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Play Carrom Game Online – An Ideal Way to Keep Away from Boredom!

It is not possible to keep yourself entertained 24/7 and people have started to complain about boredom even during lockdown. We bring you the best cure for your boredom – Online Carrom!

Carrom is a very compelling game. It can keep you engaged for hours without you realizing, such is the beauty of carrom. People say that time flies while playing this game with friends. It is a great pass time and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Most Indians have played carrom at least once in their lives. Some might still have an old carrom board they occasionally bring out to have fun with their family and friends over evening tea.

These days people also play carrom games online. It might sound odd at first, to know that such a dynamic game which requires precision can be played online. But you’ll never know until you try playing online carrom.

Relive your childhood

Carrom was commonly played by children and women in India. This is true even in the current day and age. Children love playing outside and causing a racket but this happens to be one of the few games that they enjoy playing indoors. This is due to the simple mechanism of the game, where you do not have to speculate too much. Simply judge the placement of coins, take a good angle and strike. If you played carrom as a child and then you might feel nostalgic after playing carrom online.


The basic equipment required to play carrom is a large wooden board, carrom men or coins, striker, carrom powder, a stand to keep the board stable, a high voltage bulb/light above your head and chairs. It might be hard to fetch all of these things, the absence of even one equipment has a direct impact on the game. Since carrom has now become an online board game you do not have to worry about even one of these things. The effort you will put for playing carrom will be zero to nothing but the fun and entertainment you derive will be maximum.

Discovering New Shots

Players are hesitant to try out new shots during a match, fearing that they will lose or mess up and make a fool out of themselves. They also do not know the proper angles that should be considered while striking, especially new players. However, if you play carrom online there is a chance for you to try out these shots without the fear of being judged. This allows you to learn and observe the physics behind carrom shots. Next time you play on an actual board, you can imitate them and surprise everyone at the table with your gameplay. You can also experiment and invent best carrom trick shots of your own.

Playing at Your Convenience

If you want to play carrom you need 1 to 3 people. Even if you do have people, it also depends on their mood and whether they enjoy playing this game or not. Basically, there are a lot of factors that come into the picture when we talk about playing carrom in a traditional style. However, it is quite enjoyable to vibe with your family and friends while playing carrom but this might not always be the case. Playing carrom online solves this problem for you, now you do not need to wait around for someone else to play with you if you’re urgently craving a game of carrom. Just pick up your phone and start playing!

Connecting with Carrom Enthusiasts

When you play carrom online, you are competing against people who enjoy the same game as you. This means that you can connect with like-minded individuals and people who hold similar interests. Join an online community and discuss carrom with players who are better than you, make new friends in these groups and expand your network of people. Once you become friends, you can regularly play with these people and maybe even gossip about the latest carrom news in town.

Final Thoughts

Playing an online carrom game is a wonderful way for you to get rid of boredom anytime and anywhere. The traditional way of playing carrom is revamped in online carrom. People play this game for leisure but sometimes it becomes difficult because of all the equipment it requires, nonetheless, we have solved this problem for you and made carrom available at your fingertips.

So if you have been sceptical about playing carrom online, then this should be enough for convincing you to play a few games and experience it by yourself on the MPLapp


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