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Straight Flush

Playing poker isn't easy, they say. Well, that is not entirely correct. If you familiarise yourself with various terms and rules of poker, you can become a professional. Regardless of which poker variants you choose to play, it is vital to have a perfect understanding of how to play poker and the essential rules before you start playing and challenging other players online.

The first and foremost lesson in poker is learning about the poker hands and the poker hand rankings. Also, it would help if you had some tips handy, which you can read here.

Poker on MPL is available in three popular variations: Texas Hold 'em, PL Omaha, and PL Omaha 5.

In this, you will understand the fundamental poker rules, using an example hand to demonstrate. We will be discussing Straight Flush poker here.

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What is a Straight flush?

Straight Flush, as mentioned above, is five cards of the same suit, in sequence. A Straight Flush is the best hand you can have in poker apart from the Royal Flush. The ultimate combination of a Straight Flush is called a Royal Flush. It is made by A-K-Q-J-10, all in the same suit.

Some examples of Royal Flush are:





In a Royal flush hand, the suits are irrelevant. The denomination matters here. When it comes to Royal flush, the hand rank is more important. From King to Ace in any suit, all the ranks are the same.

Example of a regular Straight Flush:


However, the ranking of a Straight Flush depends upon the highest straight card and not the suit. In case of more than one player has Straight Flush, then the winner is decided by the player having the highest straight. In that manner, a 10-high Straight Flush, regardless of any suit, will beat a 9-high Straight Flush in any suit. This goes for all the Royal Flush hand rank rankings.

Lowest Straight Flush in Poker

As per the poker straight order, A-2-3-4-5 is the lowest order. It is a five-high straight where Ace is used as 1. Typically, a straight flush in poker is ranked by the highest card. Hence, use Ace as low and five as high in a straight combination of A-2-3-4-5.

Straight Flush Poker Combinations

A Wheel or Bicycle poker combination is when they go up to A-2-3-4-5. In Straight Flush, the poker hand ranking is possible. Suits are not necessary here; what matters is the denomination. Not all the hands are ranked equally. The straight cards are ranked by their highest order hence the denomination order is critical.

Straight Flush in 3 Card Poker

In numerical order, three card poker refers to three-card combinations of a kind or of the same suit. That means King, Queen, and Ace are the high-ranking cards while 4,3,2 are the lowest ones. Read more about 3 Card game poker here.

Basic Rules of Straight Flush

Suits are unrelated in Straight Flush.

While playing a game of poker, one of the first things to note is that suits are not relevant in this case. While forming a sequence, it is about getting the sequence, irrespective of the suit. In extremely rare cases, if a tie occurs between two or more players with the same hand rank, the card straight card determines the outcome. For instance, a 9 high straight flush from any suit will always beat a 7 high.

Ranking the Straight Flush

In Texas Hold'em, and almost all poker games use the 52-card deck. Technically, the straight Flush ranks ahead of every other and can beat every hand below it. If you have Royal Flush, though, as a separate ranking, then it becomes the second-best hand in poker.

There are 40 possible straight flush variations in poker with four Royal Flush variations using the same deck of cars.

Texas Hold 'em Straight flush Poker combinations

Considering the flop, turn and river in Texas Hold 'em, here are the odds for you to make it.

 Pre-flop: 0.00139% 5 cards randomly drawn

 Flop: 0.0012% Provided you are holding 2 suited cards

 Turn: 4.25% Provided you have 2 suited cards from the flop round

 River: 4.35% Provided there are 2 suited cards on the table

There are a total of 10,240 different straight poker hands that are recognised as straight. They are either ordinary straight or flush straight.

Types of Straights in Poker

There are two types of poker hands that are classified as straight.

Straight Flush: There are five cards of the same suit in sequence, such as 3♥, 4♥, 5♥, 6♥, 7♥.

Ordinary straight: There are five cards in sequence, with a minimum of two cards of different suits. Ace can be high or low, but not both. Thus, A♠, 2♥, 3♦, 4♣, 5♥ and 10♠, J♥, Q♦, K♣, A♥ are valid straights; but Q♠, K♥, A♦, 2♣, 3♥ is not.


Flush Vs Straight

In Texas Hold 'em, a flush (five cards of the same suit) always beats a straight (five cards in a numeric sequence). However, a straight-flush, which is five cards of the same suit in consecutive order, beats both hands.

How does a Straight Flush hand rank?

A Straight Flush has one of the best poker rankings. It ranks below a Royal Flush and four of a kind. In ace to six rules, an ace always ranks low. So A♥ K♥ Q♥ J♥ 10♥ is a king-high flush. In five-to-low ace rules, straight flushes are not possible.

Straight Flush Poker Probabilities

Hold'em Probabilities  


Straight Flush:0.00139%(based on 5 cards randomly drawn from a full 52-card deck)

Royal Flush: 0.000154%(based on 5 cards randomly drawn from a full 52-card deck)   

Flop:0.0012%(when holding 2 suited cards)

Turn:4.25%(from a flop with 2 suited cards)

River:4.35%(on a board with 2 suited cards)

Pot Limit Omaha Probabilities  


Straight Flush:0.00139%(based on 5 cards randomly drawn from a full 52-card deck)

Royal Flush0.000154%(based on 5 cards randomly drawn from a full 52-card deck)  

 Flop:0.04625%(when holding 2 suited connectors)

Flop:0.00578%(when holding 2 suited cards)

Turn:4.44%(from a flop with 2 suited cards)

River:4.54%(on a board with 2 suited cards)

Poker hands from Best to Worst

The poker hands from the best to the worst is listed below. Remember the sequences to know what hand you have and what kind of bets you'll be able to make with it.

Royal Flush- Where A, K, Q, J, 10 are of the same suit

Straight Flush- Five cards of the same type, in sequence (the pair that we will discuss extensively).

Four of a Kind- All the four cards are of the same rank

Full House- A full house is when you have three of a kind with a pair

Flush- Any five cards of the same suit, but not in a sequence

Straight- 5 cards not in the same suit, but not in a sequence

Three of a Kind- Three cards of the same rank

Two Pair- Two different pairs, not necessarily of the same sequence

One Pair- Two cards of the same rank, not necessarily of the rank

High Card- When you have none of the above hands, it is a high card. You can only play the highest-ranking card


What is better in poker, straight or a flush?

How do you play straight flush poker?

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