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Online Chess Game: Expectations vs Reality

Online chess is one of the best games to play right now if you are looking for a game of strategy. It is an absolute example of a strategic game, and you know it well if you are aware of it. 

Chess is a challenging game and you need to practice and play it several times before you understand the gameplay completely. With the online gaming industry catching up with the smartphone trends, online chess is gaining popularity and there are several reasons for it. 

In case you are going to start playing speed chess on MPL, here are a few expectations vs reality that you might find relatable in the long run. 

Expectations vs Reality in the Online Chess Game

Online chess games are undoubtedly here to stay. That is not necessarily a bad thing since it helps people get some break after a long, stressful day. However, there are a few things that people miss out on when they think about online chess. Here are a few expectations vs reality scenarios that you could relate with when you start playing online chess.

Expectation – Competitor might be easy  

If you have been playing chess for a while, the first thing that hits you is the fact that the competition might not be fierce. Also, online competition is often mistaken to be very easy and players expect a sure-shot win.

Reality – No connection with the opponent

Your competitors are not really easy whether online or offline. Moreover, you cannot tell if your opponent is easy or weaker than you because you do not get a chance to connect with them. This also leads you to believe that you are better than anyone online and then end up losing the game.

Use these top tips to beat a strong opponent in online chess.

Expectation – Play to win

Every online chess game or any other online game is a game you play to win. You use everything you have to win the game and expect to win it since it is an online game and how difficult could it be.

Reality – Not any easier than OTB chess

The reality is that any chess game online is not even one percent easier than an over-the-board chess game. It is just as difficult and not everyone recognizes this fact. In case you want to win an online chess game, treat it like the real one.   

Expectations – The rules are different

The rules in online chess somehow differ from the offline one. People end up feeling that they do get some liberty with the rules and it is much easier than the physical board game.

Reality – There is no strategy difference

No, you should get that right. Everything from a gambit to castling goes valid in online chess games too. You should learn a few tricks of the trade and go ahead with using your over-the-board chess strategy.

Expectations – Play fast

Online chess games are fast-paced chess games and are really fun. Also, you must play fast in a chess tournament when playing online. It is a 3-minute game and strategies may not work well.

Reality – Not really needed

Not all chess games are fast-paced chess games and you don’t have to play fast all the time. Chess is a game of strategy, focus and attention and you must get comfortable to play longer games too.

Well, we are sure that this expectation vs reality of online chess would surely take your mind off the usual myths of an online chess game. In case you want to get into the details, all you must do is download the MPL app and start playing an online chess game.

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