Ludo Dice is an enjoyable and exciting variation of the traditional board game Ludo. You may have played Ludo before, but Ludo Dice offers a greater challenge. 

Ludo Dice is played with four tokens, and each move contributes to the player's score. You have a limited number of moves to make, and the objective is to outscore the opponent. As a player, you must strategize moves that enable you to capture your opponent's tokens, earn bonus points, and win the game in the fewest possible turns.

Play this variant of Ludo against other online opponents to demonstrate your strategic and deliberative skills. First, hone your skills with free practice games, then put them to good use in Ludo Dice cash games to win actual cash prizes.

How to Download Ludo Dice

The Ludo Dice game is completely free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Below are the simple, straightforward steps required to download and enjoy the game online.

Ludo Dice is a pretty simple game to learn, but the enjoyment derived from playing with your buddies makes it worthwhile.

Download on Android

  • Head to website
  • Enter your mobile number to receive an SMS containing a download link.
  • Click on the link you received to download the application.
  • Install and register yourself on the app.
  • Find the Ludo Dice game on the app dashboard and select it.
  • Try playing a few free battles to get the hang of the game.
  • Proceed to play cash games on Ludo Dice and win big!

Download on iOS

  • Search the Apple App Store for the MPL app and download it for free.
  • Install the app once the download is complete.
  • Register with your mobile number on the app.
  • Find the Ludo Dice game on the app dashboard (under “All Games”).
  • Watch the “how to play video” once and start playing.
  • Play Ludo Dice and win big!

How to Play Ludo Dice on MPL

Try Ludo Dice on MPL and use the opportunity to defeat your opponents and earn real money. Ludo Dice is playable in two formats - battle and tournament. 2-4 players can play Ludo Dice, depending on the game you pick. Are you ready to take up the challenge and win? 

To play Ludo Dice, all you need is a smartphone, a stable internet connection, the MPL app, and a go-getter attitude. Get the game on your phone and begin your Ludo Dice journey right away with the help of the following steps:

  • Launch the MPL app and find the Ludo Dice game.
  • Install the game if you’re a first-time user and view the “how to play” video.
  • Start with practice games to understand the game mechanics better.
  • Pick cash battles once you’ve mastered your skills.
  • Submit the entry fee to play a cash game or join a cash tournament.
  • Defeat your opponent(s) to earn real money rewards. 

If you’re new to the world of Ludo, it makes sense to be aware of these essential Ludo tips and tricks. Also, ensure that you’re well-versed in the rules of Ludo, especially before entering a cash battle or tournament. 

Ludo Dice Rules

Ludo Dice follows most of the traditional rules of Ludo, but there are some exceptions too. The objective, as is the case with the original game, is to take your tokens “home”. But you can also win the game by scoring higher than the opponent. Since there are a limited number of moves, you have to act strategically. Also, each game goes on for 4 minutes. The other key rules for Ludo Dice are given below:

  • The game automatically matches you with an online opponent once you select your preferred battle. 
  • You lose the game (and the entry fee, in case of cash games) if you quit the game when it is in progress.
  • A depleting green bar over your profile picture indicates the time remaining for you to roll the dice and make a move accordingly. 
  • The first time the bar depletes entirely, you’ll get some extra time to roll the dice/make a move.
  • If you miss making moves on three occasions, you lose the game.
  • Pick a token to move based on the roll of the dice.
  • If you roll a 6, you get an extra turn. 
  • If you capture the opponent’s token, you get an extra move and gain more points.
  • Navigate and reach home using your token to earn the maximum points. You also get an extra turn when one of your tokens reaches home. 
  • Score higher than the opponent to win the game!

Why Play Ludo Dice on MPL?

The game follows the traditional format of Ludo but with some exciting twists and turns. Firstly, the games are timed, making the task at hand a lot more challenging and fun. Also, the online version allows you to play anywhere, anytime, without having the board and/or tokens with you. Ludo Dice is a game that’s easy to understand, as it involves being timely and tactical with the tokens you have. The interface is also pleasing to look at, enhancing the gameplay to a great extent. The other advantages of playing Ludo Dice on MPL are as follows:

  • Almost zero wait time: You are matched with an online opponent almost instantly. The waiting times are negligible, and there will always be someone to play against.
  • Real players: You are competing with real human players. MPL blocks the use of bots or automation tools to keep the games fair and square.
  • Free practice games: Noone can be the best player right from the start. It takes some (or a lot of) practice to become an expert in Ludo Dice.
  • Cash rewards: There are daily cash games and tournaments with varying prize pools waiting to be won. Additionally, expect cashback offers and bonuses from time to time.
  • 100% legal & secure: Playing Ludo Dice for cash prizes is absolutely legal in states that permit cash games. MPL app is the safest and most secure platform to play Ludo Dice online.
  • Instant withdrawals: Your winnings can be withdrawn immediately. The process is hassle-free.
  • Variety of payment choices: Pick from multiple payment methods such as UPI, bank transfer, or Amazon Pay.


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