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Top 5 Opinion Trading Apps in India for 2024 – Trade Your Opinions & Earn Money

Are you a fan of cricket or other sports? Do you enjoy sharing your opinions and predictions about the matches and tournaments? If yes, then you have an excellent opportunity to make money online using your opinions. How? By trading your opinions on various opinion trading apps.

These apps allow you to answer simple questions based on your opinions and earn cash prizes. You can choose from different sports and games like cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, etc., and participate in various contests and leagues. Sounds exciting, right?

This blog post will reveal the best opinion trading app India for 2024 that you can explore and make money from your opinions. These apps are easy to use, safe, legit, and rewarding. You will also learn some tips and tricks on how to trade your opinions effectively and increase your winnings. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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What are Opinion Trading Apps?

Opinion trading apps are mobile applications that allow you to trade your opinions on various topics and events, including sports, entertainment, politics, and the economy. You can make money by purchasing and vending opinions on diverse platforms and getting the difference in prices. The primary concept of opinion trading is that you can invest in your thoughts on the result or probability of an event based on information, analysis, and guessing. Users can also create profiles to upload their opinions about different topics and events.

Opinion trading apps are now part of the trend of making money online by trading opinions about real-world events such as sports, politics, entertainment, and the economy. These apps give users a trading opportunity to bet in contests, ask questions about these events, and make predictions by investment.

How do Opinion Trading Apps work? 

Opinion trading, in general, is the idea that you can invest in your views about the outcome or probability of an event based on what you know, analyze, and feel. For example, if you believe India will win the game against Australia, you can purchase an opinion with the assertion “India will win” at a given price. If your forecasts are correct, you can sell your opinion at a higher cost, making profits from it. Conversely, if your forecast is incorrect, you may lose when exiting before the event ends.

Opinion trading apps have several features and benefits, such as:

  • They offer a user-friendly interface, quick transactions, live updates, and expert tips.
  • They give a trading opportunity on various games and markets, such as sports, movies, celebrities, awards shows, and election policy trends.
  • Enable you to form and invite friends to trade in your opinions.
  • You can improve your financial knowledge regarding financial literacy, analytical skills, and general knowledge.
  • They are licensed and regulated, whereby there has been a guarantee of just and open trading practices, fostering a transparent and secure environment for participants in the market. This regulatory oversight ensures that all entities adhere to established standards, promoting fairness and integrity and protecting investors’ interests.

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Which is the Best Opinion Trading App?

Many opinion trading apps are available in the market, but choosing a reliable and trustworthy one is challenging. While some apps lack a good user interface, large payouts, or exciting features, others crash occasionally because of technical issues. But we have your back with the best opinion trading app India list, which includes reliable, safe, and trustworthy apps.

Opinion Trading Apps Offering
MPL Opinio Widely recognized platform for Opinion trading on Fantasy Cricket.
Fantafeat App Focused on Fantasy Sports
Real11 Focused on Fantasy Sports
Probo Trading app with a focus on Prediction Markets.
Sportsbaazi Focused on Fantasy Sports

MPL Opinio – Fantasy Cricket Opinion Trading App

MPL Opinio Points System

One such highly recommended best opinion trading app India is MPL Opinio. MPL Opinio is an experience-led, expert opinion-based game on the MPL app – India’s biggest online gaming platform. The app features questions about fantasy cricket.

Here’s a sneak peek into the action:

Q. India to win the Asia Cup 2023 final?

  • Yes
  • No

Q. Gujarat Titans vs. Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium?

  • Yes
  • No

Q. Rohit Sharma hitting a century against Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup?

  • Yes
  • No

Q. Will Virat Kohli score a half-century for RCB against KKR?

  • Yes
  • No

Different cricket contests and questions concerning ongoing IPL, World Cup, T20, and other tournaments are available at MPL Opinio. In these contests, users choose their answers and the price range of a given trending price set.

For example, one question could be: “Will Virat Kohli score more than 50 runs in today’s match?” The user can choose Yes or No, while a value between Rs. 1 and Rs. 10 can be assigned. If the user gives the correct answer, they will get a profit based on the market price and the value of the investment amount.

MPL Opinio is one of the most entertaining real money games that combines the thrill of cricket with the skill of trading. It is a game that tests users’ cricket knowledge, hunches, and business sense. All these culminate in offering each player a unique and fulfilling gaming experience.

MPL Opinio’s Key Features: 

  • Opinion Trading on Opinio is completely safe and legit, offering earnings on your cricket expertise.
  • It follows all legal and regulatory requirements, protecting your personal and financial information. 
  • Instant withdrawal and deposit options, such as UPI, Paytm, Amazon Pay, etc., are available. 
  • Various tournaments of different difficulty levels and reward amounts are included in the same category of questions asked during a round ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 1,000,000.
  • You can get a significant referral bonus upon inviting your friends or family on the app.
  • Keep updated with cricket trends or learn more about cricket skills with this app. 


  • Easy to play and win cash prizes
  • There is no need to create a fantasy team or join a league
  • There is a variety of contests and questions to choose from


  • Limited to cricket tournaments only
  • Requires internet connection and mobile app
  • The price range may fluctuate depending on the demand and supply

How do you make today’s match prediction in MPL Opinio?

MPL Opinio is an app that allows you to earn money by playing games – trading your opinions on various cricket events. You can choose from different questions, such as the winner, the score, the performance, and more. You can also trade in tournaments such as the Asia Cup, the IPL, and the World Cup. To make today’s match prediction in MPL Opinio, you must have a good knowledge of cricket and analyze various factors that can affect the match’s outcome. Some of the factors that you need to consider are:

1. Weather and pitch conditions: The weather and pitch can significantly impact the performance of the teams and players. For example, cloudy weather can favor the swing bowlers, while a dry pitch can favor the spinners. You must check the weather and pitch reports before giving the correct answer.

2. Form and fitness of the teams and players: The form and fitness of the teams and players can also influence the result of the match. For example, a team on a winning streak can have more confidence and momentum, while a team on a losing streak can have more pressure and doubts. Before making your prediction, you must check the teams’ and players’ recent performances and records.

3. Head-to-head and venue records: The head-to-head and venue records can also affect the match’s outcome. For example, some teams or players may have an advantage or disadvantage over their opponents based on their previous encounters or familiarity with the venue. You need to check the head-to-head and venue records before making your prediction.

Other Popular Opinion Trading Apps You Can Explore

You could also try out a diverse range of popular opinion sports fantasy apps besides MPL Opinion. These apps have different topics and knowledge to trade on, like sports, entertainment, economy, finance, etc. Some of these apps are:

1. Fantafeat App

Fantafeat Enterprise Pvt Ltd | LinkedIn

Fantafeat app is another fantasy sports opinion trading app specializing in football. You can trade on different aspects of sports, such as the winner, the goals, corners, cards, etc. You can also trade in tournaments, leagues, and cups or finals, such as the EPL, the La Liga, the Champions League, and many more.

Fantafeat App uses an easy-to-use interface where transactions are processed in real-time and delivers live scores and expert analysis. Users on this opinion trading platform can participate in the leagues provided on the app and the challenges and tournaments for participation to stand a chance of winning. Fantafeat spp is also highly secure and reliable, considering it fully complies with KYC and anti-money laundering policies.


  • Offers multiple sports like cricket, football, basketball, baseball, and kabaddi
  • Provides bonus cash, referral rewards, and loyalty points
  • Has low entry fees and high winning chances


  • Customer service is not very responsive
  • The withdrawal process is slow and complicated
  • The app interface is not very user-friendly

2. Real11 about us

Real11 is a mobile application that trades sentiments on sports and entertainment. You can trade in various parts of the game, like the winner, score, players, and performance. It also allows trading on movies, shows, celebrity awards, and more. Additionally, Real11 has a user-friendly interface, seamless transactions, live updates, and expert opinions. Open your event and invite your friends to participate since you can trade. That’s why you can do it with your friends. Also, Real11 is a verified trading platform that guarantees safe and secure trading.


  • One of the fastest-growing fantasy sports platforms in India
  • Endorsed by former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir
  • Has a wide range of contests, leagues, and formats


  • The verification process is lengthy and strict
  • The app crashes frequently and has bugs
  • Customer support is not very helpful

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3. BatBall11 Fantasy App

BatBall11 referral code, BatBall11 promo code, BatBall11 refer | Coding, Fantasy app, Referrals

BatBall11 Fantasy App is a fantasy gaming exchange app that combines sports and fantasy gaming. You can trade in many opinions during sports play on the winner, score, players, or performance. Moreover, you can build a team of imaginary players whose real-life actions translate into points earned by them.

The BatBall11 Fantasy App has an exciting interface with quick transactions, live stats, and expert opinions on different teams. It is legal and regulated and adheres to the game of skill rules for the BatBall11 Fantasy App.


  • Offers multiple sports and games like cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, etc.
  • Provides joining rewards, referral rewards, and deposit rewards
  • Has a low minimum withdrawal limit of Rs. 50


  • The app is not available on Google Play Store
  • The verification process is lengthy and strict
  • Customer service is not very responsive

4. Probo App

Exclusive: Opinion gamifying app Probo to raise $10-15 Mn from Sequoia and others

Probo app is an opinion trading platform that covers various topics, such as sports, entertainment, economy, and finance. For instance, you can trade on the outcome of an event, the probability of one’s happening, the impact it could have on the world, etc. Consequently, you can bet on future news like elections, policies, trends, etc. The Probo app has a professional interface that is sophisticated in every way; it has reliable transactions, live news, and expert insights. Rewards are given for participating in surveys, polls, and quizzes. Probo app is a licensed and regulated app that assures its users of fair and transparent trading.


  • Claims to be a unique platform that combines fantasy sports and the stock market
  • Allows users to buy and sell shares of players based on their performance
  • Has a simple and intuitive interface and dashboard


  • Only available for cricket matches
  • Requires a lot of research and analysis to make profitable trades
  • Has a high minimum withdrawal limit of Rs. 500

5. SportsBaazi

BalleBaazi is Now SportsBaazi | Play LIVE. WIN LIVE | #LIVEMeinHaiVibe | Zaheer Khan - YouTube

SportsBaazi is one such app for trading opinions on sports win, focusing mainly on cricket. You can trade opinions for the winning team, the score, the wickets, the runs, the boundaries, and more. Also, you can trade on IPL, World Cup, Ashes, and many more tournaments, leagues, and series.

SportBaazi provides a user-friendly interface, quick transactions, live updates, and expert tips. You can also participate in contests, quizzes, and leaderboards to win exciting gifts. SportsBaazi is a licensed and regulated opinion trading platform that ensures fairness and openness.


  • A popular and trusted fantasy sports platform in India
  • Offers a variety of sports like cricket, football, basketball, and hockey
  • Has a low minimum withdrawal limit of Rs. 50


  • Competition is very high, and winning is difficult
  • The app is slow and laggy
  • Customer care is not very cooperative

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Opinion trading apps offer people a trading opportunity to generate income over the internet by exchanging their opinions about actual profit in life, like sports, politics, and the economy, such as user interface, swift transactions, live updates, professional advice, and various opinions. For cricket enthusiasts, MPL Opinio is part of India’s MPL platform. Users can predict cricket matches and questions by considering weather conditions, pitch conditions, team forms, and performances. By selecting the right sports fantasy apps, users can make informed choices in cricket while knowing about sports.


1. How to choose the best opinion trading app?

Choosing the best opinion trading app India involves considering user interface, reliability, market reputation, and available features. Opt for platforms with a track record of security and a user-friendly experience.

2. How do you withdraw money from an opinion trading app?

Withdrawal on opinion trading apps typically involves accessing your account, selecting the withdrawal option, specifying the amount, and choosing a preferred withdrawal method, such as bank transfer or digital wallet.

3. Are opinion trading apps legal in India?

Yes, opinion trading apps are legal in India. However, using licensed and regulated platforms is crucial to ensure compliance with Indian laws and financial regulations.

4. How to start trading your opinions on an opinion trading app?

Sign up on a reputable opinion trading app, complete the verification process, deposit funds into your account, explore available markets, make informed predictions, and start trading based on your opinions.

5. Are opinion trading apps safe and secure?

Top opinion trading apps prioritize user security with encryption measures, secure payment gateways, and adherence to regulatory standards. Choose platforms with a reputation for prioritizing user safety.

6. How do you win money on an opinion trading app?

Winning on an opinion trading app involves staying informed about market trends, conducting research, and making well-informed predictions. Develop a strategic approach, manage risks wisely, and continuously refine your trading skills to enhance your chances of success.

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