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Bubble Shooter Online – Most Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Want to become an expert player in bubble shooter games? Play bubble shooter games online and avoid these mistakes to gain expertise in it.

Bubble shooter games are relatively easy to play as compared to other online games. It is a great online game for amateurs who are newly introduced to the online gaming industry. It is also an alternate option for gamers who do not like to play complex online games.

You do not require any special set of skills to play bubble shooter games. You only have to locate bubbles who are in 3 or more sets of groups consisting of the same color. You have to execute your shot very well by hitting the group of bubbles of the same colors. The more bubbles you shoot at one shot the more points you can score. When bubbles reach the bottom of the playing area, the game ends. When no bubbles are remaining in the playing area that means you played well and won.

There are several features of a bubble shooter game and various levels to play. Several difficulty levels and challenges make the game even more interesting and it also requires some skills to play in tough situations. Players, whether they are experts or beginners, tend to make silly mistakes in difficult situations which makes them lose the game. Here we have mentioned 5 common mistakes to avoid when you are playing bubble shooter games online.

Do Not Focus On the Lower Bubbles

Players who are beginners  sometimes commit this mistake by targeting lower-level bubbles. They stress out too much on lower-level bubbles on the screen and try to clear out as much as they could which is not the right gaming technique.

Focusing too much on the lower bubbles of the playing area will result in losing time and you will destroy fewer bubbles due to this technique. Destroy the lower bubbles when you feel that it is a good opportunity and will be beneficial for your game, but do not entirely divert your focus on lower bubbles.

It is natural to focus on lower bubbles because they get more and more piled up due to the increasing speed of bubbles and players tend to panic due to this. You have to keep in mind and target higher bubbles as aiming for higher bubbles can result in higher gain because large segments of bubbles beneath it also get destroyed when you hit higher bubbles.

Never Ignore the Upcoming Set of Bubbles

You will get to see the color of the upcoming set of bubbles that will be disclosed on your screen next and you will get the opportunity to shoot them. Never ignore the upcoming set of bubbles as ignoring them can cost you a lot of time to locate groups of bubbles of the same color and will reduce your probability to win.

This is the opportunity that will keep you ahead in the game and will give you time to strategize your next move. You should not ignore the upcoming bubbles but try to take advantage of them. You can assume how your shot will land on the upcoming bubbles and how it will impact your playing field.

Not Shooting Off the Walls

Most of the players commit this mistake in bubble shooter games by not shooting off the balls. Although players find it difficult to hit off the balls and are afraid of hitting their shot in the wrong direction. As shooting off the walls is merely more difficult than hitting direct shots but you can try these shots because it will enlarge your range of options. With consistent practice and trials, you will gain expertise in these kinds of shots.

Not Analyzing the Game Mode

Sometimes people do not have an understanding of game mode and face failures. So it is important to analyze and understand the game mode. You have to understand the time limit and shoot bubbles within the time  limit of the bubble shooter game. If you do not analyze the game properly then there is a chance that you will miss out on a lot of stages. Always understand the game mode and build up your strategy based upon that and with regular practice, you will definitely win.

Not Targeting the Hanging Bubbles

This is the most common and silliest mistake players make while playing bubble shooter games online. They try to hit a single bubble and do not focus on other bubbles. Always build your strategy and try to destroy as many bubbles with one shot.

When you see a group of bubbles of the same color swinging with another group of bubbles of the same color. Then it is the golden opportunity to target both groups of the same color with just one shot, this will increase your efficiency as well as points.

Final Thoughts

Bubble shooter is an interesting game that can be played smartly with few skills. You just have to strategize well and implement it perfectly. Avoid all these mistakes to make your game more efficient that will increase your chance of winning the bubble shooter game. With time and consistent practice, you will gain expertise in playing bubble shooter games.


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