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Ludo Tips and Tricks

At first glance, Ludo seems like an easy game. However, there are many intricacies to it. Whether you're playing with friends on a physical board or playing Ludo online, devising a strategy is the key to winning the game. Using safe spots, spreading your pieces, watching your opponents' moves, and striking a balance between attacking and defending are valuable Ludo tips and tricks.

With the new ludo versions on MPL, Ludo Win, Ludo Dice and Ludo 2 Dice, you will need the best ludo strategy to defeat your opponents. Here are some Ludo tips and tricks that you must know to win a game.

Important Rules of Ludo Game

Knowing all the Ludo rules in advance is crucial to devising your Ludo strategy. The Ludo game board consists of a central area and four arms of a different colour—red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. There are several aspects to understand while playing online Ludo. To be a champion, a player must use ludo player tips and tricks to predict opponent moves and make the most of each dice roll.

You can play three variations of Ludo on MPL: Ludo Win, Ludo Dice, and Ludo Dice2.

Here a the rules of Ludo you need to know while playing on MPL:

Choose your preferred Ludo variant Ludo Win, Ludo Dice, and Ludo 2 Dice.

New players get help with a tutorial for each version.

You can also watch a "How to Play" video to learn how to play ludo.

If you're new, it's best to start with free games to practice.

You can also pick a cash game or tournament if you want to earn real cash.

Tap "Install" to get the game ready. You will get a ludo apk to download.

Each player receives four tokens in the game.

Move your tokens based on the numbers rolled on the dice.

Moving tokens adds to your score.

Capturing opponents' tokens earns extra points.

The games have a timer or limited moves within which a player must get a higher score to win.

MPL is the best Ludo earning app where you can play ludo games for free and earn real money. Download MPL Ludo and experience it yourself!

Ludo Tips & Tricks For an Effective Strategy

1) Decide Your Gameplay

Think about whether you want to play aggressively or defensively. Decide whether you want to focus on attacking your opponents or playing it safe. Choose your strategy based on your style of play and what you think will give you the best chance of winning.

2) Remember Your Token Positions

A Ludo strategy you need to remember is always keep track of where your pieces are. This will help plan your next move effectively. Knowing which piece to move after each dice roll gives you an advantage over your opponents and helps you make strategic decisions.

3) Identify Which Tokens to Sacrifice

This is one of the important ludo player tips and tricks to know. Sometimes, it's smart to give up one of your pieces strategically to gain a better position or protect another piece. Look at the board carefully and consider which piece you can lose without hurting your overall strategy.

4) Ludo Tips To Use a Six

Rolling a six in Ludo is random and cannot be guaranteed every time. However, you can use strategies to make the most of it when you do roll a six:

Strategically move your tokens on the board to avoid overcrowding your starting area, which keeps your options open when you roll a six.

Use Sixes to move your tokens to safe zones, reducing the risk of them being captured.

Spread out your tokens to increase your strategic possibilities and improve your chances of capturing opponents.

Utilize sixes to quickly clear your home column and advance your tokens.

Pay attention to potential threats from opponents and use sixes to respond strategically.

5) Avoid Placing Two Tokens on the Same Safe Spots

It's best not to place two tokens in the same safe spots is an important aspect of ludo tips and tricks. While it may offer some defence, it limits your flexibility. Spread out your tokens to cover more ground and create multiple threats, increasing your chances of advancing strategically.

6) Never Advance a Single Token Alone

In Ludo, it's essential to think strategically. Avoid sending a token too far ahead without support, as it can become an easy target for opponents. Instead, try to advance your tokens in pairs or groups to protect them and maintain control over the board.

7) Keep Idle Tokens in Safe Spots

One of the Ludo tips to remember is that safe spots are crucial. When a token enters a safe spot, it cannot be captured by an opponent's token. Utilize these safe spots strategically, especially when entering your opponent's territory. There are eight safe spots in total, located at the starting point for each player and every eighth spot thereafter. Use them wisely to protect your tokens and advance safely into enemy territory.

8) Choose Which Piece to Move Wisely

One Ludo trick to understand is that not all pieces are equally important. Focus on moving the ones most dangerous to your strategy or closest to reaching their destination. Keep an eye on the board and decide which piece to target.

9) Use Your Turn Wisely

Consider skipping a turn strategically to plan your next move. This is often overlooked among ludo tips and tricks. This can give you an advantage in the game and help you make smarter decisions. Use your turns wisely to maximize your chances of winning.

10) Don't Underestimate Your Opponent

An essential Ludo trick is to take your opponent seriously and not underestimate their skills. Play ruthlessly, but also be cautious about taking unnecessary risks. Remember, your opponent is trying to win too, so stay focused and alert.

11) Dice Value Division

When you roll the dice, consider which piece will benefit the most from the number you get. Move the piece that's closest to home if you roll a high number to bring it closer to victory. If you roll a low number, moving a different piece or cutting off an opponent nearby is better.

12) Adopt an Attacking Strategy

Be aggressive in your gameplay and calculate the risks before attacking your opponent's piece. If your piece is in the first or second quadrant, consider taking risks to attack your opponent. But if your piece is in the third or fourth quadrant, be more cautious about attacking unless you have a clear escape plan.

13) Prefer Going Home Over Capturing

When you have the choice between moving closer to home or capturing an opponent's piece, prioritize going home. You'll earn more points for taking a piece home than for cutting your opponent's piece. Since winning is based on maximum points, focus on bringing your pieces closer to the finish line.

14) Balance Attack and Defence

Finding the right balance between attacking your opponents and protecting your pieces is important. Don’t just focus on attacking; ensure you’re also taking steps to keep your pieces safe. This strategy keeps your opponents guessing and lets you control the game.

15) Be Patient

One of the basic tips and tricks to know in Ludo is that patience is the key. Rushing your moves can lead to mistakes. Take your time to look at the board, think about what your opponents might do, and make smart choices. Sometimes, it’s best to wait for the right moment to make your move.

16) Perfect Your Skills

Practice regularly to improve your Ludo skills. Start with free practice games to hone your abilities, then move on to cash games and tournaments to challenge yourself. With practice and experience, you'll become a better Ludo player and increase your chances of winning.

17) Adopt the Rule of 7 [Mention the Rule of 7

Attempt to maintain a distance of seven squares ahead of your opponent's token. Since the highest number on the dice is 6, the chances of your opponent getting a 1 after that are low. Therefore, staying seven squares ahead of your opponent's token gives you a good advantage.


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