your tokens while taking unnecessary risks.

Dice value division

When you get a number greater than three, moving the particular token closest to home is a strategic advantage. In this way, you will ensure that it gets closer to home, which will not only keep it safe but also brings it closer to victory. Anything less than three -either take any other token or cuts an opponent nearby. Even if your tokens get cut, you won't lose many points compared to the one going for the home run.

Adopt an Attacking Strategy

One of the most important tips and tricks to win ludo game against random players- adopt an attacking strategy. Always calculate the risk before you kill your opponent's coin to be the best at the game. Sometimes, put your token at risk and attack your rival if it is in the first or the second quadrant. But, if your coin is in the third or fourth quadrant, attack your enemy only if you can escape to a safer distance.

Remember the position of your token

While playing the game online or offline, always remember your token and where they are so that you can apply the next move effectively. This will help you know which token to move after the dice roll, giving you an advantage over your opponents. You also won't miss a chance to cut the other's token.

 Always prefer going home rather than cutting 

When you are presented with two choices- going closer to home and cutting an opponent, it is a good strategy to go home. You will always get extra points for taking a token home rather than cutting your enemy's token. Since the winner is always decided based on maximum points, taking your token home is always better.

Perfect your skills

Not just for entertainment purposes, but Ludo being a skill game, it needs a lot of practice too. This way, you can effectively learn to follow all the ludo rules. On MPL, choose the Free option to hone your skills. Then opt for real money cash games and tournaments. Enter with a nominal fee and work your way upwards.


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