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Why should you play Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a form of fantasy league wherein the users form a virtual team of eleven players, each with certain points assigned alongside.

In order for players to get to the top of the rankings in either small or mega contests, they must pick the best set of virtual players who they believe can perform on a given day, help them acquire points, and subsequently higher rankings in the contests.  But, the question arises, why should you play fantasy cricket and what’s in the store for you as a user? 

Without any further adieu, let us explore the world of fantasy cricket and know why an individual should participate in any fantasy cricket contest. 

Create your own team

Fantasy cricket lets the users pick the players that they strongly feel can deliver to their potential for the given contest. One can pick freely among the following categories  of players – Batsmen, Bowlers, Wicket-Keepers, and All-Rounders. In total, one has to pick 11 players as per the rules of cricket.

If you check MPL Pro application on your devices then you will see that one can choose 1-4 Wicket-Keepers, 3-6 Batsmen, 3-6 Bowlers and 1-4 All-Rounders to help formulate the best set of 11 cricketers who can get you the maximum amount of points in any contest. Care should be taken that you can pick a maximum of 7 players from a given team. Once you are done with that, the next step is to assign players as Captain and Vice-Captain – they are the individuals who will reward you with higher points compared to the other 9 players. 

While a user is provided freedom to select any player for the fantasy XI, the best practice would be to handpick only those players who are available in the playing XI, means, they are a sure shot selections, and can generate you some rewards firstly by their addition in the team and secondly by their performance as a batsman, bowler or a fielder. 

If your selected players aren’t in the playing XI for the match you’ve built the fantasy team then you won’t get any points for the particular player, which in turn, will affect your overall rankings in a contest. 

Know more about the sport – Cricket 

Major successes in fantasy cricket are all based on the knowledge one has about a given sport, and not purely luck. In this case, one must know about cricket in order to outwit the competitors in varying priced small or mega leagues. 

It means, the players must try to keep themselves informed on the following parameters in order to get an upperhand in a fantasy contest  – 

  • Team Squad 
  • Weather Report
  • Playing XI
  • Injury Report
  • Head to Head Statistics
  • Pitch Report

If the players are aware of the aforementioned factors for the upcoming competition then the chances of success multiply, eventually leading to higher ranks and more prizes. 

Good chance to win cash prizes 

The best part of any fantasy cricket contest is not the rankings, but the rewards they generate that makes the individuals participate again and again in multiple contests, be it for the same match or different matches. The concept of rewards adds a certain degree of excitement into the competition. 

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to participate in a contest that has entry fees in single or two digits that can reap greater rewards on successful completion. Not to forget, there’s bonus cash and discounts that helps users reinvest their money for other contests. 

While many look to play safe by taking part in head to head and small leagues, many compete at a slightly bigger level in the mega leagues. Each of the leagues have a limit on the number of players that can participate in a contest. 

Well, I hope the points mentioned above would have given you brief information about why one should play in fantasy cricket and what are the benefits involved in the same. 

Even for the starters who want to grow as fantasy cricket users, the major advice would be to participate regularly as only then you can learn the tips and tricks to excel the rest in fantasy leagues. 

So, if you’re a fan of the gentleman’s game and want to experience another level of excitement surrounding it then now would be an ideal time for you to start participating in fantasy cricket contests. 

It’s just a matter of time before you become an expert at fantasy cricket. Play the best fantasy cricket matches on MPL app now!

V Shashank
A cricket aficionado who has been following the game since the historic Ashes 2013-14. "People throw stones at you, you turn them into milestones." - Sachin Tendulkar


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