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Win Patti Skill Rules

Win Patti Skill is a skill-game version of a popular Indian casino game also known as Indian Flush, Flash, Indian Poker, or Three Card Poker. The game originated from the British game of Three-Card Brag with an influence from the skill based poker game. Win Patti Skill has similarities to a simplified variant of the skill based Poker game and is popularly played during the Diwali festival in India. The game is more entertaining and comes with fun twists unlike the teen patti game, which is played widely.

A maximum of 10 players can play Win Patti Skill (preferably 4-7 players) at a time using a standard deck of 52 cards, excluding jokers. In Win Patti Skill, the players agree upon the value of the minimum stake before the game begins. The players attempt to make the highest-ranking combination with only three cards to increase the prize pool and their winnings. 235 is the biggest sequence in this game.

Win Patti Skill is played with a 52-card pack, and the cards are ranked from highest to lowest, from Ace to Two. The players place an initial bet in the prize pot, and then the dealer deals three cards, face-down, to each player, after which the betting process and play commence.

Learn the essential rules and gameplay of the win patti skill card game below:

Win Patti Skill Chart-Hand Rankings

The win patti skill game is all about winning the pot with the best three-card combinations by categorizing each card in a rank. The player with the highest-ranking card hand wins. It’s easy to learn the Win Patti Skill hand rankings vs the teen patti hand rankings. The hand rankings for the Win Patti Skill game are listed below in a high-to-low order:

Trio, Trail, of Three of a Kind

A trio or a three-of-a-kind is a set of three cards of the same rank. For instance, three aces A♥️A♠️A♣️ is the best trio combination and triple twos 2♣️ 2♦️ 2♥️ are the lowest-ranking three-of-a-kind combination.

Pure Sequence or Straight Run

Three consecutive cards of the same suit form a pure sequence or a straight run. For instance, the A♠️ 2♠️ 3♠️ is the highest straight run, followed by A♠️ K♠️ Q♠️ and K♠️ Q♠️ J♠️, to 4♠️ 3♠️ 2♠️ being the lowest straight run win patti skill hand. 2♠️ A♠️ K♠️ doesn't form a valid run.

Sequence or Normal Run

Three consecutive cards, not all of the same suit, form a normal run. The highest-ranking normal run is A♠️2♥️3♠️ followed by A♥️K♣️Q♠️, K♦️Q♠️J♥️, and so on till 4♠️3♥️2♦️.

Color or Flush

Any three cards of the same suit form a color hand. For instance, A♣️ K♣️ J♣️ can form a color or flush. While comparing two flush hands, the highest card is compared. If the highest cards are of the same rank, the second highest cards are compared. If the second-highest cards are also of the same rank, then the lowest cards are compared. The highest color of the flush hand is A-K-J, and the lowest is 5-3-2.


When two cards out of the three cards are of the same rank, it is a pair. For instance, A-A-K or Q-Q-J can be called a pair. The lowest-ranking pair is 2-2-3.

High Card or No Pair

Three cards that do not fall in any of the above hand rankings are grouped under the high card or no pair hand. The best high card hand is A-K-J of mixed suits, and the lowest hand is 5-3-2.

How To Play Win Patti Skill?


The main objective of the win patti skill card game is to make the highest-ranking card combination from the three cards that the dealer deals. The players try to maximise the pot or the prize pool to secure the highest winnings.

The Betting Procedure Rules

According to the win patti skill game rules (which are different from 3 patti rules), the player seated at the left of the dealer begins the betting process. The betting proceeds in a clockwise direction around the table for the necessary number of circuits.

The players can either choose to stay in the game by betting and placing an additional bet in the pot or by paying nothing or can choose to fold.

If a player chooses to fold, they are removed from the bet permanently, and they lose the amount they had invested in the pot initially.

The amount a player needs to place a bet in every round depends on the current stake and whether he plays blind or is a seen player. The current stake is the amount the players put in the pot as the ante bet.

The seen players must bet twice the amount as blind players to stay in the game.

If you bet blind, you must put an amount equal to the current stake and not more than double the current stake. The amount you put in then becomes the current stake for the following player.

A seen player must bet twice the current stake but not more than four times. The current stake is reduced to half of the bet of the previous player's bet for the next player.

The betting process continues until a) everyone except two players folds and the last surviving player wins the game, or 2) everyone except two players folds, and one of the two players is now playing for a show, in which case, the cards of both players are compared.

Show Rules

When a player is playing for a show, these are the show rules that are followed:

A show can take place after only two players are remaining in the game.

The blind player should add an amount equal to the current stake in the pot, irrespective of whether or not the other player is a blind player.

A seen player cannot demand for a show from a blind player. Only the seen player can choose to continue to gamble or withdraw.

If both players are seen players, either one of the players can pay twice the current stake for a show. The player with the highest-ranking hand wins the pot. In case of a tie, the winning player is the one who didn't pay for the show.

If all the players are seen players, you can ask the player before you for a sideshow during your turn after paying the minimum bet (twice the current stake). The player can either accept or reject the sideshow.

If the player accepts the sideshow, the two players involved privately compare their cards in private and the player with lower-ranking cards folds. If the players are tied, the player who requests a sideshow folds. If the player rejects the sideshow, betting continues from the player seated next to the player who asked for a sideshow.

Main Bet Options

Ante - To join a game, the players place an initial bet called Ante. The players place their bet by selecting a chip value from the available stack of chips and select the bet option on the table.

Play - After the ante is places, the regular betting starts, which is called the play.

Flush - Three cards of the same suit is a Flush. If two players have Flushes, the player with the higher-ranking hand wins. In a tie, the next highest card is compared and then the suits.

Mini Royal - A hand with Queen-King-Ace of the same suit is called a Mini Royal.

Pair - A hand with two cards of the same rank is called a Pair. The player with the higher-ranking pair wins. If the pairs of both players are of equal value, the third card determines the winner.

Straight Flush - A hand with three consecutive cards of the same suit is a straight flush.

Straight - A hand with three consecutive cards but not all of the same suit is straight. A straight is also called a Sequence or a Round.

Three of a Kind - A hand with three cards of the same rank is called three of a kind. Three aces are the highest, and three twos are the lowest.

Side Bet Options

Four of a Kind - This bet is a part of 3+ 3 side bet. Four cards of the same rank out of the six cards (yours and the dealer's cards) make a four of a kind.

Full House - This bet is a part of 3+ 3 side bet. A hand with three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank make a full house.

Royal Flush - This bet is a part of 3+ 3 side bet. A royal flush includes A-K-Q-J-10 of the same suit.

Win Patti Skill Rules Summary

Here are the essential win patti skill game rules to remember:

As per the win patti skill rules, which are essentially similar to the poker rules but vary from 3 patti rules, the players decide the minimum stake value before beginning the game, and each player adds the minimal bet amount to the pot at the centre of the table.

After the players receive their cards face down, they can choose to play Blind or Seen without looking at their cards.

Players playing Blind can change to a Seen player during the other rounds of the game.

While playing Blind, the players must at least bet the minimum stake. If playing Seen, the players must bet two times the minimum amount of stake.

Win Patti Skill Strategies

Know The Game Rules

The most important part of playing the win patti skill game is knowing all the rules and gameplay before you start playing for money. Unlike the online 3 patti game, Win Patti Skill rules are easy to understand and learn. The players must understand the game completely to avoid losing their bets.

Start With Small Bets

If you are a beginner at win patti skill, it is wise to start with small bets so that you can play more hands in a single session. If you play more hands, you may win some hands and lose some, which is always better than placing a large bet and losing all the money.

Maintain A Poker Face

Win patti skill is similar to skill games like poker, 3 Card Brag, and Flush, where you can give out tells through your expressions. However, the game is different from the popular Indian tash game of teen patti. Maintaining a poker face in this game is essential so that the opponents find it difficult to read you and figure out your strategy.

Control Your Emotions

Getting emotional during the games can lead to making wrong choices and losing more games. Therefore, you must always keep your emotions in check.

Don't Fear Losing

Since it's not quite possible to win every game, but it's possible to increase the number of your wins, you shouldn't be afraid to lose a few games.

Poker Vs Win Patti Skill

Poker is a popular skill game played worldwide. Win patti skill has some similarities to the skill game of poker. The gameplay of poker and win patti skill is quite similar, and the major difference lies in the number of cards dealt. In poker, each player has three face-down cards (hole cards) and two common face-up cards (community cards).

In win patti skill, the dealer deals three face-down cards to each player, and there are no shared community cards. Therefore, as per poker rules, the players have to make the best five-card hand to win, whereas in win patti skill, the players must make the best three-card hand to win.

Win Patti Skill Game Variations

The win patti skill game is played with variations, than the teen patti game, that the players may decide on. For instance, some may play with a higher limit on the amount with which the bet increases, while others may set a limit on the number of times a player can bet blind. Players may also play with the rule for the amount for a show to be double the minimum bet. The win patti skill game variations have also come up over the years, with many games involving wild cards or exposed cards. Here are some of the popular variations of the win patti skill game:

Best Of Four

The players are dealt four cards each and must make the best three-card hand out of the four cards.


Similar to the stud poker game, this variation involves a combination of face-up cards and face-down cards. The players must make the highest-ranking three-card hand to win.


In this win patti skill variation, the dealer deals cards to each player before the initial bet. The players also have the option to discard unwanted cards and buy new cards.

Bust Card Draw

In the bust card draw game, the dealer draws one card randomly, and all cards of the same rank are eliminated. The players are required to fold the selected cards.

Lowball (Muflis)

In the lowball win patti skill game, the lower-value cards are favored over higher-value cards. For instance, in the usual win patti skill game, triple aces A-A-A beat triple kings K-K-K. However, in the lowball game, the K-K-K hand wins against the A-A-A hand.


In the Cobra game, the players pick their cards and place them on their forehead such that everyone other than that player can see the cards.


As the name suggests, each player must make the highest-ranking three-card combination using the community cards, and the cards dealt to them.


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