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Win Patti Skill Variations

Win Patti Skill is a card game that is quite popular in India. The game owes its popularity to the numerous skill-based variations related to the 3 patti game with exciting tweaks and rule changes. The twists in the rules make the game more challenging, thrilling, yet different from the traditional teen patti game. While most of the win patti skill variations have standard rules as the original game, other variations may have completely different rules. However, the gameplay mostly remains the same.

Here's a list of the 20 most popular and commonly played win patti skill variations. But before trying out the different win patti skill variations, you must learn the basic rules and gameplay to play win patti skill for real money.

Win Patti Skill Variations - List Of 20 Variations To Play Win Patti Skill

Image: Similar image as below with the names of variants as Muflis, AK47, 999, Auction, Banko, Joker Hunt, Pack Jack, Stud, Sudden Death, and Old Sequence.

If you are bored of playing the original teen patti game, you should try out win patti skill and its variations, which are quite different and entertaining. Once you have learned the win patti skill rules you can try the different win patti skill variations. These variations are divided into three main categories:

Variations based on Hand Rankings

Variations based on Joker Cards

Variations based on other Changes in the Gameplay

Win Patti Skill Variations In Hand Rankings

Muflis or Lowball

This win patti skill variation, Muflis, is the most popular one among all others. The game, also known as Lowball, has similar rules to the classic win patti skill game with the difference in the value of cards in hand. In the Muflis game, the value of the cards in hand are opposite to the usual values - the lowest card has the highest value and vice versa.

Therefore, between two players, the player with the lowest-value hand wins the game. For instance, if one player has a pair of Jack at showdown and the other player has a pair of 9s, the player with the pair of 9s will win.


In the game of 999, the hand that is closest to 999 wins the game. 999 varies from 3 patti game in terms of the value of Ace card - while all the number cards have the same value as the original game, but the face cards other than Ace have no value, and the Ace card is valued at 1. The objective of the game is to get a score closest to 9-9-9 to win.

For instance, if a player has three cards as 9-5-A, their score is 951. Another player with 7-8-Q will get a score of 780, and so on. The player with a score closest to 999 will win the game.

This is a fun variation to play as you need to be quick in arranging your cards in a way that you get the highest score.

Old Sequence

In the Old Sequence game, the rules are the same as the win patti skill game, with the only difference in how you form a sequence.

For instance, to form a sequence in the classic win patti skill games, you arrange the cards in consecutive order as J-Q-K. However, in the old sequence game, the sequence is formed with alternate value cards such as 9-J-K.

Closest to 555

In Closest to 555, the rules are the same as the 999 game. In this win patti skill variation, the dealer deals three cards to each player, and the players get an option to exchange one card from the pack. They can exchange only one card per round.

The values of the number cards in this game are the same as their face value. But, the value of the face cards (A, K, Q, J) is zero. The player with a hand score closest to 555 wins the game, irrespective of whether the score is higher or lower than 555.

Win Patti Skill Variations In Jokers


Auction is another win patti skill variation that is among the most popular variations. The dealer deals three cards to each player at the beginning of each round. Two cards are dealt face down, and one card is face up, representing Joker. You can place a bet with an open card as a Joker to bid for a game unless you feel you have a strong hand. The step is carried out once again until each game has been bought. The game resumes using the standard Win Patti Skill rule when the auction "closes."

King Little

In this win patti skill variation, all of the kings are jokers. Additionally, the lowest-value card out of the three cards dealt to each player is also the joker card.

For instance, if a player has K-J-6, J and 6 will be the joker cards. With K and 6 as joker cards, a player can form a trail of J-J-J.


In the AK47 win patti skill variation, the Ace, King, and 4 to 7 cards play the joker's role. Therefore, these cards can assume any value, and players can make sequences using the joker cards.

Pack Jack

In this win patti skill variation, each player receives three joker cards (wild cards) face up on the table. If a player folds or packs in the game, their cards replace the previous joker cards to become three new joker cards on the table.

Joker Hunt

In this version of win patti skill, the dealer deals three cards to each player and places some cards face-up on the table. The number of cards that the dealer places face-up equals twice the number of players plus 3. For instance, with 4 players, the dealer opens 4x2+3=11 cards.

In the following two rounds, the players select one face card and discard another card from hand. A player can choose not to pick a card but must close one face-up card. After two rounds, the closed face-up card is removed, and the remaining three face-up cards are left as jokers.

One-Eyed Jack

The one-eyed jack is closely related to the traditional teen patti game, and varies from the win patti skill game. The difference is that in the one-eyed-jack game, the Jack of Hearts and Spades become One-Eyed-Jack. These two cards are jokers and can assume any value during the round.

Plus Sign

In the game of plus sign, the dealer deals three cards to each player and makes a plus sign with 5 cards. The five cards are joker cards which can have any value.

While playing the game, the players can choose either the horizontal or vertical set of cards from the plus sign. Before dealing the cards, the dealer decides which set the players can choose from. The players can take advantage of the joker cards during the show.

For instance, if a player has a pair A-A-6, and chooses a joker card from the vertical set as 6. then the 6 will become a joker card that can have any value and form a trail of the pair.

Banko Banko

Banko Banko is one of the most fun win patti skill variations. In this variation, the players must place an agreed amount of money on the table during their bet, and then the dealer places two cards face-up in front of them. The players have to guess the value of the next card. The players stay in the game if they guess the value correctly.

There are three hidden jokers in the game, and the first joker is shown when the bet money exceeds 10; the second joker can be seen at 20 bet money and the third joker at 30 bet money.


A fun win patti skill variation with an interesting name, but how do you play kiss-miss-bliss? Firstly, the dealer deals five cards to each player, and the players can choose to put two cards together to use them as joker.

Kiss, Miss, and Bliss are the three jokers in the game. When a pair of cards make a joker, it is called Bliss. When two consecutively ranked cards make a joker, it is called Kiss. A sequence with one missing number makes a Miss.

The players must discard the extra cards once they have made one of the three jokers. The players then play with the two cards and one joker to start the round. If none of the cards makes a joker, the player must still discard two cards.

Other Variations In Win Patti Skill Game


In this variation, the game is closely related to the Stud Poker game. The rules have similarities with the traditional teen patti rules but are different from win patti skill rules; however, you must get a pre-decided mix of face-up and face-down cards. The cards dealt face-down are called hole cards, and the cards dealt face-up are called street cards.


In this variation, there are two versions - 3-card community and 5-card community. In the 3-card community version, the dealer deals two cards to each player, one card face-up (community card) and another card face-down.

In the 5-card community version, the dealer deals two face-down cards and three face-up cards (community cards) to each player. The players can combine one of the face-down cards with two face-up cards to complete a hand.

The dealer also places three face-up cards on the table. The players can replace their cards with community cards. No player can play blind or chaal in this version.

Discard One

In this game, the dealer deals four cards to each player instead of three cards. The player can choose the best 3 cards out of the 4 and discard one card. All the players must play chaal as all of them see their cards.

2 Cards Open

To play 2 cards open, the dealer deals two cards face-up and a third card face-down to each player on the table. The game continues normally after dealing. The players decide their bets and moves based on the third card. No player can play blind or chaal in this variant.

Sudden Death

To play the sudden death variant, the dealer deals a pack of 52 cards equally amongst each player. If there are four players on the table, each player gets 13 cards.

You can hold your cards between your ring finger and thumb and drop the cards until a player shouts 'Stop'. Similarly, all other players also drop their cards until a player shouts 'Stop'.

You can then pick the highest-value card from the cards remaining in hand. The players compare their cards, and the player with the highest card wins.

Wild Draw

To play the Wild Draw variant, the dealer deals three cards to each player and draws a random card from the deck. The dealer then places the random card, face-up, on the table and is considered the joker card.


To play the In-Out game, each player places a pre-determined Ante bet in the main pot. The dealer then deals three cards to each player and places three joker cards face-up on the table.

The players take turns to choose whether they are in or out of the game. If a player opts for In, they wish to keep playing. If a player opts out, they wish to fold.

The In players have to place an additional bet. If the player is playing blind, they can bet 1-2x the Ante bet and if they are playing chaal, they can bet 2-4x of the Ante bet.

When a player is out, their cards become new jokers, replacing the old ones. In the end, if more than one player is 'In', their cards are compared, and the best hand wins.

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