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About Ludo

Ludo was considered as one the best board games and was played by most people in their leisure times. Ludo can be played by 2 or 4 players where the players have to race their respective tokens from the start to the finishing point according to the number that comes up when the dice is rolled. Ludo is similar to the game of Pachisi which is originated in India well-nigh around 6th century.


The Start

At the beginning of the Ludo game, a player places his or her four pieces or tokens in the starting area of their colour. The players then take turns to throw the dice. A player will have to throw a 6 or 1 before he or she is able to move his or her coloured token out from the respective coloured box where all tokens reside. After that, in each of the ensuing turns the player navigates a token forward for one to six squares as shown by the throwing dice.

The Navigation

When a 6 is rolled on the dice, the player then has the freedom to either navigate the tokens that are already there in the field or can bring up the ones that are there in the block. The player must be quick in navigating the tokens as time given to act is limited. If the player happens to fail to navigate the token in given time, then the turn passes to the next player.

The Timeline

In Ludo game, once a player throws 6 or 1 with the dice, the player may choose to pull out a new token in the starting square of their respective coloured block. The player may also decide to navigate a token that is already out from the block. The player also gets bonus turns after every 6s rolled on the dice. However, if a player rolls 6 for three consecutive times then a foul is said to have been committed. In this situation, the player forfeits his or her turn.

Send Your opponent’s token back from where they started

Each player must cross their opponent’s area to win the game. You can send your opponent back from where he started by rolling those numbers on the dice which matches with your closest opponent’s block from your closest token’s position. The player who succeeds to make all the tokens cross through all opponent areas and enters its respective coloured house, wins the game.

Battle online and Earn

Play and earn in Ludo online by competing with online players. Use provided tokens or add cash to play games with your opponent to win more than what you spent.

It’s Fun

Spending hours in playing Ludo game online is very exciting but earning while you play is a cherry on the top. The more you play the more you earn. You can download the Ludo game apk via our MPL app. Follow best performing Ludo game player and keep a track on their winnings and earnings.



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