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Win Patti Skill Sequence (विन पत्ती)

The Win Patti Skill card game, which is similar to the popular card games also known as Flash and Flush is a popular card game closely related to the skill based poker game but varies from the popular 3 patti game. To play win patti skill, it is necessary to learn and understand the win patti skill sequence.

Here's a guide to the win patti skill card sequence rules and win patti skill sequence list that you must know to play win patti skill game. The rules vary from teen patti rules but are easy to learn.

What Are The Win Patti Skill Sequence Rules?

The win patti skill rules are quite similar to the popular card skill game, poker but vary from that of teen patti game. The difference between win patti skill hands and poker hands is that win patti skill hands are made of three cards rather than five. Moreover, the win patti skill sequence list doesn't include poker hands such as four-of-a-kind and royal flush hand for obvious reasons.

Take a look at the win patti skill card sequence list below:

Win Patti Skill Sequence List - Win Patti Skill Hands

A win patti skill sequence includes three cards, arranged in specific ways to make a particular hand. There are a total of 6 hands in win patti skill game. The highest-ranked out of the win patti skill hands is the Trail, with three Aces as the highest-ranking Trail. The lowest-ranking hand in win patti skill is the High Card sequence.

The value of cards also matters in each sequence of win patti skill. For instance, Ace is the highest-value card, and 2 is the lowest-value card. However, based on the specific game rules, Aces can serve as both low and high cards.

Trio Or Trail Or Set

A Trail or a Trio consists of three cards of the same rank but different suits. A-A-A or 5-5-5, or J-J-J are all examples of a trail. A trail is also called Three-of-a-Kind. The A-A-A is the highest trail, and 2-2-2 is the lowest trail.

Pure Sequence Or Straight Flush

A Pure Sequence or a Straight Flush consists of three consecutive cards of the same suit. A-K-Q, J-10-9, and 4-3-2 are exmaples of a pure sequence. A-K-Q is the highest pure seqeunce and 4-3-2 is the lowest.

Sequence Or Straight

A Sequence or Straight in win patti skill consists of three cards of consecutive ranks and not of the same suit. For instance an Ace of Hearts, a King of Spades, and a Queen of Hearts make a sequence.


A Colour or Flush of win patti skill hands consists of three cards that have the same suit. For instance, A-K-J of Hearts will make a color or flush.


A Pair sequence of win patti skill consists of two cards of the same rank or value and the third card of any rank or suit, also called the kicker. For instance, A-A-J or K-K-10 or 7-7-J are all examples of a pair.

High Card

The High Card consists of three cards of no specific rank or suit. This hand is considered the weakest of all win patti skill hands. Ace is the highest-ranking card in high card and 2 is the lowest-ranking card. If you have a high-card hand, it's usually best to fold or pack.

Which Is The Highest Sequence In Win Patti Skill?

The highest sequence in win patti skill is the Trail sequence. Trail is also called Trio, Three-of-a-Kind, or a Set.

Further, even in the Trail sequence, a trail with three Aces (A-A-A) is the highest-ranking hand. A trail with three Aces is sure to win against any other hand.

The lowest trail is three 2s (2-2-2). However, even the lowest trail can beat other sequences in the win patti skill sequence list.

Tips To Make The Highest Sequence In Win Patti Skill

Win Patti Skill, unlike the 3 patti game, is a skill-based game, and therefore, it requires tips, tricks, and strategies to make the best hand out of three cards. Here are several strategies you can use to make the highest sequence out of the cards in hand.

Start with small Bets

To make the best out of the hand dealt to you, you should be able to play more hands. The strategy to play more hands by extending your financial resources is to begin small and raise your bets gradually. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, you must start with small bets.

Play blind

If you decide to be a blind player, you must consider your bankroll. A blind player bets without seeing their cards. Playing blind can be helpful for the player who finds it difficult to control or hide their emotions after seeing their cards. If the stakes are low and the player starts with small bets, playing blind can be beneficial.

Control your emotions

Emotions, expressions, and gestures can be detrimental to your game. You must keep your emotions in check so that the opponents cannot predict your moves or the strength of your hand through them.

Make the most of a weak hand

If you have been dealt a weak hand, you must not think of packing right away. There's no such thing as bad cards because you can always use your skills and strategies to improve your hand and win the game. You can even trick your opponents with a stronger hand to pack with your bluffing skills.

Practice regularly

It goes without saying that practice is the only way you can work on your skills and polish them. To win in this game, you need sufficient practice, skills, and good strategies.

Win Patti Skill Sequence Probability

In win patti skill, some hands are easier to make than other hands. For instance, the probability of making a straight flush will be lower than the probability of getting a pair. Here's a win patti skill sequence probability table that shows the odds of obtaining the hands:

Straight Flush/Pure Sequence0.22%
High card74.39%

What Beats What In Win Patti Skill Card Sequence?

When you play win patti skill, you may often encounter a situation where two players have the same win patti skill sequence of three cards. For instance, you have a Flush, and another player makes a Flush as well. In such cases, how will you decide which among the same sequence will win?

Firstly, you will consider the ranking order of the cards in the sequence. The cards are ranked in highest to lowest order as Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

When two players have the same win patti skill sequence, the value or rank of the cards is considered, and the highest value sequence wins.

Let's take an example:

Suppose both the players have made a sequence/straight. However, one player made a sequence with J-10-9, and another player made a sequence with 10-9-8. In this case, the player with a higher ranking sequence (J-10-9) will win.

In another example, if two players have made a trail, K-K-K and J-J-J, then the player with the higher-ranking trail (K-K-K) will win.

There are also times when two players may have similar ranking cards in the same sequence. For instance, one player has made straight with J-10-9 of clubs, and another has made a J-10-9 of Spades. In such cases, the tie-breaker is the suit, with Spades ranking the highest amongst all suits.

Win Patti Skill Sequence (विन पत्ती स्किल) FAQs

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